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We are currently accepting Class Notes for the Summer 2023 edition of The Bulletin. Please submit your notes* by May 1, 2023, for inclusion. Notes submitted after this date will be included in a future edition. Questions? Please contact the Alumni Relations Office at or 410-323-7178.

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* Notes should be recent, concise, and focused on updates. Gilman reserves the right to edit notes for content and space in the print magazine. Full notes will be posted online here.




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Tim Robinson '82

Tim Robinson continues in his role as a staff engineer in Systems Integration and Testing at Northrop Grumman Mission Systems.

  • 1980s
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Bill Gamper '71

Mike Lin ’16, Chris Song ’16, and Justin Lin ’26 caught up with retired Gilman teacher Bill Gamper ’71 for dinner at Petit Louis in May 2024.

  • 1970s
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Charlie Offutt '59

Charlie Offutt and Susan have European travel plans this summer. First a river cruise in the Bordeaux area, later followed by a Rhone River cruise. The oldest of five grandkids is going to Ole Miss, The University of Mississippi.

  • 1950s
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Andy Adelson '59

Andy Adelson and Didi spend most of the year at their Miami Beach home concentrating on family and friends. They also travel to homes in New York and Cape Cod. Andy says he has some mobility challenges but his enthusiasm and sense of humor persist!

  • 1950s
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Dick Emory '59

Dick Emory reports that he is on a mission to bring awareness to today’s students regarding the danger in marijuana.

  • 1950s
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Larry Stifler '59

Larry Stifler missed the May class luncheon because he and Mary were part of a celebration of a community center that they were the major funders of and needed to be there. They continue to be busier than ever and report life is definitely not boring. He says he “will be at the next get together no matter what.”

  • 1950s
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Jack Shaw '90

I am still living in the Valais region of Switzerland, running my Alps-based travel business Epic Europe with my wife Susanna. Since 2012, we have been named Condé Nast Traveler’s preferred specialists for Switzerland and surrounding Alpine countries, and the business has exploded since the pandemic — we call this the era of “revenge travel.”

  • 1990s
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Perry Offutt '90

Perry Offutt has started 2024 with a lot of travel, including Dubai, Berlin, Kyoto, Queenstown, Sydney and Klosters.

  • 1990s
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Greg Friedman '90

Greg Friedman is still working in the commercial real estate world. He’s moved his focus from brokerage to strictly investing and maintaining his buildings.

  • 1990s
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Ryan Rippin '90

Ryan Rippin just got back from two weeks working in Hong Kong and Malaysia. It was his third time in Asia in the last year and a half, and he finds himself blown away every time!

  • 1990s
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Sam Knowles '90

am Knowles is still based in northern Virginia, practicing law in D.C. and getting out for a jog when time permits. Kids are 5 (Lucas) and 7 (Sofia).

  • 1990s
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Henry Cha '90

Henry Cha and his wife, Zan (BMS ’91), are still running the rat race at work but are having fun watching their kids grow into young adults.

  • 1990s
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Timothy Holley '77

I am still hanging around our alma mater, finishing year 39 in education (36 at Gilman). All I do nowadays is teach ninth grade English and help out with fresh-soph basketball. Winding down for sure, but I think that I have a couple of years still left in me. We'll see. “Men plan and God laughs!”

  • 1970s
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Jeff Harris '77

My wife, Ann, and I are still in Baltimore, less than a mile from Gilman…so I have not strayed far. We will have our 35th anniversary in June and have booked a two-week trip in September to Greece and Italy to celebrate.

  • 1970s
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Tim O’Shea '77

I haven’t retired but have shifted to part-time, and my role is mostly strategy advisory and mentoring younger leaders.

  • 1970s
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Mason Lord '77

My son Alex and his wife, Haley, produced me a granddaughter. Piper Skye Lord was born May 23, 2023. They live in Portland, Maine. My other boys, Mason and James, live in Spokane and Denver, respectively.

