Class of 2018 Newsletter
January 2017

Final Reminder: On January, 12 at 7:00 p.m. in the Alumni Auditorium, we will be hosting our annual Junior Class College Night. We are especially pleased to welcome three top admission professionals to join us for our program. They are Catherine Davenport, Dean of Admissions at Dickinson College, Ryan Hargraves, Senior Associate Dean of Admission at the University of Virginia, and Jeff Schiffman, Director of Admission at Tulane University.

Initial Meetings and Forms


Next week juniors will receive a note in their mailbox and email from their assigned college counselor encouraging them to set up their first appointment. These appointments should take place following the Junior College Night. We are eager to meet with parents once our first meeting with your son is concluded.

Before the initial meeting, juniors should complete thoroughly the Junior Questionnaire. We have an important questionnaire for parents as well. Please complete the Parents' Response Form at your earliest convenience.  

Monthly Focus


Engineering and Business Information Sessions

An information session on engineering and college admission will be given on Tuesday, January 24th at 11:15 in the Lecture Hall. Students who are interested in the possibility of studying engineering as an undergraduate should attend this information session. Students should eat lunch following second period and report to the Lecture Hall by 11:15.

An information session on business and college admission will be given on Wednesday, January 25th at 11:15 in the Lecture Hall. Likewise, students who are interested in the possibility of studying business as an undergraduate should attend this information session. Students should eat lunch following second period and report to the Lecture Hall by 11:15. Each presentation will be made available in future newsletters and on the college counseling website for students and parents.     

Introduction to Collegiate Athletic Recruiting

Gilman's Athletic Department and College Counseling Office are pleased to announce a program on the athletic recruiting process which will be held on January 31 at 7:00 the Alumni Auditorium. Jim Margraff, Head Football Coach at Johns Hopkins University, will discuss the recruiting process from the perspective of a college coach. Russell Wrenn, Gilman's Assistant Director of Athletics, will likewise offer advice on appropriate and timely communication methods and discuss how best to manage the recruiting process. Justin Baker, from Gilman's College Counseling Office, will offer an overview of the college admission timeline and detail how the admission process relates to potential student-athletes.

Spring Break and College Visiting

If at all possible, we encourage families to make use of spring break as an opportunity to begin visiting colleges. If visiting colleges over spring break is not possible, know that juniors are allotted excused absences from school to visit colleges at other times during the school year. Please be ready to discuss college visiting plans with your college counselor in the coming months.   

Standardized Testing

Juniors should take at least two standardized tests - the SAT and/or the ACT - by the end of the school year. By the end of February, students should have taken at least one SAT and or ACT. Students should likewise register for a spring SAT and/or ACT. A full list of SAT and ACT test dates can be found by clicking here: SAT test dates; ACT test dates.

AIMS College Fair

Please mark your calendar for the AIMS College Fair on Tuesday, April 25, 2017, from 5:00-6:30 or 7:30- 9:00 at Stevenson University's Greenspring Campus. Over 100 colleges will be present to share information and answer questions.

Summer Opportunities

Beyond planning to visit college campuses, there is no "right" or "best" activity to do during your time off - we encourage students to be productive and engaged, whether that is having a job, taking a college course, participating in community service, or playing on a sports team. In Naviance, you will find a comprehensive database of summer programs. Once you've logged into your account, click on the "Colleges" tab, and then "Enrichment Programs" under the "College Research" heading. In addition, we recommend that students interested in pursuing STEM fields in college consider applying to pre-college programs in a field of their interest. A list of local and national pre-college courses and internship opportunities can be found here: STEM Summer Opportunities.  

Standardized Testing Dates


SAT 1/21

ACT 2/11

SAT 3/11

ACT 4/8

Mark Your Calendars

JAN 12

Junior College Night

JAN 24

Engineering Info Session

JAN 25

Business Info Session

JAN 31

College Athletic Recruiting Program

Contact the CCO

Iva Turner

410-323-3800 ext. 226

Matt Herman

410-323-3800 ext. 748

Anna Follensbee

410-323-3800 ext. 307

Justin Baker

410-323-3800 ext. 741

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