Device of Choice (D.O.C.) Program

Gilman's Device of Choice (D.O.C.) program intends to help create dynamic and independent learners within the Gilman classroom by requiring all Upper School students to bring a device of choice. We believe that by requiring a device of choice, our students and faculty will better utilize the skills necessary to learn in the 21st century environment. Students bring devices to class so they can use them for research, collaborative work, organization, and general classroom learning. The D.O.C. program ensures that all students will have the technology tools each student is most comfortable with to maximize the learning experience. We believe that the D.O.C. program helps individualize the learning process, allowing the individual boy to reach his potential.

Upper School students are required to bring a laptop or tablet to school every day. His choice of device should be based on what he feels best suits the needs for his classes. Loaners will be available should a personal device need repair or service. We are excited about the potential that this program provides to the Upper School curriculum and look forward to watching our boys and their teachers flourish as learners and instructors.

About D.O.C.


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