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The Finney-Greene Program

A Unique Program Supporting Talented Gilman Boys

The Finney-Greene Program builds upon the belief that every student should reach his potential. The program supports talented young men who have a solid academic record, exhibit exemplary character traits, and possess unique or special talents. The program seeks to engage boys and their families to provide an extra level of support, mentorship, and access to opportunities.



About Our Program's Namesakes

Redmond C. S. Finney '47

Redmond C. S. Finney ’47, our tenth Headmaster, is largely considered as one of the main architects of integration at Gilman. He joined the faculty in 1954 to teach history, mathematics, and religion, and to coach football, wrestling, and lacrosse. Prior to his 1968 appointment as Headmaster, Mr. Finney served as Upper School director of discipline, faculty advisor to the Honor Committee, and a member of the Admissions Committees. In the summer of 1967, along with William Campbell ‘52, Mr. Finney co-founded Gilman Upward Bound, a federally funded educational program for children from impoverished backgrounds. He is also a co-founder of the Baltimore Educational Scholarships Trust (B.E.S.T.), which supports lower-income African American students from the Baltimore area. Mr. Finney retired in 1992, after a 38-year career at Gilman.

William A. Greene, Jr. 

Gilman’s first African-American faculty member, William A. Greene, Jr. enjoyed a Gilman career that began in 1969 and lasted more than three decades. In 1970, he became director of Gilman Upward Bound, one of about a dozen programs nationwide and the only in Delaware, Virginia, and Maryland run by a high school, in 1970, a position he held for 31 years. Mr. Greene also coached basketball and track, taught math, and was Director of Middle and Upper School Admissions. Mr. Greene, who retired in 2001 as Assistant Headmaster, pushed the School to take crucial next steps to ensure that boys from high-poverty families and families of color would not just enroll, but flourish, as part of Gilman’s community.



Meet the Finney-Greene Program Team

Our team is ready to help you with any questions you may have about the Finney-Greene Program!

Beth Knapp

Beth Knapp

Co-Director of the Finney-Greene Program, Upper School CIE Coordinator
Rich Shock

Rich Shock

Co-Director of the Finney-Greene Program, Middle School History Teacher