Photographs 2017-2018

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Boys show passport stickers
girl with passport
Greece Booth
Ireland booth
Germany Booth
Black History Booth
Black history booth
Looking at passport
Jamiaca Booth
Nigeria Booth
boys show passports
Costa Rica booth
Costa Rica 2
Mexican dancers
Spanish dance
Native clothing
Food German
food japanese
Serving at buffet
Girl at India booth
girl at Trinidad booth
Girls get passports stamped
girls with passports
Greece booth
Greece map
Stamping passport
Henry Smyth greeting
India booth
Indian woman at Nigerian booth
Iran booth
Iran passport
Ireland booth
Italy booth
Jamaica booth
Jamaica passport
Korea booth
Lebanon booth
Malasia booth
Nepal booth
Nigeria booth 2
Nigeria drumming
Nigerian booth visitors
painting hand
Parent Assn 1
Parent Assn 2
Parents Assoc welcome
Rob Heubeck with students
Smyths laugh
Spanish booth
Spanish dancers portrait
spanish guitar
stamping passport at Ireland
Greece booth
Trinadad+Tobago booth
Uregay booth
Student with Mr. Foreman + Mr. Smyth

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