Lower School

Grades Kindergarten - Five

Learning by doing.

Lower School is a place of discovery. Young boys learn actively. Lessons - such writing a persuasive letter to encourage the Lower School head to make a change, making pancakes from scratch, imagining a new breed of mammal, or conducting colonial debates - channels their inherent energy into mastery of language, math, science and social studies. Boys learn to swim, create woodworking projects, study musical rhythms, paint and draw, and exercise every day.

Our curriculum recognizes the unique needs of young boys and channels their natural energy, curiosity, and exuberance into learning activities at every age. The kindergarten program bridges the pre-school and primary school years, engaging boys in an enriching and age-appropriate academic program that meets their specific developmental and educational needs, and the prep-one class offers a singular transition for those boys not quite ready for the rigors of an academically-oriented first grade. The overall Lower School program is challenging, yet warm, friendly, and supportive.

Lower School Stories

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