Our pre-kindergarten curriculum encompasses developmentally appropriate practices for our youngest Hounds to grow in mind, body, and spirit. In the classroom, our boys spend their days in a nurturing environment that conveys a positive message that this is a good place to be, you belong here, this is a place you can trust, you can do many things on your own here, there are places where you can be by yourself when you want, and this is a safe place to explore and try new ideas. Two teachers provide multi-sensory lessons for every type of beginning learner. Teachers are active observers and make thoughtful decisions to ask open ended questions and make suggestions that extend and support learning. The skills taught help build the foundation for academic success and positive mental growth, as well as foster meaningful relationships with peers. Our pre-kindergarten boys also get to experience Gilman to the fullest throughout the year, as they interact with older boys outdoors, in assemblies, and at convocation. Building a life-long, positive relationship with our school and community begins in pre-kindergarten!

In Pre-Kindergarten, your son will learn:

Student-Teacher Ratio  
Kindergarten 7-9:1
Prep-One 7-9:1
First 15-17:1
Second 15-17:1
Third 15-17:1
Fourth 15-17:1
Fifth 15-17:1