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Choosing an independent school for your son’s education is a thoughtful family decision. We know that choosing to send your son to Gilman requires a significant financial investment. As a school, we are committed to keeping tuition as affordable as possible to all our families.

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Financial Aid Budget 2017-2018: $4.6 million in grants
Students Receiving Financial Aid: 26.4%

18.5% of Lower School
27.1% of Middle School
30.4% of Upper School

Tuition and Fees

2018-2019 Tuition and Fees by Grade Tuition Fees*
Kindergarten $21,320  
Prep-One and First $26,645  
Second-Fifth $27,865 $30-$40
Sixth-Eighth $28,530 $350-$450
Ninth-Twelfth $30,550 $400-$650

*Fees are estimated. There may be additional charges for certain athletic teams, field trips or other activities.

Lunch - daily lunch is provided. Breakfast and snack service available for upper school students.

Textbooks - The cost of textbooks is included in tuition for kindergarten through grade five (fifth graders may need to purchase additional textbooks from the school store). Students in grades six through 12 can purchase textbooks online through MBS Direct.

Families receiving financial aid also receive a discount on mandatory textbooks.

Parents Association Dues – An annual fee of $45 will be billed to each family in July.

Incidentals and School Store Charges - Families will receive a monthly email statement for any incidental charges.

Financial Aid Program

Gilman actively seeks young men of promise who we know will contribute greatly to our vibrant community. In order to identify, retain, and recognize such extraordinary talent, Gilman provides need and non-need based aid to ensure the best of the best benefit from a Gilman education and thrive beyond our campus. 

Gilman School grants financial aid based on demonstrated need to families of accepted students. In order to determine financial need, Gilman uses the School and Student Services (SSS) by the National Association of Independent Schools (NAIS).

Areas of Importance in Determining Financial Aid

  • Total family income
  • IRS forms and schedules
  • Number of children in the family and number of children in tuition-charging schools
  • Net worth-including real estate, bank accounts, and other investments
  • Number of cars, recreational vehicles, and boats
  • Whether juniors or seniors have jobs
  • Discretionary expenditures

Learn more about the Gilman financial aid program.

Financial Aid for Lower School Students

Financial aid in the Lower School is a cash grant, which is money that is applied directly to tuition. All Lower School material costs are included in tuition and additional expenses are charged at a reduced rate for financial aid students.

Financial Aid for Middle and Upper School Students

Financial aid in the Middle and Upper School is a cash grant, which is money that is applied directly to tuition. All pertinent fees, such as for books and athletics, are reduced in proportion to the percentage of financial aid a family receives.

Parents of Grade 11 and 12 Students Applying For Aid

It is the consensus of the Financial Aid Committee that grade 11 and 12 students should contribute from summer and seasonal work to their Gilman education:

  • Grade 11: $400
  • Grade 12: $500

Payment Options

Gilman School is partnered with FACTS Management Company to collect and process tuition.

FACTS is an automated payment system. Parents preauthorize their bank or credit card company to automatically transfer funds to Gilman on the installment payment dates traditional to the school. Preauthorized automated payments can be done conveniently from one's checking or savings account, or by way of Visa, MasterCard, Discover, or American Express. Charges for incidentals and the School Store will be emailed to you monthly via FACTS.

When a student is accepted to Gilman, the student's parent(s) and/or guardian(s) will be asked to confirm the acceptance and forward a deposit. The deposit is non-refundable and will be credited to the tuition bill.

If you have any questions regarding this program, please contact Becky Levy at 410-464-3147.

Tuition Refund Plan

Gilman School offers a Tuition Refund Plan to help families meet unpaid financial obligations to the School if their child must withdraw during the academic year.

The Tuition Refund Plan will pay benefits (subject to the terms of the policy and the amount insured) to the school, which provides substantial assistance in meeting your financial obligation.

Learn more about the Tuition Refund Plan.


Seniors Who Go to Four-Year Colleges: 100%
Graduates Who Attend a Most Competitive or Highly Competitive College: 81%
Full-Time Faculty: 146
Part-Time Faculty: 4
Faculty with Advanced Degrees: 69%


Should you have any questions about how to afford Gilman, please do not hesitate to call the Financial Aid Office.

410.323.3800, ext. 627
Kip Digges

Kip Digges

Titles: Director of Financial Aid, Director of Summer Programs, Grade 8 Grade Chair, Teacher

Applying for Financial Aid

Step One

Please download and reveiw the following documents prior to applying.

Step two

Starting on October 2, 2017, go to SSS Online to complete your application. Click on the prompt to begin your Parents' Financial Statement (PFS). You only need to complete one PFS even if you have several children applying to our school. You will be given a username and password that will allow you to return to your PFS at a later date before submitting it. Your information will be secure. Please upload or mail the following documents directly to SSS Online: 2016 Federal Tax Forms and 2017 W‐2 or substitute wage document (when received in January 2018).

Step Three

Please complete your online financial aid application by December 15, 2017.

Step Four

Please read Gilman's Financial Aid Policy Statement.