Paint a portrait in oil. Play Lancelot in “Spamalot.” Sing
a capella. Build an electric guitar. Write a poem. Compose a song. Perform a concerto. Direct a movie. Write a news article. Anything artistic is possible at Gilman.

Jazzy New York

The US Jazz Band traveled to New York City to participate in a workshop at Lincoln Center, tour historic musical sights, and attend a performance of the NY Philharmonic as well as a sound check with the Jazz at Lincoln Center Orchestra. Members of the String Ensemble and Music History classes also made the trip. Gilman music alumni joined the students for lunch and dinner.

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Visual Arts

The art programs in each division engage boys in their world in an age-appropriate and aesthetically meaningful and challenging manner, stressing the importance of art in one's life. Whether working on a thematic mural in the Lower School, exploring key social issues through art making in the Middle School, or developing a portfolio of self-directed work for an Upper School thesis exhibition, boys use materials and learn procedures that facilitate an ongoing understanding of art making and its role in our culture.



Gilman's strong music program gives every boy musical voice. The program opens boys' ears to music, its many genres, nuances and methods of creation, and gives them a lifelong gift of appreciation. Boys are offered a wealth of diverse opportunities to explore the kinesthetic, creative, collaborative, and just-plain-fun aspects of making music, mastering a musical instrument, collaborating with other students in a performance group, writing or arranging music for a vocal ensemble, or studying the development of Western music.



Theatre thrives at Gilman. Through dramatics, students forge a shared sense of purpose and become an indissoluble team as they work together to mount a production, from Lower School class pays to Middle School productions to one of five tri-school Upper School plays. Theatre is about much more than just story telling; and, it is also about much more than a celebration of the self and one's own abilities.

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