  • 1970s
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Stuart Gray '77

My wife, Katie, and I are still working in financial services. Our youngest son, Drew, is working with me and doing well. Our older son, Carter, from Gilman ’13 is also working in Baltimore. The boys live together in Canton near the harbor. It’s nice having them 15 minutes away and we grab dinner once a month.

  • 1970s
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Jim Scriba '77

Hello from the friendly skies! Coming home from a week in Amsterdam. I always wanted to return after arriving for a business trip early one Sunday morning to find the streets deserted, only to discover I’d missed the countrywide bacchanal that was Queen’s Day and everything was closed!

  • 1970s
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Pete Jervey '77

Greetings from New Orleans, where Donna and I spend a couple of months a year eating, drinking, and seeing the Rolling Stones with other old people at Jazz Fest.

  • 1970s
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Fred White '77

Life has been very busy. My wife, Chadijah, and I are still in Baltimore and are coming up on 42 years married in June.

  • 1970s
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Ed Mitzel '77

Kathy and I are in the process of selling our home in Ruxton and moving to John's Island, South Carolina just outside of Charleston.

  • 1970s
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Bob Johns '77

We just had a blast at a destination wedding in Bermuda and managed to see the Sail Grand Prix foil boats race and a behind-the-scenes tour of the garages.

  • 1970s
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Hap Cooper '77

Of all ironies, Jennifer and I are in our sixth year living in faculty housing at McDonogh School — it’s a pretty amazing campus.

  • 1970s
Read More about Hap Cooper '77
Daniel Beirne '77

Hello all! I just celebrated my one year of retirement this month after working 37 years at T. Rowe Price. Everyone says that you have to have a purpose in life, but I am the living argument against that philosophy.

  • 1970s
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Wick Zimmerman '77

I have been with my wonderful wife, Allison, for 28 years. We have spent most of our time in Palm Springs since buying a house there 10 years ago.

  • 1970s
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Mark Schuster '77

All’s well after nearly seven years in Southern California. Jeff and I have adjusted fairly well to being empty nesters (our dog Windsor is relishing the extra attention). Jacob and Scott are now sophomores majoring in computer science and mechanical engineering, respectively, and both seem happy at school.

  • 1970s
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James Wyatt '77

Not much has changed for me. I am still working at HUD Headquarters in DC. Four more years for 30 years, and hopefully, I can hang up the spurs.

  • 1970s
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Brendan Callahan '97

Given the state of the commercial real estate market in Austin, Texas, and with the support of my wife and three kids, I’ve decided to pursue my dreams of racing in NASCAR. In the market for sponsors and will be reaching out to the Gilman community soon. Apparently a Go-Kart, swim goggles, and hard hat don’t meet NASCAR protocol. The ninjas are trying to get me.

  • 1990s
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Stan Klinefelter '65

Sarah and I continue to spend winters in Vero Beach and summers in Baltimore, always in pursuit of good weather and golf opportunities. This winter, we had lunch with Tom Clapp, who lives a bit north of Vero Beach. I haven’t seen him in decades and it was good to catch up. Sarah and I are in good health and love to travel, so we are off on a few trips this summer and fall. We might as well do it while we can.

  • 1960s
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Mike Ginsburg '93

Mike Ginsburg is still working as the VP Deputy GC at CACI in northern Virginia, and wrapped up his term on the executive committee of the Republican Party of Virginia in April. In his spare time, Mike and his kids are rabid fans of the Orioles and their local farm teams.

  • 1990s
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Michael Saunders '93

In April, Michael Saunders and his company, Matriarch Coffee, celebrated the grand opening of their new cafe in Harborplace’s Pratt Street pavilion. Stop by for a cup of the best coffee in town.

  • 1990s
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Taylor Classen '82

Life goes on in Baltimore. My oldest son will be a senior at Elon University and graduate in May 2025. He has a passion for buying and selling high-end watches so hopefully he has a lob when he graduates.

  • 1980s
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Matt Buck '93

In March, Matt Buck led a group of Calvert School seventh graders (including my daughter Sally) on a weeklong leadership journey to Puerto Rico, where the group learned about the island, volunteered their time, and had fun. My daughter reported that Matt was “always so chill and nonchalant,” even when a manatee took a liking to him one afternoon in the ocean.

