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About Gilman

Welcome to Gilman

Founded in 1897, Gilman School is a pre-k through 12 independent day school for boys in Baltimore.

For more than a century our mission has remained exceedingly focused: to unlock the greatness within each boy by educating the entire boy — mind, body, and spirit. To accomplish that goal, we provide space and opportunity for crucial learning and self-expression to take place. Our rich and comprehensive program, our immeasurably talented and interesting faculty and students, and our belief in the character traits embodied by the Gilman Five — Honor, Integrity, Respect, Humility, and Excellence — combine to form the foundation of an educational environment dedicated to helping boys grow into men of character.

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The entire Gilman community gathered to celebrate the beginning of the year at the School's 2022-2023 Opening Convocation.





Founded in 1897 as this nation's first country day school.

School Profile

Gilman School is a pre-kindergarten through 12th grade independent school located in Baltimore City. It serves families from a broad variety of neighborhoods in the greater Baltimore metropolitan area. There are three school divisions. Lower School, grades pre-kindergarten through five; Middle School, grades six through eight; and Upper School, grades nine through twelve. The programs and curriculum are specifically designed to be developmentally appropriate for boys and follow a logical sequential progression leading from one grade to the next.

Gilman School remains a boys' school because boys and girls develop at significantly different rates and have substantially different developmental needs. A boys' school is best positioned to offer boys a program designed to address their specific needs.

Gilman's Upper School also offers a coordinate program that combines Gilman's resources with those of two excellent girls' schools, which are connected to this campus by a system of bridges. As a result, students can choose among an extraordinary array of electives and opportunities.

Accreditation and Approval


History of the Greyhound Mascot

The following question was originally posited in the issue of The Gilman News published on March 3, 1961:

"What one thing does Gilman lack? The Cardinals of Calvert Hall have one. The Dons of Loyola have one, The Engineers of Polytechnic have one. The Cadets of McDonogh have one. And yet Gilman does not have a nick-name."

The Gilman News offered a $5.00 prize (a prize worth about $50 today) to the student who could come up with the best nickname. John Sheldon '62 took home the win with his entry of "Greyhounds," as was announced in the June 2, 1961, year-end issue of The Gilman News. The first Gilman News headline using the new moniker appeared in the issue published on October 13, 1961.

When asked, "Why Greyhounds?" John recently shared that he remembered thinking the Greyhound was a natural pick because of the School's colors and the animals' speed.