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Full-Time Upper School Faculty: 56
Part-Time Faculty: 5
athletics: 7


Average number of
years teaching
experience: 18 

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Rob Heubeck

Titles: Head of Upper School
Departments: Administration, Upper School

Brian Ledyard

Titles: Assistant Head of Upper School, Teacher
Departments: Upper School, English, Academic Council

Ali Allen

Titles: Teacher
Departments: Modern Languages

Nathaniel Badder

Titles: Associate Director of Development for Programs and Operations
Departments: Development, Alumni Relations

Justin Baker

Titles: Associate Director of College Counseling, Teacher
Departments: College Counseling, Learning Specialists

Karina Baptista

Titles: Teacher
Departments: Modern Languages

Will Bartz

Titles: Head Varsity Basketball Coach
Departments: Mathematics, Upper School, Head Varsity Coaches

Matt Baum

Titles: Teacher
Departments: History, Upper School

Devina Bhalla

Titles: Penn Callard Fellow
Departments: English

Adam Braverman

Titles: Teacher
Departments: Mathematics

Toby Broadus

Titles: US Classics Department Chair
Departments: Classics

Ian Brooks

Titles: Teacher
Departments: Mathematics

Kristin Brown

Titles: Assistant Athletics Trainer/Assistant Aquatics Staff
Departments: Athletics, Athletic Trainers

Tye Campbell

Titles: Director of Strategic Information and Innovation
Departments: Technology, Administration, Academic Council, MS Technology, DOC Contact, Information and Innovation

Kelsey Carper

Titles: Teacher
Departments: Upper School, English, Writing Center

Samuel Cheney

Titles: Tickner Writing Fellow
Departments: English

Cesare Ciccanti

Titles: Multimedia Support Specialist
Departments: Information and Innovation

Eric Coles

Titles: Teacher
Departments: English

Karl Connolly

Titles: US Art Department Head

Michelle Craig

Titles: Teacher
Departments: Science

Owen Daly

Titles: Director of Secondary School Admissions, Teacher, History, Upper School
Departments: Administration, Admissions, Upper School, MS Admissions, US Admissions, Enrollment

Ariel Dechosa

Titles: Director of Music, Director of Music, String Ensemble Conductor, Piano Instructor
Departments: Upper School, ASMP

Doug DeSmit

Titles: Head Varsity Squash Coach & Physical Education Teacher
Departments: Head Varsity Coaches, Physical Education Faculty

Alex DeWeese

Titles: Teacher
Departments: Upper School, Science

Marrie Diehl

Titles: US Administrative Assistant

Christine DiMenna

Titles: Teacher
Departments: Science

Joe Duncan

Titles: Head Varsity Cross Country Coach
Departments: Modern Languages, Head Varsity Coaches
1 2 3 5 > showing 1 - 27 of 118 constituents