  • 1990s
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Phil Coffey '78

Phil Cuffey reported that through a work contact, he was able to talk with one Mikka Wolff, a youth representative on the Beacon Hill board and co- president of the Decatur High School Black Student Union.

  • 1970s
Read More about Phil Coffey '78
Rob Moxley '78

Rob updated us a while ago that he’s in the real estate biz, primarily in central Maryland, and serves as the lead independent director of the Fulton Financial Corp. based in Lancaster, Pennsylvania.

  • 1970s
Read More about Rob Moxley '78
Reg Harris '78

Exciting, impressive, and thoughtful news from Reg Harris, our class’s Man of Letters in New York. Check out this recent interview where he talks about his career as a poet, winning the 2012 Cave Canem / Northwestern University Poetry Prize, and the honors that have come his way. Reggie has worked with the Poets House in NYC and is the author of two critically acclaimed books, “10 Tongues” from 2001 and “Autogeography” from 2013.

  • 1970s
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Andrew Buerger '83

My wife, Jennifer, and I have boy/girl 13-year-olds (as of this writing). Jennifer still lets me escape for fundraising climbing expeditions to Mexico (2023) and this summer to Mt Olympus on the Olympic Peninsula.

  • 1980s
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Gill Deford '66

Gill Deford sends the following update: His first grandchild, “the lovely Vivian” is born to his stepson Alex and wife Elizabeth last year is thriving as Gill tries to adjust to the need to travel to Miami to see her in person. Meanwhile, he adds, “Laura’s and my son Jack graduated from Hampshire college in early ’24!”

  • 1960s
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Blake McCallister '93

While watching the Orioles play the Rangers in the ALDS back in October, I caught Blake McCallister several times on the national broadcast rooting on the birds with his dad. I reached out to lament the loss and Blake reported that all is well in Austin, Texas.

  • 1990s
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Will Marbury '93

I ran into Will Marbury recently at Gilman and he reported that he’s coaching the Gilman Middle School baseball team in addition to his Upper School teaching duties. As I write this, the young Hounds are 8-0 with two games to play, thanks in no small part to Coach Marbs.

  • 1990s
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Rock Harrison '93

In addition to working his day job at Franklin Financial Group and his side hustle as a wrestling analyst for the ACC Network and ESPN, Rock Harrison also served as a volunteer coach for Gilman’s 2023-2024 varsity wrestling team, which completed a historic, undefeated season and won the MIAA Dual Meet Championship and Tournament.

  • 1990s
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Chris Carroll '93

I ran into Chris Carroll and his wife, Adrianne, at a Gilman lacrosse game back in April. When Chris isn’t working at Kelly Benefits or honing his golf game, he’s trying to keep up with his kids, Telfair and Walker.

  • 1990s
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Matt Baum '93

Matt Baum continues to teach Upper School history and coached the JV basketball team this past school year. In February, Matt also laced up his high tops and faced off against his son Max in the Middle School’s annual Interscholastic vs. Faculty basketball game, which was somehow won by the students.

  • 1990s
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Nick Adams '93

Nick Adams has made his home in Coral Gables, Florida, since 2010 and currently works as a Global Real Estate Advisor at ONE Sotheby’s International Realty. This September, Nick and his wife, Wendy, will celebrate their 20th wedding anniversary. They have two daughters, Madison (13) and Harlow (8).

  • 1990s
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Charlie Herndon '78

Not much new with me; my kids are clear of college, my wife is soon to retire, and those next-chapter thoughts are nipping at my heels, too.

  • 1970s
Read More about Charlie Herndon '78
Rick Buck '66

The past year has brought an unusually high level of challenges for Barbara and me, including the long-term illness of my sister and her passing, in late February.

  • 1960s
Read More about Rick Buck '66
Ben Legg '66

Ben Legg is marking the 13th year as a mediator and arbitrator with JAMS, a major firm specializing in that field.

