The Gilman Middle School seeks to help each student strengthen his self-concept, to nurture his inherent love of learning, and to prepare him for the challenges of the Upper School.
Middle School Goals and Objectives
The Middle School Program, both in its curricular and extra-curricular components, is designed to meet the following goals:


  • to provide courses appropriate to the developmental level of the students
  • to meet individual needs of students by providing enriched or support programs where appropriate
  • to help students develop strong study skills
  • to develop students' communication skills in all subject areas
  • to give students increasing opportunities for independent learning
  • to provide opportunities for creative expression


  • to help students develop personal honor and integrity
  • to encourage a sense of community responsibility and an awareness of the world beyond Gilman
  • to provide opportunities for student leadership and involvement in the school community
  • to provide special support and counsel for those who need it
  • to help build an acceptance of diversity
  • to help students become more adept at decision-making and problem-solving
  • to encourage communication between students and their families


  • to encourage a sense of sportsmanship, teamwork, and self-discipline
  • to promote physical fitness
  • to develop basic athletic skills
  • to provide a wide variety of enjoyable activities and appropriate levels of competition
  • to build self-confidence