Mentoring Program

Gilman's mentoring program aims to shepherd Lower and Middle School boys through their Gilman journey, offering them support and fellowship along the way, by pairing boys together in mentor-mentee teams. Mentors are Upper School students.

Become a Mentor
We are looking for dedicated and committed Upper School students to take on the amazing role of being a role model in the life of a lower or middle school student. This role includes but is not limited to your commitment to support, visit with your mentee weekly,  fellowship, and attend meetings and events.  

Become a Mentee
Parents of Lower and Middle School boys may apply for their sons to participate in the program as a mentee.  

Throughout the school year, the boys meet with their Upper School mentors, faculty advisors, and their parents on several occasions including:

  • Various breakfast gatherings
  • Outreach project to the Community
  • Thanksgiving and holiday gatherings
  • Potluck supper
  • Family activity
  • Spring cookout

Registration is Open for Mentors and Returning Mentees:

Mentoring Program Events