Baltimore Connections

Gilman has a long history of community engagement.

We are tethered strongly to our home city of Baltimore. By connecting our boys to students from different schools, we seek to break down barriers that cause conflict and injustice, and to equip the next generation with the tools to help them become concerned and involved citizens.

Gilman Black Alumni Leadership Institute

The Gilman Black Alumni Leadership Institute, sponsored jointly by Gilman's Office of Community and Diversity and the Black Alumni Group, brings together promising high school students from Gilman, The Bryn Mawr School, Roland Park Country School and local public schools with adult mentors, who offer information about their careers, higher education choices and other life decisions. Students meet at Gilman on Saturday from 9 a.m. until noon for 10 sessions.

Students explore different professions in workshops presented by volunteer presenters. They also perform community service activities, and each participant is required to deliver a report about the program at its conclusion.

Gilman alumni Karlo Young '97 and Terrance Whitehead '95, along with Institute co-founder Kumasi Vines '96, coordinate the program.

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BRIDGES at gilman

Gilman is the first new location for Bridges, an innovative leadership development program for Baltimore City youth, founded more than two decades ago as a summer program on the campus of St. Paul's School. The Gilman location provides opportunity to 25 rising fourth and fifth grade students and volunteer roles to six Gilman high school students.

Over nine years in the program, fourth through ninth grade, students receive a well-rounded offering of summer and school year programs designed to:

  • Develop skills and passion for reading, writing, math, the arts, sports, and school success
  • Keep students excited about their future prospects
  • Provide exposure and an understanding of higher education and career opportunities
  • Keep students connected to peers with high aspirations
  • Provide strong relationships to caring adults who can help them along the way.

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Middle Grades Partnership

Gilman is a founding partner in the Baltimore Community Foundation's Middle School Partnership. Our public school partner is Southwest Baltimore Charter School.

In programs conceived and taught jointly by independent (including Gilman) and public school teachers and college interns, MGP endeavors to equip 600 academically promising Baltimore City public school students with the skills needed to succeed in a rigorous college preparatory high school.

All MGP students study writing, reading and mathematics, while some programs also offer music, art, dance, sports, field trips both in and out of Baltimore and high school choice guidance and college readiness instruction.