As an employer, Gilman is concerned with ensuring that our teachers and employees are able to lead dignified lives in an area where the cost-of-living hovers slightly above the national average, but below that of northeastern and western urban areas.

  • We have created a comprehensive compensation and benefits package that meets employee needs at various stages of their lives and careers.
  • We are the only school in the Baltimore area to provide tuition assistance to send faculty children, boys and girls, to other independent schools as well as our own.
  • After School Programs in the Lower and Middle Schools are free to employees.
  • Reduced fees are available for summer camps and private music classes.

healthcare benefits

Ensuring the health and wellness of our faculty is of paramount importance. We offer healthcare plans through UnitedHealthcare and Kaiser Permanente. In each of the plans, Gilman pays most of the individual coverage premium for employees with less than five years of service. After five years, we pay 100% of premiums at this coverage level. For those faculty and staff members who carry coverage for their spouses and/or dependant children, Gilman covers up to 74% of premium cost, depending on the plan selected. After five years of service, Gilman’s contribution jumps to 81% of costs. Optional insurances include vision through EyeMed Vision Care and dental through Cigna.


Flexible Spending Account

Another vehicle that we offer to help our faculty in their daily lives is the option of opening a Flexible Spending Account (FSA).

Healthcare Savings Account

Additionally, for employees who elect a high deductible medical plan, Gilman strives to contribute to each individual’s health savings account (HSA) each year to help defray out-of-pocket costs.

Other Benefits

Gilman requires mandatory participation in group life and long term disability insurance for each of its employees to help provide your family with income protection. We contribute to an employee assistance plan on your behalf, which provides access to confidential counseling for a variety of personal matters. You also have the option of joining a legal resources plan, which covers attorney fees for various services.

Retirement Planning

Savings for retirement is an essential and important benefit. To that end, Gilman maintains a relationship with one of the nation’s leading investment companies, TIAA. You may choose how to invest your money from a variety of funds. All permanent full-time employees may contribute to the TIAA retirement plan. The School will contribute an amount equal to 6% of your salary as long as you contribute a minimum of 5% of your pre-tax earnings. If you contribute more than 5%, the School will match an additional 2% of your contribution. Depending on your elections, Gilman will help you save for your future by matching up to 8% of your salary




Gilman is one of a handful of day schools in the country that offers housing to its employees. Twenty-two homes, with two to five bedrooms, are available through an application process at rental rates discounted to 80% of market value. Gilman, partnered with the Maryland Department of Housing and Community Development (DHCD), also offers a housing assistance program that encourages home purchases in Baltimore City. Each year, $5,000 grants are available, with no minimum or maximum income level requirements. The state will match up to $5,000, making the total potential grant $10,000.


faculty Development

In an effort to support our faculty and provide opportunities for professional growth, individuals, families, and organizations have established a variety of summer grant funds which allow faculty to:

  • design curriculum in teacher teams.
  • attend conferences and workshops.
  • travel to interesting domestic and international destinations to both explore and study.
  • pursue opportunities that allow for exploration and implementation of innovative teaching practices.

Ultimately, these professional development opportunities will enhance the classroom experience in pursuit of our timeless mission to educate boys of promise in mind, body, and spirit.


Financial and Legal

  • Employee Assistance Program (EAP): The EAP provides you and your household members with free, confidential, in-the-moment support to help with personal or professional problems that may interfere with work or family responsibilities.
  • First Financial Credit Union: Manage your personal account and learn more about savings rates, loans, and other services.
  • Student loan refinancing; our first benefit is designed to empower you to tackle your student loan debt.
  • Guardian: Life and long-term disability insurance.
  • House Keys 4 Employees: Explore the programs and initiatives that are available to eligible homebuyers, including mortgage financing, down payment assistance, and more.
  • Legal Resources: Employee legal benefits can be used for everyday life events.
  • SECU: Manage your personal account and learn more about savings rates, loans, and other services.
  • SmartDollar: Learn how to make the most of your money with motivating content, budgeting tools, and a step-by-step plan that has helped millions (more info).

Personal Wellness and Lifestyle

gilman is one of a handful of day schools that offers housing to its employees.