The Hardie Alpine Tower

Officially named The Thomas Hardie Alpine Tower through the generous gift of the class of 1974, the program is the fulfillment of ideas: of challenges, of surpassing expectations, of pushing one's own limits, and of successful cooperative teamwork.

There is nothing quite like the feeling of standing on a very unstable horizontal log, resembling a suspended telephone pole, 30 feet off the ground and trying to balance with your partner as you both 'walk' to your respective ends. Of course you are being belayed, but that is of little comfort as you are given enough slack in the rope to feel weightless as the log shifts under your respective weights. The trust in your partner, the trust in your belayer, and most importantly the trust in yourself are on display, and the achievement of this challenge requires the successful navigation of all three.

It is the goal of The Thomas Hardie Alpine Tower program to give all Upper School Gilman students the opportunity to experience the challenges of the tower and the challenges in themselves. In order to accomplish this goal, the program focuses on getting students involved in the tower through an intramural program, selected academic class time, as an Upper School club, and as a member of the Alpine Tower Team assisting all three activities.