Why Give?

Why is charitable giving so important to Gilman? The answer is quite simple. Without the generous financial support of alumni, parents, grandparents, corporations, foundations, and friends we would not be able to maintain the quality of learning that distinguishes a Gilman education.

There are many ways for individuals who believe in the quality of a Gilman education to support that effort, and the School is very fortunate to have a broad-based constituency who contribute to Gilman in a variety of ways. All independent schools depend upon the generosity of alumni, parents, past parents, grandparents and other friends for financial support and gifts of time.

Contributions of financial support generally fall into two categories: unrestricted annual gifts to The Gilman Fund and restricted capital gifts that support a particular program or purpose. A brief description of each is below. For more detailed information, please click on the appropriate link on the left.

The Gilman Fund (Annual Giving)

Yearly unrestricted (and restricted) gifts to The Gilman Fund provide essential current-use funds to support the School's annual operating budget.

  • The Gilman Fund makes up approximately 8% of the operating budget for the School each year. Gilman's operating expenses for 2014-15 are approximately $33 million.
  • The School depends on gifts from alumni, parents, past parents, grandparents, friends, foundations and corporations to contribute $2.3 million toward these expenses.
  • Tuition covers approximately 76% of the cost of a Gilman education. Without The Gilman Fund, tuition would be considerably higher.

We encourage you to make a gift to The Gilman Fund. To make a gift online, click here. For more information, contact Alex Beiter, Director of The Gilman Fund, at 410-323-7178.

Capital Gifts

Capital gifts are single- or multi-year gifts given in addition to The Gilman Fund and restricted to specific programs, purposes or buildings identified by the Board of Trustees' Strategic Plan and the Campus Master Plan.

Over and above Gilman's need for annual operating support is its need to plan for the School's long-term health and to pursue new opportunities as they arise. Capital gifts may be directed toward endowing a scholarship, providing faculty support, supporting a program or improving the athletic facilities or a classroom building.

Currently, the School is engaged in ongoing work to increase the endowment fund. A strong endowment allows the Trustees and administration to plan for Gilman's future and to meet changing priorities over time. Numerous opportunities exist to recognize an individual, a faculty member, family, friend or colleague through the creation of a named endowment. Such gifts may be designated for a particular division, program or area of interest.

Named funds become a permanent part of the Gilman legacy, enriching the educational experience for generations to come.

Additional naming opportunities at various funding levels exist within athletics, the arts and other school activities, as well as in existing or planned facilities across the campus. A donor may also elect to support a particular priority by establishing a named fund or a fund that the School may allocate in full toward an immediate need.

For information on named gift and funding opportunities, contact M. Kate Ratcliffe, Director of Development, or Mary Ellen Porter, Director of Major Gifts, at 410-323-7178.


Meet the Gilman Development and Alumni Relations Staff here.


Revenue Sources
Tuition 76%
Endowment 16%
The Gilman Fund 8%
Other 1%

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