The Middle School iPad initiative provides students with a dynamic and robust tool for personal and academic pursuits. Because the iPad is such a critical component in the teaching and learning paradigm, we offer students the opportunity to select the iPad model that best suits their needs and learning preferences. The resources below outline the program in great detail.
Middle School students are required to provide their own iPad.

We strongly recommend an iPad with:

  • the latest version of iOS (version 14 as of May 1, 2021)
  • a screen size of 9.7-10.2 inches (regular size, not iPad Mini, Air, or Pro)
  • at least 32GB memory/storage, although more is welcome.
  • Wi-Fi-only configuration (iPads with cellular service are not permitted)

As of July 1, the starting price for iPad is $329. Visit the Apple web site to learn more about iPad specifications.

Some important points:
  • Please note: The price referenced above does not include accessories, including:
    • Headphones with a built-in mic (noise-cancelling, if possible)
    • Protective Case or Folio (Required)
    • Keyboard (Required - waterproof or water-resistant - detachable, standalone or built into the case or folio)*
    • Stylus (Required)
    • Screen Protector (Optional)
  • We do not recommend that you purchase an iPad Pro based on multiple considerations, including weight, cost, portability, and size of device footprint on student desks.
  • We strongly recommend purchasing AppleCare+ (and optionally, insurance to cover loss or theft), to cover screen damage and operational failure.
  • Regarding keyboards, we strongly recommend keyboards that are waterproof or water-resistant which, by design, also are more difficult for keys to pop off and get lost. One example of such a keyboard can be seen here.

*If you are considering a separate wired keyboard, you may want to look at a low-cost option from Hitek, along with a protective sleeve to store both the iPad and keyboard.


The Middle School Technology Canvas page provides parenting resources as well as helpful tips in guiding your son's responsible use of the iPad.

Click the questions below to learn more about how our program operates.

iPad Registration

Google Apps for Education

In conjunction with the 1:1 iPad Initiative, the Middle School takes full advantage of the cloud-based workflow offered by Google Apps for Education, including access to Google Drive, Google Docs, and Google Email. Using the the Google Apps for Education platform will offer students full access to their saved files from any device anywhere there is internet access. As a result, students and teachers may collaborate by sharing files and information. The most powerful learning outcomes will occur when our students combine the features of Google Apps for Education with the speed, ease of use, and efficiency afforded by the iPad.


Should you have any questions or concerns about the 1:1 iPad of Choice program, please contact:

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