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Lower School

Grades Kindergarten - Five

Channeling Curiosity.

Young children are intrinsically motivated to learn. They look at the world around them with wonder and a desire to understand all they experience. Our goal is for Lower School boys to head off to Middle School with their internal drive to learn intact.The Gilman Lower School curriculum helps boys develop the foundational knowledge, learning skills, and personality traits to prepare them for success in school and beyond. We nurture the innate curiosity, wonder, and desire to learn in each boy.

Our curriculum recognizes the unique needs of young boys and channels their natural energy, curiosity, and exuberance into learning activities at every age. The kindergarten program bridges the pre-school and primary school years, engaging boys in an enriching and age-appropriate academic program that meets their specific developmental and educational needs, and the prep-one class offers a singular transition for those boys not quite ready for the rigors of an academically-oriented first grade. The overall Lower School program is challenging, yet warm, friendly, and supportive.

Lower School Stories

Women Who Influence Us

Gilman Archivist Johanna Schein put together an interactive display for Women's History Month. See the photos here.

Gilman Lacrosse Guys

After the UNC v. Lehigh game, lacrosse fan Oden ’31 was surprised by Gilman alums/current UNC players Will McBride '14, Kevin Walker '15, Jack Halpert '15, and Andy Matthews '15, who presented him with a signed team shirt.

Kurt Schmoke is Keynote for MLK Convocation

University of Baltimore President Kurt Schmoke was the keynote speaker at Gilman's annual Martin Luther King, Jr. Convocation. Schmoke offered a wide-ranging and Baltimore-centric perspective on Dr. King's influence on American culture, policy, and politics, stressing the importance of voting rights.

Reading Funds NICU

An article in the University of Maryland Medical System Foundation magazine features Gilman Lower School students, who raised more than $27,000 for the Drs. Rouben and Violet Jiji Neonatal Intensive Care Unit through Gilman's 2015 Read-A-Thon. Recently several of the boys -– now fifth graders -- attended the ribbon cutting for an upgraded, state-of-the-art NICU room that offers parents and infants more privacy and comfort. The boys are proud of the sign outside the room, which reads "Generously Funded by Gilman Lower School." One student said, '"How cool is that? [Years from now] I'll be able to say I went to that school and helped these babies."

Celebrating 25 Years of Mentorship

An important way that Gilman fosters community is through its mentorship program. Launched in 1992, this program pairs an older student with a younger student for guidance and support. Mentees are suggested by faculty when they believe that a particular student might benefit from a ongoing 1:1 interaction with an older boy who can act as a big brother, sharing his wisdom and experience.

Malcolm Ruff '02 has experienced both sides of the mentor/mentee relationship. Learn more about the ways that Gilman develops a sense of brotherhood from kindergarten through senior year and read about Malcolm's ongoing friendship with both mentor and mentee, here.

Lower School Calendar