Parent Affinity Groups at Gilman

Gilman School is a community of people from different socio-economic backgrounds, ethnicities, family structures, religions, and races. In this community, we acknowledge, celebrate, and promote each other’s differences, while we are able to remain, “One Gilman.” Parent affinity groups support the very notion of an inclusive community by boldly stating that diversity is a value welcomed and promoted at Gilman. By providing the space for diverse groups to self-identify, unite openly, and engage intelligently, Gilman demonstrates a full and genuine commitment to diversity.

Christian Affinity Group
Parents are invited to participate in weekly Bible study and fellowship on Friday mornings from 8:30 am - 9:30 am. To join these sessions via Zoom contact Bunny Hudson at

Parents of African-American Boys at Gilman Affinity Group
The Parents of African-American Boys at Gilman seeks to build a strong parent community at Gilman to support our young men.  We engage parents in meaningful conversations and activities related to their families’ cultural identifiers.  The group hosts quarterly mixers or brown bags that allow for deep and honest cross-cultural dialogue. Our goal is to increase awareness and appreciation of the positive cultural identifiers that distinguish us one from another and identify the common ground that binds us. 

Parents of Asian-American Boys at Gilman Affinity Group
The objectives of this Affinity Group are: (1) to bring diversity and inclusion to the Gilman community by encouraging and supporting Asian-American parents’ engagement in school-related activities, (2) to support our boys and parents in navigating developmental, social and cultural challenges unique to Asian-Americans, and (3) to provide a support network/resource for Gilman families with similar cultural/ethnic backgrounds. We invite you to join this Parent Affinity Group if you share these objectives. Connect with the parent coordinator Jie Xiao at

Parent Wellness Committee
The Parents Association Wellness Committee is comprised of current parents with a mission dedicated to promoting a culture of physical and emotional wellbeing for our boys.  The goal of this committee is to facilitate wellness communication through various online resources, workshops, and events and provide guidance for students and parents to build a supportive network to bolster health goals. Contact Parent Leader, Erika Slater by email for more information.

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Dorja Marshall

Titles: Class Representative, Community, Inclusion, and Equity Representatives

Veronica Parker

Titles: Parent Association Affinity Group Coordinator, Community, Inclusion, and Equity Representatives

Erika Slater

Titles: Parent Wellness Committee Parent Leader

Jie Xiao

Titles: Class Representative, Coordinator of the Asian-American Boys at Gilman Affinity Group

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...Gilman’s mission to educate the whole boy – mind, body, and spirit – depends upon our willingness to appreciate those qualities that distinguish us, one from another, and to find the common ground that binds us ...we seek to break down barriers that cause conflict and injustice and to equip our students [and their families] with the tools to help them become better citizens...

Gilman School statement of Diversity