The Alumni Association is proud to sponsor two important awards that each recognize outstanding loyalty and service to Gilman School and the association.

Ralph L. DeGroff, Jr. '54, 2016 Dawson Farber, Jr. Alumni Award
Jerry Thornbery, 2016 May Holmes Service Award
Stephen A. Siwinski, 2015 May Holmes Service Award
Gordon L. Culbertson, 2014 May Holmes Service Award
Johnnie L. Foreman 2013, May Holmes Service Award
Peggy Classen, 2012 May Holmes Service Award
Ray Mills, 2011 May Holmes Service Award
K. Shanthi Kumar, 2010 May Holmes Service Award
Robert J. Demeule, 2009 May Holmes Service Award
K. Graeme Menzies ’47, 2008 May Holmes Service Award
Anton J. Vishio 2007, May Holmes Service Award
Elizabeth S. McDonald 2006, May Holmes Service Award
Redmond C. S. Finney '47, 2014 Dawson Farber, Jr. Alumni Award
Owen Daly II ’43, 2008 Dawson Farber, Jr. Alumni Award, pictured with his son Clinton Daly '74


Named in honor May Holmes, who in her long tenure at Gilman School served as secretary to Headmaster Henry Callard, kept the files that grew into the School archives, helped model the annual giving program, and nurtured the Gilman ideals, the May Holmes Service Award is presented to a member of the Gilman community who has served in the School in a distinguished and meritorious fashion.

Spanish teacher Joe Duncan is the 2016-2017 recipient.

Past Recipients


1981–1982 May Holmes
1982–1983 Henry H. Callard
1983–1984 Charles R. Gamper
1984–1985 Ludlow H. Baldwin '22
1985–1986 Dawson L. Farber '35
1986–1987 Walter G. Lohr, Jr. '62
1987–1988 J. Richard Thomas, Sr. '43
1988–1989 No Recipient
1989–1990 Allison J. Downs
1990–1991 Ralph N. Willis '49
1991–1992 Reginald S. Tickner
1992–1993 Redmond C.S. Finney '47
1993–1994 Helen K. Stevens
1994–1995 Owen Daly II '43
1995–1996 James C. Pine '21
1996–1997 William McCarthy '49
1997–1998 John R. Merrill
1998–1999 Nicholas M. Schloeder
1999–2000 Walter Lord '35
2000–2001 Robert D. Bulkeley
2001–2002 William A. Greene, Jr.
2002–2003 W. M. Cary Woodward '53
2003–2004 JoAnn G. Davison
2004–2005 William S. Merrick, Jr. '51
2005-2006 Elizabeth S. McDonald
2006-2007 Anton J. Vishio
2007-2008 K. Graeme Menzies '47
2008-2009 Robert J. Demeule
2009-2010 K. Shanthi Kumar
2010-2011 Ray Mills
2011-2012 Margaret "Peggy" Classen
2012-2013 Johnnie L. Foreman, Jr.
2013-2014 Gordon L. Culbertson
2014-2015 Stephen A. Siwinski
2015-2016 Jerry Thornbery
2016-17 Joseph Duncan, Jr.


Dawson Farber, Jr. '35 is one of the School's most legendary alumni for his outstanding and generational commitment to Gilman's quality of life and learning, and it is the hope of the Alumni Association and the School that the recipients of the Dawson Farber, Jr. Alumni Award demonstrate the same characteristics of loyalty, devotion, selfless service, affection, enthusiasm, and spirit for Gilman School personified by Farber himself. The Dawson Farber, Jr. Alumni Award is presented to the Gilman alumnus who has enthusiastically demonstrated an abundance of service to Gilman sustained over an extended period of time through volunteer leadership, advocacy, and financial support.


2004–2005 Charles C. Fenwick, Jr. '66
2007-2008 Owen Daly II '43
2010-2011 Wm. Polk Carey '48
2013-2014 Redmond C. S. Finney '47
2015-2016 Ralph L. DeGroff, Jr. '54


may Holmes service Award
dawson farber, jr. alumni award

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