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The pursuit of
excellence begins here.

Delivering a well-rounded education since 1897

Gilman is a pre-kindergarten through twelfth grade independent day school in Baltimore, Maryland. By educating boys in mind, body, and spirit, we seek to produce men of character and integrity who have the skills and ability to make a positive contribution to the communities in which they live and work.

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We know boys and how they learn best

We are passionate about providing a holistic education in a diverse and inclusive community.

Understanding and Celebrating Boys

At Gilman, we know boys and how they learn best. We strive to unlock the greatness within each one.

Fostering an Inclusive Community

Our community is strengthened by courageous conversations among individuals with different backgrounds.

Building Character

We emphasize our values, called the Gilman Five: honor, integrity, respect, humility, and excellence.

Preparing Boys for Their Future

Gilman graduates are well prepared to continue their educational experiences at college and beyond.

Developing a Lifelong Love of Learning

Gilman boys not only become critical thinkers, thoughtful creators, and innovative problem solvers who go on to make positive contributions in their careers and communities — they also remain eternal students who continue to learn over a lifetime.

A vibrant teaching and learning environment




Faculty with
Advanced Degrees


Million in
Tuition Support


Average Class Size


Global Alumni Network


of Gilman Students Identify as People of Color

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Every boy is known, loved, and challenged


At Gilman, we know boys. They are bright, curious, and oftentimes, full of energy. But we don't just know boys; we know every Gilman boy in all his individuality.


Gilman teachers develop supportive and nurturing relationships with all of their students, and boys come to school each day, feeling loved and appreciated for who they are.


When students feel safe and cared for in their school environment, they are ready to learn. Gilman teachers provide a challenging curriculum to help boys develop a strong character, a lifelong love of learning, and the drive to be their best selves.

So that he can make our world a better place.

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Michael Weinfeld '91, President/Principal, Kittredge Properties

“My Gilman experience has played an invaluable role in my life. Personally, through the examples set by its exceptional teachers, coaches, and mentors, it has served as an inspiration and framework for trying to live a life guided by character, integrity, loyalty, and hard work. Professionally, the Gilman network is second to none and has consistently provided access to people who are bonded by their time at Gilman, always eager to help.”

Davis Noell '97, Senior Managing Director, Providence Equity Partners

“As I reflect back on the first part of my life, it was my time at Gilman that laid the foundation necessary to be successful in my career and established the friendships that would last a lifetime.”

Khalil Uqdah '06, President, President of Development, Charm City Buyers

“Gilman, coupled with life's diverse experiences, prepares boys to be forward-thinking and solutions-oriented men. The four years at Gilman undoubtedly played a role in who I am today: a thoughtful citizen, astute businessman, and charismatic leader.”

Ryan Gisriel '09, Director of Basketball Operations, Brooklyn Nets

“Gilman promotes intellectual curiosity. It allowed a freedom to explore interests and develop passions. The Senior Encounter began my development path to where I am professionally today.”

Andy Brooks '74, PP, Retired, President of Gilman Board of Trustees

“Along with my parents, Gilman instilled in me core values which have guided me throughout my life. Being respectful of others, working hard, competing fiercely, and being thankful for the opportunities one has been given exemplify these core values. Giving it your best, coupled with humility and grace, are key ingredients too.”

Piper Bond '18, Student and Athlete, University of Pennsylvania

“My time at Gilman prepared me for life in college and beyond. The combination of taking challenging classes and playing a sport for all three seasons taught me the extremely important skills of organization, time management, and hard work. These qualities have allowed me to be successful while taking college classes, playing D1 lacrosse, and pursuing a full-time job. Furthermore, I have maintained and deepened the connections with my friends from Gilman over the last few years, and I will continue to value those relationships.”

Dr. Jeremy Pollock '03, Board-certified Internist and Cardiologist at The University of Maryland

“Gilman provided the foundation and scaffolding, upon which I use to this day. The skills of honor, integrity, character and hard work that I learned at Gilman are with me always. I am thankful for everything that Gilman continues to give me.”

Tom Waxter '82, Partner at Goodell, DeVries, Leech & Dann, LLP

“To the extent I have achieved any success in life, the origin of it can be traced back to the years I spent at Gilman. We were taught early and often to think critically and to write well. Another theme that was built into the fiber of everything at Gilman was a moral code. A way to conduct your own behavior in an honorable manner. A way of life that serves us in both our professional and personal lives. The bedrock of who we are as Gilman graduates.”

George Hess '55

“My lifetime involvement with Gilman has constantly stimulated me in ways to educate young people better.”

