Art Gallery

Upper School Studio Art

Alex Beatty '15, Characoal
Alex Beatty '15, Study of Classical Statue, Chalk Pastel
Alex Beatty '15, Wood Carving (Chesnut)
Arjun Ramesh '15
Arjun Ramesh, Baltimore
Arjun Ramesh, Mirrored
Chris Stith '15, Neighborhood Tree in the Fall
Chris Stith '15, Woods in the Fall
Chris Stith '15, Hallway
Gram Davis '15, Mitchell
Gram Davis '15, Montana Heights
Gram Davis '15, Lackadaisical
Jack Dearing '15, Washington
Jack Dearing '15, Chicken or Egg
Jack Dearing '15, Pittsburgh, Oil on Panel
Jack Halpert '15, People
Jack Halpert '15, Bench
Jack Halpert '15, I'm on a Boat
Jake Smith '15, Landscape
Jake Smith '15, Southwind
Jake Smith '15, Underwater Light II
Kevin Kuczynski '15, Boxes
Kevin Kuczynski '15, Refridgerated Sentiment
Kevin Kuczynski '15, Storage Closet
Michael Perry '15, Bridging
Michael Perry '15, Clash
Michael Perry '15, Northway
Steven Zeng '15, Elephant
Steven Zeng '15, Racecar
Steven Zeng '15, Zigzag
Wiley Hopkins '15, Bathtime
Wiley Hopkins '15, Self Portrait
Wiley Hopkins '15, Road
Elie Barongozi '14, Swindell
Elie Barongozi '14
Blake Benfield '14, Chicken
Blake Benfield '14, Warm Tree Landscape
Gabe Donner '15, Bus Stop
Gabe Donner '15
Huntington Williams '14, Into the Forest Abstract
Huntington Williams '14, Monocacy Lumen, Oil on Canvas
John Lee '14, Portrait of Father
John Lee '14, Portrait of Mother
John Lee '14, Elie Obscured
Taylor Swindell '14, Boat and Lobster Trap
Taylor Swindell '14, Clouds Over Water
Tyler Wakefield '14, Baltimore Underpass
Tyler Wakefield '14, Boxes, Ink on Paper
Theo Leasca '14, Bridge at Lake Roland
Theo Leasca '14, Greenspring Night
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