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Branding and Graphic Identity Standards

Why We Have Guidelines

Caring for the branding and graphic identity standards of Gilman School is a core responsibility of the Office of Marketing and Communications. These standards help refine the Gilman brand and provide information and tools to help advance the mission and vision of the School through communications in a clear, cohesive, and compelling way.

This page is a helpful, guiding resource for internal community members (e.g., employees and students) and external marketing and communication partners (e.g., printers and apparel or spirit gear manufacturers).

Questions or File Request?

Karaline Johnson

Graphic Designer

410-323-3800, ext. 454



The Gilman Color Palette

Pantone 288 and Pantone Cool Gray 6 (i.e., Gilman Blue and Gilman Gray) are Gilman's primary colors. Gilman has several secondary colors that may be used harmoniously and in contrast with the primary and other secondary colors. However, secondary colors should never overpower or dominate a primary color. Gilman's color palette works well with black, white, and metallic silver.

The use of other colors (e.g., the Lower School House Program's colors) in official School contexts should be reviewed and approved by the Office of Marketing and Communications.




Typography is an important element of the Gilman brand — including our various logos and marks, as seen on this page — and helps convey the personality of our School. When used correctly and consistently, typography unifies the appearance of communications.

Absara — part of the FF Absara Super Family — is Gilman's primary display and brand typeface. Both serif and sans serif versions of Absara can be seen in Gilman's communications — including this website. Absara is a licensed font and typically requires purchase and installation. If Absara is not installed on your device, longer lengths of text can be typeset in Times New Roman; however, headlines can be provided by the Office of Marketing and Communications. An Absara license can be purchased through the button below.

Important Reminder: The word GILMAN should never be typeset as a logo. In these instances, the wordmark art file should always be used.

Absara: Sans Serif vs. Serif



Gilman Logos

The Gilman brand uses several important logos. Each has a specific role and function. To protect and improve the School's brand equity, it is essential that these logos are used with care, consideration, and consistency by members of the Gilman community, especially Gilman faculty and staff.

Downloads of a few of Gilman's most-used logos are provided on this page in two standard file formats: PNGs (using the RGB color model) and JPGs (using the CMYK color model). Generally, PNG files are better suited for digital applications and JPG files for print applications. Please consult the School's Office of Marketing and Communications for questions or to request different logo versions (e.g., white/reversed, black) or different file formats (vector files).