Sophomores and Juniors

Dear parents of sophomores and juniors, 


This week the college counseling office placed a PSAT guide book in your son's mailbox. In addition to an overview of the PSAT, this book contains practice problems and a practice test. The PSAT is scheduled for Wednesday, 10/19.


Please know that your son's scores on the PSAT do not appear on his final transcript, and his scores are not sent to colleges as a part of the college application process. PSAT scores for juniors, however, make them eligible to compete in the National Merit Scholarship Program. For more information on this scholarship competition, please click here.


Remember, this is truly a "Practice" SAT. We encourage your son to prep accordingly, but this test should not cause additional anxiety or stress. If your son would like preparation beyond the guide book, there is free test prep offered through Khan Academy.


If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to any of the college counselors: Ms. Turner, Ms. Follensbee, Mr. Herman, or Mr. Baker. Our contact information is provided below.


The College Counseling Office

Contact the CCO

Iva Turner

410-323-3800 ext. 226

Matt Herman

410-323-3800 ext. 748

Anna Follensbee

410-323-3800 ext. 307

Justin Baker

410-323-3800 ext. 741

5407 Roland Avenue / Baltimore, Maryland 21210 / 410.323.3800

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