  • 1960s
Read More about Ben Legg '66
Rick Buck '62

Rick Buck, in Eugene, Oregon, since 1979, lost his wife in 2010 after a 16-year battle with breast cancer but has had a partner for the last 12 years, “Grandma” to the six grandchildren from three children (son and three of the grandchildren live a mile away, so many visits).

  • 1960s
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Greg Jones '66

Greg and Marguerite are well, and she is still working in the Alumni affairs office at John Hopkins University, leading Hopkins alumni on trips around the globe. Greg gets to tag along on some of these excellent trips, and while home manages to maintain a good golf game, often in the company of Charlie Fenwick and Denny Malone ’68.

  • 1960s
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Derek Reid '83

Yes, I’m still doing the dancing thing. After my professional career, I began teaching. Presently, I’m Associate Dean for DEI for the Jordan College of the Arts at Butler University. I’m also Professor of Dance, hence my travels to teach at a ballet festival.

  • 1980s
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Alan Fleischmann '83

Besides growing Laurel Strategies as its founder and CEO, Alan Fleischmann is also the hosting (his hobby besides sitting on boards) of the award-winning radio show SiriusXM called “Leadership Matters.”

  • 1980s
Read More about Alan Fleischmann '83
Willie DeVeas '83

Still grooving in our small family practice in Towson for 30-plus years. Diana and I celebrated our 30th anniversary by working together on the big day we met over the same cadaver in dental school so only fitting it was tooth-related!

  • 1980s
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Jonathan Kelly '83

I am living in the SF Bay Area, working in private equity with 8-year-old boy/girl twins. Shooting for the Oldest Dad Award! Following the Ravens and O’s like a demon.

  • 1980s
Read More about Jonathan Kelly '83
Haig Kazazian '83

I’ve been in Atlanta since I moved down to attend Emory. I love Atlanta but could do with less traffic…winter’s short too.

  • 1980s
Read More about Haig Kazazian '83
Dave Irwin '66

Dave Irwin and Kendi had one of their busiest years ever, highlighted by travels far and wide to destinations such as Maine, West Virginia, and Aruba together, plus a traditional annual getaway to Vegas for Dave to enjoy coverage of the NCAA Sweet Sixteen games and, for Kendi, trips to California and southern Italy.

  • 1960s
Read More about Dave Irwin '66
Max Curran '83

Jennifer and I still live in Baltimore, about a block from Bryn Mawr School. I’m a partner at Venable practicing energy law.

  • 1980s
Read More about Max Curran '83
Keith McCants '83

My biggest complaint about my new son-in-law is that he wears Yankees stuff even though he isn’t a baseball fan. I guess I got it pretty good!

  • 1980s
Read More about Keith McCants '83
James Smoot '83

I’m finishing up my 35th year with the Social Security Administration (HR budget officer). I’m back to playing tennis, pickleball, or platform tennis four to five days a week after having quadruple bypass surgery back in October. Special thanks to Dr. Peter Cho (class of ’81).

  • 1980s
Read More about James Smoot '83
David Cosby '83

Patty and I celebrated 31 years of marriage in January, and son Alex, 20, is ending his first year at the New Hampshire Institute of Technology.

  • 1980s
Read More about David Cosby '83
Jay Schmidt '83

There’s also Jay Schmidt who is still at Franklin Templeton (formerly Legg Mason), and Michelle is a second grade teacher at Summit Park Elementary.

  • 1980s
Read More about Jay Schmidt '83
Joel Cohn '83

Joel Cohn, Fred Hopkins, Mark Kaufman, and Marty Schreiber watched the Gilman-McDonogh game from a swimming pool in Jamaica. The environs helped ease some of our pain from the loss.

  • 1980s
Read More about Joel Cohn '83
Andrew Sinwell '83

Abigail and I have been married 27 years and are in the first year of empty-nesting. One daughter is playing goalie on the lacrosse team at William & Mary, one is living her best mountain gal life at Washington & Lee, one is captaining the club lax team at Wake Forest, and the oldest is working on avionics systems for the next generation rocket for Virgin Galactic.

