Colleges Visiting Gilman

Researching Colleges Virtually

While many college campuses are closed to visitors right now, it is possible to glean a considerable amount of information through other resources. In addition to Naviance, College Guides, and your College Counselor, here are some other means to research colleges from afar:

  • Talk to students who attend the college. Contact the admissions office and ask them to help you connect with a student to ask them about their experience. There are students who work in the admissions office who are happy to do this. The Gilman CCO can help you connect to Gilman graduates as well.

  • Talk to an admissions officer. Though many colleges aren't accepting visitors, their admissions officers are still working and are looking to connect with prospective students and families to share information about their colleges. 

  • Read student blogs. Here is an example from Trinity College.

  • Use colleges' websites. Explore widely those things that matter to you. The "About the College" is always a good place to start, as is the "Academics" section.

  • Read college-sponsored and student-sponsored newspapers. To learn about issues and happenings on campus, go on the websites for the school's newspaper.

  • Look for virtual information sessions. Colleges know that it is a challenge not to be able to visit so they are adding extra details on their admissions pages. 

  • Take a virtual tour of a college at or Campus Reel.

  • Look at social media sites. Colleges have a presence on Instagram and other sites which can offer you interesting insights into campus life (even during these times), events, and/or resources and outreach efforts.