Acceptance Policies and Guidelines


The purposes of the Gilman archives include the following:

  • To appraise, collect, organize, describe, make available, and preserve records of enduring historical, administrative, legal, and/or fiscal value to the school, in accordance with the law.
  • To provide adequate and controlled facilities for the retention, preservation, servicing and research use of such records.
  • To facilitate efficient management of recorded information produced by the school’s divisions and administrative offices.
  • To provide reference services to assist in the school's administration and operations.
  • To participate in selected Development Office events, such as (but not restricted to) mounting special displays for reunions.
  • To serve in a public relations capacity by promoting knowledge and understanding of the origins, history, programs, and goals of the school.
  • To serve as a research center for the study of the school’s history by current and past members of the school community and the scholarly community at large.


The Gilman Archives welcomes inquiries and material contributions.

Open 8 a.m. - 4 p.m. or by appointment
Monday - Friday
Upper School - CT28

Johanna Schein

Titles: Archivist, C.A.
Locations: All School, Upper School
Phone Numbers:
School: 367