  • 1980s
Read More about Andrew Sinwell '83
Tom Corner '63

My wife shared the beliefs I expressed in my Sixth Form speech about the merits of using the UN as a peacekeeping force...

  • 1960s
Read More about Tom Corner '63
Tony Duhbura '83

My wife, Tracy, and I are now empty nesters with three great kids. Our oldest son is finishing his medical residency in North Carolina, our middle son is doing data science work in Arlington, and our youngest daughter is in graduate school for a Doctorate in PT. We still live in northern Virginia, and I am working at AWS here.

  • 1980s
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Brian Bloom '83

I’m still working as a pulmonologist, teaching, and continuing to serve as a Captain in the U.S. Navy Reserve.

  • 1980s
Read More about Brian Bloom '83
Aron Silverstone '83

We are still in Durham, NC. After over 20 years at Syngenta (a global ag company), having various roles over the years in developing biotech crops and crop protection chemicals, I decided to branch out on my own and have a consultancy focused on ag biotech.

  • 1980s
Read More about Aron Silverstone '83
Richard Gatchell '83

My primary goal is to specify our secure telecommunications equipment into “Command and Control” centers across the Department of Defense and Intelligence Agencies. My daughters are now 23 and 25 and living in Boston.

  • 1980s
Read More about Richard Gatchell '83
Michael Lewis '83

I’m still a professor at Hunter College and the CUNY Graduate Center, teaching courses in economics, public policy, and statistics, mainly to social work students.

  • 1980s
Read More about Michael Lewis '83
Eric Gillman '97

Hello from the Golden State! Everything is going swimmingly in Sacramento. If you're in the area, drop me a line!

  • 1990s
Read More about Eric Gillman '97
Chuck Newhall '63

Working on my fifth book: “Musings about Art, Love, and an Unusual Life Lived on the Front Lines.” Published fourth book “Dare Disturb the Universe,” an account of my family’s 80-plus years in the venture capital business.

  • 1960s
Read More about Chuck Newhall '63
Terry Ellen '63

The bad news from me is that I’ve just been diagnosed with Parkinson’s. The good news is that the medication works wonderfully and keeps me from walking around like a drunken sailor. All else holds steady.

  • 1960s
Read More about Terry Ellen '63
Bill Harrison '63

Not much to report from sunny Florida. Grandkids have been down from Connecticut and more are coming during April, still playing USTA tennis tournaments, now in the 80s category … yikes! Headed back north mid-May, will stop in to visit Kitty Harrison and family to get my Baltimore fix.

  • 1960s
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Lew Rumford '66

Lew Rumford reported the marriage of his younger daughter, Grace in April 2024, in Chicago. He also shared the additional good news that Grace and husband, Rahul, will be moving to Baltimore by late summer, where he will fill a position in the anesthesiology group at Union Memorial Hospital.

  • 1960s
Read More about Lew Rumford '66
Charlie Fenwick '66

Charlie Fenwick continues to be highly active, now chiefly with recreational adventures including yearly travels to favorite places...

  • 1960s
Read More about Charlie Fenwick '66
Rick Friedman '82

I am currently living in Boca Raton, Florida, about five minutes away from Bruce Zukerberg, which surprisingly has not yet resulted in a rip-roaring quarters game. Or perhaps the correct word is not “surprisingly” but “fortunately”! I am about halfway through fixing up a beat-up house.

  • 1980s
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Ernie Cornbrooks '63

A week after our 60th reunion, I finished the mentoring gig with my former law firm and became completely retired. In October, we went to England.

  • 1960s
Read More about Ernie Cornbrooks '63
Michael Stanton '66

Michael Stanton and Maureen have managed to continue a wide-ranging travel agenda, including recent trips in Mexico and southern Italy. When back home in San Francisco, they treasure time spent with daughters Abby and Brenna and first grandchild, Rory. When June rolls around, they hurry to their lakeside cabin in Ely, Minnesota, for true rest and relaxation.

