Student Support

Each student has support from adults.

Gilman's approach is to find excellent teachers who know their subjects and who love teaching boys. All of our faculty members serve as mentors to the boys at every opportunity, engaging boys in and out of the classroom. Each is a teacher, coach, and advisor, and each values his or her role in helping boys of promise become men of character.

Teacher. Coach. Advisor.

Gilman is a school where boys may be learning algebraic equations or Shakespeare in the morning and practicing zone blitzes or how to throw a lacrosse ball in the afternoon from the same person. We take great pride in our teacher-coach model, where coaches are teachers, and teachers are coaches.

Our teachers connect with the students through activities outside the classroom, whether on the athletic field, in the student publications lab, or on the performance stage.

Advisors Know Boys

In the Lower School, homeroom teachers are their students' elementary mentors and advisors. Once a boy moves to the Middle School, he is assigned a specific advisor. Carefully selected by administrators, advisors serve as the point people for boys and their families in the Middle and Upper Schools. A boy will have one advisor during his time in Middle School and another advisor while in Upper School. These individuals are a boy’s biggest advocate. Advisors are often the first to identify concerns and lead early implementation of supportive measures and interventions. Interactions reach beyond the transactional – along with handling course scheduling, writing end-year reports that capture each advisee’s development in mind, body, and spirit, and holding parent conferences – advisors create peer mentor groups among their advisees, sit with them during daily assembly, and host bi-weekly advisory lunches. No one will know your son better than his advisor.

Gilman faculty also benefit from unique professional development opportunities. Teachers are encouraged to pursue their interests—from writing a grant to start a robotics club to traveling through Italy to explore ancient mosaic techniques—in order to provide enhanced educational experiences for our boys. A mentor's work is never done.


Gilman boasts a comprehensive pre-kindergarten through twelfth grade counseling program. The Lower, Middle, and Upper Schools have dedicated school counselors to support students' social and emotional well-being. The counselors offer a variety of developmentally appropriate programs, ranging from Team Greyhound, which recognizes Lower School boys' positive behavior, to Middle School Talk, a structured human value education program that encourages adolescent boys to talk about meaningful topics, to the Senior Retreat, a four-day, three-night capstone program designed to support boys in their transition away from high school.

The counselors provide individual and small group counseling, helping boys to manage emotions, stress, anger, anxiety, social issues or conflicts, drug awareness and abuse prevention, or family and home issues. These caring and dedicated professionals also serve as a resource for faculty, staff, and parents. Counselors sponsor and support various programs to support parents such as guest speakers, book discussions, skills training, parent-child dialogue nights, and informal discussion and networking.


John Mojzisek

John Mojzisek
Titles: Director of School Counseling Services
Phone Numbers:
School: 305

Amy Summers

Amy Summers
Titles: Middle School Counselor
Phone Numbers:
School: 301

Laura Jordan

Laura Jordan
Titles: Lower School Counselor
Phone Numbers:
School: 484

Learning Support

In all three divisions, our teachers are the first line of academic support for our students. They understand that each child learns differently, and they instruct accordingly. To assist our exceptional teachers, each division has a dedicated learning specialist and a student support team. The student support teams meet regularly to identify students of concern, determine appropriate measures and/or interventions, and implement an action plan for issues including academic challenges, and social or emotional struggles.

Learning and Resource Specialists

Stephanie Dennis

Titles: Director of Academic Services PK-12
Departments: Upper School, English, Resource Support, Learning Specialists, US Learning Specialist
Phone Numbers:
School: 755

Kim Eddinger

Titles: MS Director of Academic Support
Departments: Upper School, Reading & Study Skills, Resource Support, Middle School
Phone Numbers:
School: 645

Andrew Holt

Titles: Lower School Reading Specialist
Departments: Lower School, Resource Support, Academic Council
Phone Numbers:
School: 429

Jen Schmerling

Titles: LS Director of Academic Support
Departments: Lower School, Resource Support
Phone Numbers:
School: 425

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