Honor at Gilman

As a gentleman, I have acted honorably in writing this paper.
Gilman Honor Code

Ask any alumnus, no matter his age, about Gilman’s Honor Code, and he will recite the words above. The concept of honor is central to our core value system. Simply, we believe that any education is hollow without character education at its heart.

Since the School’s founding in 1897, the importance of honor and integrity has served as a foundation of the Gilman community. Honor is the most important quality in a person’s character. The successful day to day life of the school community depends on the trust and mutual respect fostered by honorable conduct. The Honor Code forbids lying, cheating, or stealing and guides members of the school community in their daily actions.

In Lower School, Team Greyhound recognizes boys' positive behavior. In Middle School, boys discuss various topics in “Talk” class, a relaxed classroom setting. This training in morality and character prepares students for the Upper School, where upholding Gilman’s principles of integrity rest squarely on the boys’ shoulders. Student-led Honor and Judiciary Committees jury the behavior of their peers.

This value of honor extends into The Gilman Five, our tenets of principled behavior: Honor, Integrity, Humility, Respect, and Excellence.