  • 1960s
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Bob Dyer '63

Attended 15th reunion at law school and gave away a daughter in Hawaii who is halfway through a fellowship at University of Pennsylvania about infectious diseases.

  • 1960s
Read More about Bob Dyer '63
John Loeb '63

Having relocated from New Orleans to Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania, we are happy being closer to our son and grandchildren.

  • 1960s
Read More about John Loeb '63
Gordy Allen '65

Gordy and Jan continued the tradition of annual bicycle tours overseas with their ’23 trip around the Cotswold region of England and allowed them to visit former foreign students who had boarded with them in bygone years.

  • 1960s
Read More about Gordy Allen '65
Bill Paternotte '63

I finally retired in January, after 30 years at Alex. Brown and 25 years at Brown Advisory. I’m extremely fortunate to have worked for two wonderful firms with great cultures.

  • 1960s
Read More about Bill Paternotte '63
Tom Chase '63

MOST FUN — spending a week on Star Island, a shoal of the NH coast at a natural history program; MOST CONSEQUENTIAL — working for a Democrat to represent me in the NH House.

  • 1960s
Read More about Tom Chase '63
Jake Slagle '63

Because of word limitations I learned of at the last minute, I would have included from Chuck Newhall’s preceding response...

  • 1960s
Read More about Jake Slagle '63
David Robinson '63

Highlight of Susan’s and my year was our just-completed cruise to New Zealand and Australia. I’m continuing my retirement hobby of building detailed wooden model ships.

  • 1960s
Read More about David Robinson '63
George Scarlett '63

Still working full-time at Tufts. The body aches, but the students are inspiring, as are two granddaughters under the age of 5 — lots of energy to absorb and take the mind off the aching body.

  • 1960s
Read More about George Scarlett '63
Teddy Mudge '63

Joan and I recently returned to Ligonier from Tampa, where we visited our son and his family. The oldest grandson, Edmund Tileston Mudge, Vi, is 7, and played his first 18 holes of golf with us. 

  • 1960s
Read More about Teddy Mudge '63
Bryson Cook '66

Bryson Cook reported the engagement of his younger daughter Rosie, to Mac Walsh, and he and wife Cindy could not be happier. The couple will reside close by, in Lake Worth Beach, Florida, much to the added delight of Bryson and Cindy.

  • 1960s
Read More about Bryson Cook '66
Lance Bendann '63

Enjoying many opportunities offered by the ingredients of a fortunate and well-lived life: generally good health and fitness; strong companionship, and support of many family, friends, and classmates; meaningful, productive volunteerism and pastimes; fun activities, and regional travel: LIFE IS GOOD.

  • 1960s
Read More about Lance Bendann '63
Robin Baker '63

I just celebrated my 20th year at MetaMetrics where I’m now a principal psychometrician and free of having to do management stuff. I’m still having a lot of fun working with people who could be my grandchildren.

  • 1960s
Read More about Robin Baker '63
Jimmy Rouse '63

I continue to divide my workday between Transit Choices, a nonprofit working to improve public transportation in Baltimore, and creating artwork in my studio.

  • 1960s
Read More about Jimmy Rouse '63
Ward Coe '63

Christie and I are having a great time with kids and four grandchildren in town (12 to 8, all lacrosse players) and continuing to travel. Last year, it was Rincon, PR, Ireland, London, and lots of trips to the theater in NYC.

  • 1960s
Read More about Ward Coe '63
Ed Supplee '63

Only three international trips this last year: twice to various islands in the Caribbean and to Scotland which was our favorite.

  • 1960s
Read More about Ed Supplee '63
Peter Rodman '63

News here in Davis, California, is good! Good health, enough sailing. Mary pretty much retired (she started a new small business with our third son last August after 15 months of retirement from medicine).

  • 1960s
Read More about Peter Rodman '63
John Claster '63

John Claster and Than'l Badder '94 caught up on campus in September at the Gilman-Boys’ Latin football game. John was back in Charm City to visit some friends... and play a little golf. He still lives in Naples, Florida but recently visited his nephew, John Rosenberg '94, in London after having spent the summer in Sun Valley, Idaho.

