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Affording Gilman

The success of the tuition assistance program is reflected in the talented and diverse student body that comes to campus each day.

Then & Now: Gilman Tuition Assistance

Early in the history of Gilman School, the trustees acknowledged that there were qualified students who lacked the financial resources to pay for tuition. Members of the Board recognized that not only would these boys benefit from a Gilman education, they would also enrich the School. These trustees began to fund the education of a few students at the School. Their generosity created the foundation for the current tuition assistance program. Originally this system only provided tuition assistance to high school students; the program was later expanded to assist students at all grade levels.

Today, the money for Gilman's tuition assistance program is generated by endowed funds, special gifts to the School, and The Gilman Fund, the School's annual giving effort. Now, through the generosity of many benefactors, Gilman provides assistance to more than 25 percent of the student body in all three divisions.


Kip Digges

Director of Tuition Assistance




Choosing an independent school for your son's education is a thoughtful family decision, and we know that sending your son to Gilman requires a significant financial investment. We are committed to providing families with as much information as possible in order to assist with this decision.




Gilman actively seeks young men of promise who we know will contribute greatly to our vibrant community. To identify, retain, and recognize such extraordinary talent, Gilman funds excellence by providing need-based tuition assistance to ensure students with the highest potential benefit from a Gilman education and thrive beyond our campus.

Family Income Total Students
Receiving Tuition Assistance
Average Grant
<$100K 35% $26,936
$100-150K 18% $19,943
$151-200K 22% $18,692
>$201K 25% $13,242

The above information is based on tuition assistance granted for the 2021-2022 school year.

Gilman offers tuition assistance to families based on need. To determine the level of assistance for which a family qualifies (if applicable), a separate application must be submitted through ClarityPlease note that Tuition Assistance is not available for pre-kindergarten.

Applying for Tuition Assistance