The Gilman Middle School Extended Day Supervision Program (EDSP) will operate from 4:15 PM to 6:00 PM each school day. EDSP will provide students with a teacher monitored environment for quiet study, homework completion, or relaxation with friends. Similarly, the program will provide parents who cannot pick-up their sons by 4:15 PM the assurance that comes from a safe, supervised setting.

The Extended Day Supervision Program will use as its operational base the security desk located at the front of the lobby. The EDSP phone extension is ext. 139 located at the security desk. The boys will have from 4:00 PM to 4:15 PM to pack-up books, do homeroom clean-up and speak to friends. At 4:15 PM the boys will record their sign-in time and their location during the program on the record sheets at the security desk. The boys may choose to have a snack or play a game in Room 115; play an outdoor game (whiffle ball, soccer, pill ball, etc.) on the black top behind the school; study in Room 124; or play ping pong in the lobby. Friday is movie day in Room 124 and ping pong is not played on that day. The boys should be picked up by a parent or an older sibling at the security desk. Students are held responsible for properly filling out the record sheets with sign in time, location and sign out time. Any Middle School student on campus after 4:15 PM and not involved in supervised activity such as academic help sessions, clubs, rehearsals or interscholastic games must be checked into the EDSP program. It is necessary for students who are not picked up at the end of a supervised after school activity to sign-in on the record sheets.

The Extended Day Supervision Program will operate on ALL days that school is in session with the exception of scheduled early dismissal days and early dismissal days due to inclement weather. On those days the program will operate only two hours after the closing of school. It is our expectation that all Middle School students will be picked up by 6:00 PM. The fee for the program will be $14.00 per afternoon; charges for EDSP will start at 4:45 PM. Students not picked up by 6:00 PM will be assessed a late charge of $15.00 per quarter hour. The supervisor will remain until the last child is picked up. Billing for EDSP will be mailed separately from the tuition billing. Financial assistance for the program is available and allocated in proportion to tuition assistance received.

Extended Day Supervision Program