Tickner Writing Fellow

The Reginald S. Tickner Writing Fellowship is an annual writer-in-residence position named in honor of Reginald Tickner, whose 41-year career at Gilman impacted thousands of Gilman students.

During their two-year fellowship, the Tickner Fellow:

  • Directs the Writers at Work Series, a yearly program of bringing writers to campus to give a reading and work with classes for a day.
  • Advises Paragon, the school's award-winning literary magazine, published at least twice each year.
  • Teaches one section of Creative Writing to seniors every other day in addition to leading occasional creative writing projects in other English classes.
  • Consults one-to-one with students on their writing as part of the Tickner Writing Center and in independent study.
  • Uses his/her non-teaching day for activity related to personal writing projects and shares the process with students and faculty.

The Fellows


Gilman School, an independent boys’ school, has begun its search to award the 26th Tickner Writing Fellowship to an emerging poet, playwright, or writer of fiction or creative nonfiction.

Responsibilities include teaching one senior elective in creative writing each semester, organizing a series of readings, advising the literary magazine, and working with the Lower and Middle Schools on select writing projects. The Tickner Fellow teaches every other day, affording time for independent writing projects.

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Reginald S. Tickner

Reginald S. Tickner did it all at Gilman and did it well. The positions he held cover an unusually wide range of activities in teaching, administration, and coaching. Tickner’s 41-year teaching career at Gilman included service in all three divisions of the School: English teacher and football and wrestling coach in the Upper School 1951-1960; Head of the Lower School 1961-1970; Head of the Middle School 1971-1980; and Assistant Headmaster in the Upper School from 1982 until his retirement in 1992. Tickner’s active participation in the fields of literature and writing and sports inspired thousands of Gilman students to push hard in their chosen fields.