  • 1960s
Read More about John Claster '63
Joel Getz '82

I continue to serve as Deputy Dean at Yale’s business school but hope, at some point, to get back to New York City. In addition to my work at Yale, I serve on the Board of Directors of several public companies including Luckin Coffee,, and the Stephan Company. I also serve on the Board of the New England Innovation Academy, a new private school in the Boston area.

  • 1980s
Read More about Joel Getz '82
Amatsia Spigler '82

My older daughter got married and we have a grandson, so that is very exciting. My second daughter got her CPA so she is working for E&Y here, and my other kids are all in school.

  • 1980s
Read More about Amatsia Spigler '82
Crawford Parr '82

My wife is retiring from teaching this year. Melissa has taught special ed for 28 years. I am still working as a regional airline pilot in Alaska.

  • 1980s
Read More about Crawford Parr '82
Michael Jeffrey '82

I have quit writing my second novel in disgust or ennui several times, and occasionally pump out some music recordings and nutritional meals for the family.

  • 1980s
Read More about Michael Jeffrey '82
Tim Rumberger '82

Tim Rumberger continues in his role as a teacher and world language department chair for Mashpee Public Schools in Mashpee, Massachusetts.

  • 1980s
Read More about Tim Rumberger '82
Ian Miller '82

Ian Miller continues in his role as Chief Information Officer at the law firm of Weil, Gotshal & Manges LLP in New York.

  • 1980s
Read More about Ian Miller '82
Terry Booker '82

The highlight of the trip was attending the FA Cup Quarter Final match between Manchester United and Liverpool football clubs at Old Trafford in Manchester, England.

  • 1980s
Read More about Terry Booker '82
Mike Liebson '82

Mike Liebson continues in his role as Vice President of Marketing New at New Horizon Soft, LLC in Acton, Massachusetts, which develops software using machine learning and AI for demand planning, sales and operations planning, supply planning and inventory optimization.

  • 1980s
Read More about Mike Liebson '82
Gary Raab '82

Gary Raab continues in his role as Vice President of Innovation and Business Development for Flavor Materials International in Cincinnati, Ohio.

  • 1980s
Read More about Gary Raab '82
Andy Owens '82

I caught up with Andy Owens in the fall of 2023 on a trip to Chicago. He rode his bike to the restaurant to demonstrate that he is no longer “geezin’” and had fully recovered from knee replacement surgery.

  • 1980s
Read More about Andy Owens '82
Ross Taylor '82

Ross and his wife, Kathleen, live in Palo Alto, California, and have their hands full with teenage triplet boys, Lachlan, Matthew and Nathaniel.

  • 1980s
Read More about Ross Taylor '82
Charlie Price '82

Leta and I have been enjoying being grandparents. We have two grandsons, ages 2 ½ years and 10 months. Our second daughter is also expecting her first child, a girl, in a few months. She and her husband will be moving back to Hawaii before the baby is born. So, we’ll be blessed to have the whole crew together and nearby soon.

  • 1980s
Read More about Charlie Price '82
Stephan Miller '82

I have been working on ALS clinical trials for the last two years as a Director of Clinical Development at Ionis Pharmaceuticals. It has been interesting and meaningful work and it is nice to be back in neuroscience after many years.

  • 1980s
Read More about Stephan Miller '82
TR Levin '82

Dr. TR Levin continues in his role as a research scientist at the Division of Research and as the Clinical Lead for Colorectal Cancer Screening for The Permanente Medical Group (TPMG).

  • 1980s
Read More about TR Levin '82
Alberto Zapata '82

My daughter Emilia is finishing her sophomore year at William & Mary. My daughter Sophie is finishing up the ninth grade at Yorktown High School. I am still trying to be a competitive 3.0 tennis player and, on good days, can keep up with some twenty somethings!

