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Why Gilman?

Educating the Whole Boy: Mind, Body, and Spirit

Boys have very specific educational and developmental needs, and Gilman has spent 125 years tailoring age-appropriate learning experiences to meet those needs. Whether it is in the classroom, on the field, or in the community, every minute of every Gilman school day helps boys to grow to become principled young men.

Learning at Gilman is an adventure that celebrates boys. Gilman's dynamic curriculum encourages each boy at each stage of his educational, emotional, and social development to discover his own innate talents and interests. Nothing a boy does here is considered extracurricular: lessons learned in the chemistry lab or English classroom are as vital as lessons learned on the playing field, in the art studio, or at a soup kitchen.

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Why a Boys' School?

According to the International Boys' School Coalition (IBSC), boys' schools like Gilman nimbly adapt their programs and apply their resources to meet the specific educational and developmental needs of boys.

Learn More About Why You Should Consider a Boys' School for Your Son



Our Boys Learn. A Lot.

The curriculum and programs we develop in our Lower, Middle, and Upper Schools hone in on how boys think, observe, and relate to each other on their way to becoming honorable, curious, humble, respectful, and resourceful young leaders.

Lower School

Learn more about our academic program for pre-k through fifth grade.

Young boys learn actively. The Lower School's core program takes a hands-on approach to language, math, science, and social studies and is supplemented by woodworking, music and art, swimming, and physical education. We help boys develop the foundational knowledge necessary to prepare them for success in school and beyond. We nurture the innate curiosity, wonder, and desire to learn in each boy.

Middle School

Read more about goals and objectives for Gilman students in gradesĀ 6-8.

As boys begin to spread their wings in the Middle School, they discover their interests in an encouraging, cooperative, and caring environment. They learn to take risks and the importance of responsibility while building study, communication, and leadership skills through community involvement, teamwork, and physical fitness.

Upper School

Find out more about theĀ opportunities available to Gilman students in gradesĀ 9-12.

In the Upper School, we prepare young men to make a positive difference in our world. Students engage in a college-preparatory program that emphasizes a strong work ethic, critical thinking skills, effective oral and written communication, and lifelong enjoyment of learning. Gilman offers the best of both worlds: single-sex education combined with coeducation in the junior and senior years with our two tri-school sister schools.



There's Always Something Buzzing at Gilman and Beyond!

Gilman is full of bright and interesting students who become bright and interesting alumni (8,265 and counting). Follow along!

Student Buzz

Noteworthy achievements and endeavors by current Gilman students.

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Noteworthy achievements and endeavors by Gilman alumni across the globe.