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Trevlin Alexander

Lower School

Trevlin Alexander teaches art in the Lower School at Gilman. She previously taught for many years on Long Island and at an all-girls independent school Maryland. She joined the Gilman faculty in 2013.

Ms. Alexander was born and raised in New York and spent most summers with her sisters in the West Indies, where her family is originally from. She's lived in Long Island, Brooklyn, Queens, Jersey City, and Baltimore.

In her free time, Ms. Alexander loves traveling, seeing the world, and learning about other cultures. She hopes to instill her sense of adventure and exploration in her two sons.

Why did you choose to become a teacher?
I worked in museum education for many years at the Brooklyn Children’s Museum, the Long Island Children’s Museum as well as other museums. I really enjoyed the adults and children that I was able to exchange ideas with in that setting. Sharing what I know came naturally to me and so did the transition to working within a school.