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During the next three years, your son will be taking a series of tests and making certain academic and extracurricular decisions that bear upon the college process. We hope that the following will help prepare students and their families for these events and decisions. The college counseling program at Gilman School will begin in earnest during the winter of the junior year. Between now and then, you will receive timely newsletters from this office regarding the PSAT in the 10th and the 11th grades, as well as comprehensive mailings about everything you will need to know as the college search process approaches. If you ever have any questions, please feel free to reach out to one of the college counselors. Our contact information is listed below. 

Standardized Testing



The PSAT will be given on Wednesday, October 19, beginning promptly at 8:00 am. Students will be dismissed after the exam is finished. They should have several #2 pencils and a calculator. Please note, it is important that students arrive to school on time. PSAT scores are not reported to colleges, nor are they put on the transcript. Students will take the PSAT again at the beginning of the junior year. Again, results are not sent to colleges. Junior scores do, however, determine a student's eligibility for the National Merit Scholarship program. Remember, this is truly a "Practice" SAT. We encourage you to prep accordingly, but this test should not cause you additional anxiety or stress. If you'd like preparation beyond the PSAT guide book provided, there is free test prep offered through Khan Academy


Additional Standardized Testing

In addition to the PSATs that begin this year, a handful of sophomores will also take SAT Subject Tests and/or an AP test. A number of highly selective colleges recommend SAT Subject Tests. Some sophomores will be eligible to take one or two of these; for example, if a student is taking Honors Chemistry or Honors Latin, he should consider taking the SAT Subject Test in that subject area while the material is still fresh. Students may also opt to sit for the AP European History exam. As the spring approaches, your teachers and our office will send you reminders and appropriate counsel. Unlike the PSAT, for which the school registers students, SATs require individual student registration. Registration may be completed online at the College Board websiteWe have also included a standardized testing timeline to help you sort out the testing events to come.


Standardized Testing Timeline

Sophomore Year: 

  • October: PSAT at Gilman
  • May: AP Test (if advised by your Euro Civ teacher)
  • June: SAT Subjects Tests (if advised by your Latin or Chemistry teacher) 

Junior Year: 

  • October: PSAT at Gilman
  • December/January: Take your first SAT and/or ACT
  • February - May: Take another SAT and/or ACT
  • May: AP Tests
  • June: Take SAT Subject Tests (if advised by your college counselor)

Senior Year: 

  • August - October: Take final SAT and/or ACT

What Counts in the Admission Process?


Though much of this newsletter is devoted to standardized testing, we need to emphasize that these tests are but one part of a student's application. Much more important is a student's academic performance, measured both by grades and rigor of curriculum. In fact, an annual survey by the National Association of College Admission Counseling (NACAC) found that grades in rigorous courses are the most important factor in college admission. Electing courses for the 11th and 12th grades that are appropriately rigorous, and working hard in these courses, is a significant asset in the admission process.


Other components of the admission review include an investment in extracurricular activities that reveals growth and commitment over time. The community service requirement is an excellent opportunity for students to develop as young men of substance and make significant contributions. Gilman also has a wide range of literary, musical, political, and athletic offerings that will broaden interests as well as develop character.


To learn more about qualities that can, in the "big picture," play a significant role in the college admission process, click here.  

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