Coordinate Program

Three Schools. Two Bridges. One Great Education.

Perhaps the most unexpected characteristic of our community is that this all-boys school also includes girls as classmates. Coordinate classes, begun in 1974 with Bryn Mawr School and later expanded to include Roland Park Country School, offer the best of both worlds: single sex education combined with co-education in the junior and senior years. The coordinate program allows students to choose from a wide array of classes unmatched by any single high school.
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Our coordinate program allows Upper School students to take courses at nearby Bryn Mawr School and Roland Park Country School. The program provides a wider array of courses from which students can choose, with selections available in English, mathematics, German, Russian, Chinese, science, history, art history, and visual art. Pedestrian bridges connect Gilman to the other campuses for safe and convenient access.

Take a Look at some of the Learning Experiences that happen in a coordinated class

Sic Semper
For a history class project, 20 juniors, half Gilman boys and half Roland Park Country School girls, produced a 15-minute film that draws parallels between John Wilkes Booth and Lincoln's assassination to Shakespeare's Julius Caesar.
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Three Schools, Connecting as One
One of the shortest essays in Gilman Voices, the history of Gilman's first 100 years, is also one of its most surprising. The about 1,500 words on pages 413-414 aren't from the mind of a grateful alumnus, a veteran faculty member or a legendary headmaster. Instead, they come from a then-21-year-old Princeton University student named Brent McCallister, whose unisex first name disguises the fact that Brent is a female.
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