Welcome to the Learning Support Team!

Dr. Stephanie Dennis

We are a dedicated and passionate team of professionals committed to providing learning support for boys with various learning challenges. Lower, Middle, and Upper School specialists use the A.C.E.R. (Access/Accessibility, Communication, Engagement, and Reflection/Regular Feedback) Program to implement school-wide learning support aligned with Gilman's PK-12 curriculum. We recognize and embrace the unique learning profiles our boys bring and collaborate with teachers and families to provide academic support to develop strategic learners who are prepared to embrace their gifts here and as they transition to continue learning at the college or university of their choice. Our team implements research-based strategies designed to improve executive functions in learners across all three divisions.

We are happy to answer questions, and we look forward to partnering with families in order to ensure their boys enjoy learning and are prepared to meet academic standards in each division.

Dr. Stephanie Harris
Director of Academic Services PK-12

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