Penn Fellows

Gilman is a partner in the Penn Fellows Independent School Teaching Residency (ISTR), an innovative collaboration between the Graduate School of Education of the University of Pennsylvania and a consortium of the nation’s leading independent day schools.

The other consortium schools include Greenwich Academy, Hopkins School, North Shore Country Day, Princeton Day School, Riverdale Country School, Roxbury Latin School, The Shipley School, St. Anne’s Belfield, and Trinity School.


With an innovative and comprehensive curriculum, the program provides aspiring teachers an opportunity to receive a Master of Science in Education (M.S.Ed.) in concert with the exceptional fellowship program offered at Gilman. The flexible format is also designed to accommodate the rigorous schedule of the Fellows and their host schools: brief, intensive on-site sessions that rotate between the Penn campus and the campus of each day school, paired with innovative and collaborative distance learning.

The program lasts for two years and involves:

  • Summer work at Penn each year.
  • Online work with the cohort of Fellows from the other schools.
  • One weekend each term at one of the consortium schools with faculty from the schools and from Penn.
  • Coursework with a mentor at Gilman.


CONGRATULATIONS TO PENN FELLOWS' Kate Bradley and Jaakirah Reid!

Kate and Jaakirah recently graduated from the University of Pennsylvania with their Masters in Education after serving Gilman as Penn Fellows.


ISTR Teaching Fellows at Gilman School

The regular workload for a teaching fellow at Gilman is:

  • To be involved with the teaching of 1-2 classes each semester.
  • To coach, or assist, an interscholastic team for two seasons.
  • To meet with the other ISRT Teaching Fellows once a week and with their mentors, formally, at least that often.

Objective of the ISTR

The ISTR program is built from the foundation up with the understanding that teacher training must be solidly grounded in both theory and practice. For this reason, our program curriculum is designed to integrate the expertise of professional educators from a host of leading institutions, combining the perspectives of scholars and practitioners alike.

The ISTR program prepares participants to be:

  • Outstanding teachers: Trained to meet the growing needs of a dynamic teaching landscape.
  • Self-reflective professionals: Willing and able to develop strategies for studying and improving their own teaching.
  • Leaders: Equipped to plan, build, and evaluate new curriculum and programs.


The Independent School Teaching Residency program will confer a Master of Science in Education (M.S.Ed.). It requires the completion of 10 course units over a two-year period.

Interested Applicants

Please click here to apply for a Gilman Penn Fellowship opportunity.


For more information about the Penn Fellows program at Gilman, contact:

brian ledyard

Assistant Head of Upper School and Director of the Penn Fellows Program at Gilman

410-323-3800, ext. 391

Penn Fellowship Opportunities

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