Our pre-kindergarten curriculum encompasses developmentally appropriate practices for our youngest Hounds to grow in mind, body, and spirit. In the classroom, our boys spend their days in a nurturing environment that conveys a positive message that this is a good place to be, you belong here, this is a place you can trust, you can do many things on your own here, there are places where you can be by yourself when you want, and this is a safe place to explore and try new ideas. Two teachers provide multi-sensory lessons for every type of beginning learner. Teachers are active observers and make thoughtful decisions to ask open ended questions and make suggestions that extend and support learning. The skills taught help build the foundation for academic success and positive mental growth, as well as foster meaningful relationships with peers. Our pre-kindergarten boys also get to experience Gilman to the fullest throughout the year, as they interact with older boys outdoors, in assemblies, and at convocation. Building a life-long, positive relationship with our school and community begins in pre-kindergarten!

In Pre-Kindergarten, your son will learn:

Language Arts

Our pre-k boys work in small groups that introduce a new concept or new materials, teach a specific skill, encourage conversations and the sharing of ideas, and extend the boy’s thinking during academic times. Language Arts is comprised of reading, speaking, and listening. Readiness and early reading combines not only phonemic awareness, but also poetry, songs, plays, and listening to and reading a variety of books. These ensure that concrete comprehension develops along with understanding the mechanics of our alphabet. Additionally, our boys are encouraged to speak in detail during one-on-one conversations and class discussions to expand their conversational proficiency.


Our Pre-K boys use multi-sensory tools to develop their fine-motor muscles used in handwriting.  Along with direct instruction for writing letters and numerals, using a variety of manipulatives in our hands-on approach to learning will allow for their skills to strengthen.  Throughout the day, the boys will have many opportunities to write, paint, illustrate, cut, and assemble, as well.


Our Pre-K boys begin exploring mathematical concepts and develop number sense by using real objects that they explore manipulate, and organize for counting, making sets, and sorting.  The boys learn about and use their knowledge of two and three dimensional shapes  when they draw, paint, sort blocks and identify shapes outdoors. In becoming aware of themselves in relation to other people and things the boys learn location and position, direction, and distance.  All sorts of games, data collecting and recording will strengthen their math skills to be ready for our kindergarten and beyond.


Our Pre-K program fosters each boy’s inquisitive nature to learn by doing, experimenting, observing, questioning, and predicting.  Our science lab and outdoor classrooms, in addition to our nature trails, are the ideal places for our little budding scientists to explore enjoy, appreciate, discover and understand their surroundings and the bigger world. 

Social Studies

Children are inherently social and thrive in this environment of all boys.  In our PreK, the boys will share about themselves and learn how they fit into their family, class, and community.  As they navigate making friends, playing cooperatively, and caring for their classroom and belongings they will develop positive lifelong social skills.

Creative Arts

From drawing and painting, singing and dancing, running, throwing a ball, and participating in  a game, our creative arts and physical education curriculum supports every area of learning. It develops an appreciation of music and how the body works, supports oral language, allows expression of ideas and feelings, and provides an understanding of the world.  Our unique curriculum helps to develop gross motor muscles and balance, and it gives the boys opportunities to move independently as well as within a group and to gain spatial sense.  The Pre-kindergarten classroom environment is designed to stimulate all of the senses and inspire each student’s imagination.

Student-Teacher Ratio  
Kindergarten 7-9:1
Prep-One 7-9:1
First 15-17:1
Second 15-17:1
Third 15-17:1
Fourth 15-17:1
Fifth 15-17:1