Community, Inclusion, and Equity

Teaching boys How They Fit

A primary educational goal is for boys to understand "how they fit" in our increasingly global society. Learning to interact with people from backgrounds different from their own helps them reach this understanding. Gilman's robust diversity gives boys the empathetic skills they need to become responsible global citizens.

Gilman has a history of being a community school, and character and the desire to lead develop best through action. Boys develop empathy, understanding, and compassion for others through daily interactions as well as volunteering and service to the community.


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A Community School

Being a community school means that we seek to understand the needs of the city and local areas, not least so that we can understand where we might be able to add expertise and resources to solve city problems.

Gilman is currently doing this in several ways. We support B.E.S.T., Baltimore Educational Scholarship Trust, an organization that looks to work with talented students in order to place them in one of the many fine independent schools in the city and county. We sponsor our own summer Learning Camp and are a site location for Bridges, an innovative leadership program for Baltimore City youth. We participate with the Middle Grades Partnership. Our goal is to find ways to build relationships with colleagues, bring teachers together and to partner our students with peers from different schools.

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Johnnie Foreman

Johnnie Foreman

Director of Community, Inclusion, and Equity
Tangie Mason

Tangie Mason

Administrative Assistant
Donell Thompson

Donell Thompson

Director of Service Learning, Teacher

Gilman Community, Inclusion, and Equity

Gilman School's commitment to diversity is founded on the belief that our community is strengthened by the vibrant exchange that occurs when individuals with different backgrounds, abilities and heritages share their various perspectives with one another.