Mission & Values

At Gilman, we live and breathe our mission to educate boys in mind, body, and spirit every day, just as we have since our founding in 1897 as the nation's first country day school. Our commitment enables us to help a boy of promise grow into a man of character.

Developing Young Men Of Principle Through Practice

Being Gilman means boys are trusted and treated as an inherently honorable persons by those around them. In all they do, students learn to display strong character, behave as gentlemen, make solid decisions, and lead others—on the playground, in class, during athletics, at home, in the community. They learn the value of public service and to always contribute to society. They learn how to win with grace and lose with honor. They learn how to resolve conflict. They learn how to be a friend. They learn how to "Be Gilman," wherever they are, whatever they are doing. They learn to live the life of a good man.

Mind, Body & Spirit

Gilman School is a diverse community dedicated to educating boys in mind, body, and spirit through particular emphasis upon academic excellence, athletic participation and aesthetic appreciation. Gilman seeks to produce men of character and integrity who have the skills and ability to make a positive contribution to the communities in which they live and work.

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Honor at Gilman

The importance of honor and integrity serves as a foundation of the Gilman community, and honor is the most important quality in a person's character.

The successful day to day life of the school community depends on the trust and mutual respect fostered by honorable conduct. The Gilman Honor Code governs this conduct.

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Gilman Five

At the end of the school year in 2008, a parent suggested that the School devise a code of ethical conduct that would be uniform in all three divisions. Over the next year, we polled students, faculty and staff about what it means to "Be Gilman," a phrase that is often used on campus. There were many suggestions, but the same five words continually emerged at the top: Honor, Integrity, Respect, Humility and Excellence. Today, these words and what they mean with respect to behavior are emphasized in all divisions, providing a uniform framework of expected behavior for all of our boys.


[01.Gilman Five]

Never lie, steal or cheat and do not tolerate those who do. Set a good example and encourage others to follow you. Do your part to make Gilman a community of honor.



[02.Gilman Five]

Be the same person at all times and adhere to your values regardless of the situation. Always be someone of whom you are proud.



[03.Gilman Five]

Always be a gentleman and treat others with kindness and civility. Remember that words can be uplifting and healing or very hurtful. Act with empathy.



[04.Gilman Five]

Never brag about or call attention to your successes; rather, make an effort to point out the success of others.



[05.Gilman Five]

Strive for excellence in all that you do - academics, arts, athletics, and character. Do not settle for less than your best effort.