Our Mission

The Tickner Writing Center primarily exists to serve the Gilman student population in the development of writing skills.
  • The Director of the Writing Center trains roughly 40 faculty-nominated upperclassmen to conduct cordial and helpful one-to-one essay consultations.
  • The Writing Consultants support the work of the Gilman faculty in developing students' confidence and technique in their writing.
  • We assist students in addressing specific writing issues.
  • Student Writing Mentors work regularly with struggling writers over the duration of an academic year.
  • We guide students in the analysis and discussion of writing.
  • We create an environment in which students feel comfortable asking for and receiving assistance.
In addition, the Writing Center supports the Gilman faculty.
  • We respond to teachers' needs for support in the teaching of writing across the Upper School curriculum.
  • We offer ideas and resources to enrich and promote the teaching of writing, including the use of new media and technology.
  • We offer support for faculty in their own writing: administrative, scholarly, and creative.
Finally, the Writing Center connects Gilman School with the literary community.
  • The Writing Center hosts the Tickner Writing Fellow, Gilman's writer-in-residence position.
  • In conjunction with the Tickner Writing Fellow, the Writing Center coordinates and promotes literary events on campus, including the Writers at Work Reading Series.