Our coordinate program allows Upper School students to take technology courses at nearby Bryn Mawr School and Roland Park Country School.

Sample Courses

AP Computer Science

While students meet at RPCS, this is an on-line course. AP Computer Science A is a problem-solving and programming-focused course using Java as the specific coding language. This year long course in computer science introduces students to computer programming methodology, fundamental data structures, program flow, and basic object-oriented data organization and management. Students develop problem-solving skills through application design, debugging, and altering code from existing applications.

AP Computer Science Principles

Offered at Roland Park Country School, this course is designed to introduce students to the central ideas and practices of computational thinking, and show how computing changes the world. Students will have the opportunity to use programming, computational thinking, and data analytics to create digital artifacts and documents representing design and analysis in areas including the structure of the Internet and how it works; algorithms; and the impact that these have on science, business, and society. Students are taught how to use computational tools and techniques including abstraction, modeling, and simulation to collaborate in solving problems that connect computation to their lives.


Offered at The Bryn Mawr School, this course introduces students to different types of networks and computer systems in use today, including local networks, cellular networks and the Internet. Students will gain a solid understanding of the equipment and technology used in these systems through hands on projects, including server builds and configuration, constructing wireless network equipment, building an interactive database and designing a home network.

Programming iPhone Applications

Offered at The Bryn Mawr School, this course gives students a foundation for programming apps on iOS devices: iPhone, iPod Touch, and the iPad. While this accelerated, honors course, assumes no background in computer programming, the course will move quickly to cover a wide range of areas relating to app development. Through the use of Xcode, Photoshop and other Mac software tools, students will learn a wide range of programming techniques, the foundations of Object Oriented Programming, and design strategies for aesthetically pleasing apps.


Offered at Roland Park Country School, MATLAB is a technical programming language and development environment currently adopted by more than 5,000 universities around the world and widely used in industry. MATLAB allows students to perform numeric computations, develop algorithms, and create their own data visualizations, enhancing their proficiency in problem analysis, problem solving, and solution design.


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