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Resources in the College Counseling Office

The CCO is filled with many college search resources. We strongly encourage juniors to make use of the many guidebooks and literature located in our conference room. Our collection includes:

  • Guidebooks that contain both objective and subjective information about colleges and universities

  • Prep Books that will assist juniors as they prepare for their standardized testing

  • Viewbooks are the publications that seek to present a subjective and objective profile of the college. They are often updated from year to year.

  • Videos on many colleges and universities

  • Catalogs are objective and comprehensive collections of a school’s academic opportunities, including courses, requirements, and regulations.

  • Scholarship and Financial Aid guidebooks and lists

  • Scattergrams are for many families the most useful predictive resource we have. Each college has a page in the scattergram binder. On this page, you find a grid with SAT scores along one axis and weighted 9-11 grade averages along the other. Each applicant in past classes is designated with an A for admit, R for reject and W for waitlisted. The scattergram is designed to help applicants predict the likelihood of admission at particular colleges. We strongly encourage students and families to make use of this resource.