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Learning confined to a classroom desk? Not at Gilman. Whether on the ball field, in the art studio, at the community soup kitchen, or in the video editing room, our Lower, Middle, and Upper School academic programs give boys room to excel, develop, and solve problems.

We teach boys to be creative, independent thinkers. They become strong readers, effective writers, and capable mathematicians. We teach them that they must work hard, but that learning can be fun.

Gilman's distinctive teaching and learning experience tailors to boys. We know boys; how they learn, how they socialize, how they grow.

Learn more about the rigorous academic curriculum at each stage of your son's educational journey.


Young boys learn actively. The Lower School's core program takes a hands-on approach to language, math, science, and social studies and is supplemented by woodworking, music and art, swimming, and physical education.

Middle School

The Gilman Middle School builds study, communication, and leadership skills while cultivating independent thinking and character through community involvement, teamwork, and physical fitness.


The coordinate program with The Bryn Mawr School and Roland Park Country School enables Upper School students to select from more than 300 courses over four years, a curriculum equivalent to that of a small liberal arts college. The program challenges boys with advanced teamwork and leadership skills, problem solving, and critical thinking.