Marcus Simms '95, Deals Partner, M&A Professional at PwC

“Gilman prepared me tremendously to face the world! The School's emphasis on building the mind, body, and spirit provided me with necessary business and interpersonal acumen to navigate and ultimately achieve milestones in my professional and personal endeavors. The School's emphasis on consistent rigor and its interdisciplinary curriculum really helped provide a true world view.”

Dan Diamond '98, National health reporter at The Washington Post

The Gilman News and my senior encounter at the Baltimore Sun planted a seed that grew into a journalism career. My Gilman teachers taught me the value of civility and generosity, tenets I try to live by today. And my Gilman friends — who sailed through classes like calculus and physics, while I struggled to make the grade — inspired me to strive to succeed, but showed me that you can learn from failure too.”

Jeff Seibert '04, Co-founder and CEO of Digits & Angel Investor

“In this remote-work world, nothing matters more than communication, and from the moment I stepped foot in college, I realized Gilman had prepared me to be a better writer and speaker than the vast majority of my peers. Gilman teaches you to communicate with clarity, class, and grace, and it’s an advantage that has stayed with me to this day.”

Matt Baum '93, Upper School History Teacher & Basketball Coach

“From an early age, I was inspired by my Gilman teachers, men and women who were passionate about the subjects they taught, who cared for their students, and who modeled what we now call the Gilman Five. I learned specific things, like how to write a thesis statement and how to analyze literature. More importantly, I learned the value of having a curious and an open mind.. I have done my best to continue this tradition for Gilman students in the 21st century.”

Bill Paternotte '63, Partner, Senior Advisor, Brown Advisory

“Easily the most important skill I learned at Gilman is clear and impactful communication. The ability to write effectively enabled me to author research reports and thought pieces throughout my career in the investment business. In the nonprofit world, my ability to speak clearly and confidently has allowed me to play a leadership role in a variety of organizations, consistent with Gilman’s culture of giving back.”

Matt Cahill '03, Co-Founder/Co-Director at Hogfish

“Among many who played a part in my professional and personal growth, two stand out. Sue Dickey was my elementary school music teacher who told my parents to put me in piano lessons. Twelve years later, she attended my graduation recital from the Juilliard School. Ruth Williams was my high school advisor, who encouraged me to pursue music. Without their encouragement, I never would have found my way into music.”

Marcus Wang '00, CEO and Co-Founder, ZytoGen Global Genetics Institute

“At Gilman, I was fortunate to learn not only from dynamic male educators, but also from inspirational female role models; Mrs. Iva Turner’s leadership and wisdom, Mrs. Christine Sarbanes’s grace and aplomb, and Mrs. Cathy Miles’s warmth, humor, and heart. The lessons they taught and the example they set have served me well, and I will always appreciate these wonderful women.”

Peter Wharton '77, Chief Strategy and Cloud Officer at TAG Video Systems

“As a Gilman student, I learned the expected foundational skills that would serve me throughout my life and career. Gilman also enabled me to value myself, the creativity and individuality that would underpin my quest to create better media technology. The integrity and honor that Gilman imbues in its graduates has also given me the courage to make difficult decisions that have transformed the companies I’ve worked for.”

Alex Puthumana '14, Private Equity Senior Associate at Calvert Street Capital Partners

"I moved back to Baltimore after graduating from college to embark on my career in finance and have since had the unique opportunity to reconnect with old teachers, coaches, and friends from Gilman — many of whom are now close colleagues in the industry. The experience I had in my formative years at Gilman has shaped not only the social circle I spend my time with today, but also the worldview I carry with me as an investor and, more broadly, as a citizen in the larger global community."

Gavin Sheets '14, professional baseball player

“Gilman prepared me not only to succeed in the real world, but more importantly it taught me how to be a man of character in the public eye. To me that is more important than anything I could have gained from my experience. Traveling across the entire country and seeing the Gilman community in every city really shows me the brotherhood you join once you leave the school.”

Collin Wallace '02, Managing Director at Techstars

“It is hard to overstate the impact of Gilman on me personally and professionally. The biggest thing that Gilman gave me was perspective; perspective on the world of possibilities, perspective on what I was capable of, and perspective on my responsibility to achieve as much as possible for myself, my family, and my community.”

Andrew B. Cohen ’90, Chief Investment Officer and Co-Founder, Cohen Private Ventures

“My 12 years at Gilman instilled a core set of values and priorities by which I live. I remember our headmaster for my years at the School, Redmond Finney, would emphasize integrity, fairness, compassion and consideration of others, and always ‘finishing what I started.’ I am immensely grateful to the School for these formative years as they continue to serve as a base for my personal and professional lives.”