  • 1980s
Read More about Alberto Zapata '82
Randy Wilgis '82

Randy Wilgis is now a partner at Earth Recovery Partners, which is working to address the world’s environmental challenges through nature-based solutions, environmental markets, and technology. Randy’s other partner is George Kelly ’79.

  • 1980s
Read More about Randy Wilgis '82
Wendell Phillips '82

Wendell Phillips is the Chief Government Relations Officer for Fayetteville State University serving as the principal representative to the North Carolina General Assembly and the United States Congress on issues of interest and concern to Fayetteville State University.

  • 1980s
Read More about Wendell Phillips '82
Scott Bowerman '82

Dr. Scott Bowerman continues in his role as an orthopedic surgeon with Rome Orthopaedic Center and Sports Medicine in Rome, Georgia. Scott focuses mainly on joint replacement of the hip and knee as well as general orthopedics.

  • 1980s
Read More about Scott Bowerman '82
Trent Stone '97

Living in Roswell, GA with my wife, Meredith, and two kids (Brock, 6 and Greer, 4). Working as a home health physical therapist

  • 1990s
Read More about Trent Stone '97
Cole Brown '18

Finishing up my first year of medical school at Mount Sinai in NYC. Staying involved with my Gilman classmates, like Will DeMuth, Piper Bod, Douglas Godine III, Teddy MacFarlane, and Mac Webster, by running in Central Park every Saturday for the One Love Foundation.

  • 2010s
Read More about Cole Brown '18
Peter Williams '82

Peter Williams continues in his role of Director of Business Development for Baker Roofing in Raleigh, North Carolina.

  • 1980s
Read More about Peter Williams '82
Jeb Saunders '82

Jeb continues his role as special deputy attorney general, North Carolina Department of Justice, Consumer Protection Division where he assists seniors who are victims of fraud and files civil actions against businesses and individuals engaged in unfair and deceptive trade practices.

  • 1980s
Read More about Jeb Saunders '82
John Sanders '82

John Sanders continues in his role as Manager of International Trade for The David J. Joseph Company, a world leader in the Ferrous International Raw Materials and Steelmaking Alternatives Markets.

  • 1980s
Read More about John Sanders '82
David Reahl '82

No real scoop to report. I have been in Chicago for 25 years and have been working for 23 years with Affinius Capital (f/k/a USAA Real Estate). I need to get back to Baltimore for a Bookmaker salad at Sabatino’s and a cold slaw container of beer at Cross Street Market!

  • 1980s
Read More about David Reahl '82
David Wright '82

I was just in Baltimore recently and thought about dropping by Gilman for reunion events but arrived too late. I would have liked to see Mitch and his tribute band. And, if I knew earlier about Alberto’s 60th party, I would have crashed the party to wish him a happy 60th!

Read More about David Wright '82
Bob Dobbin '63

One of the brightest spots for me this past year or so has been reading all the email traffic among our classmates. The process brought back happy memories of many shared experiences and the laughs that came with them.

  • 1960s
Read More about Bob Dobbin '63
Chris Cebra '82

Dr. Chris Cebra continues in his role as the department chair for clinical sciences; Glen Pfefferkorn and Morris Wendorf Endowed Professor in Camelid Medicine; Professor - Large Animal Medicine at Oregon State University. 

  • 1980s
Read More about Chris Cebra '82
Bill Legg '63

Still above ground and getting older. Among the seven grandkids, I have a W&L graduate working for Bank of America in New York, a junior enjoying himself at SMU, and a freshman playing lacrosse at W&L. Living vicariously. Still spending summers in Montana. Loving the Orioles resurgence and hoping the Ravens can move the needle past KC. Tired of Taylor Swift.

  • 1960s
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Thayer Simmons '70

'Tis the year for reunions. Many of us will celebrate our 50th college reunions. It was also the Calvert class of ’64 60th reunion, and myself, Howie Beatjer, Allen Moore, Carlton Sexton, Bucky Rulon-Miller, and Dick Richardson gathered to explore the hallowed halls.

  • 1970s
Read More about Thayer Simmons '70
Matt Wyskiel '87

On the first Friday of March Madness, classmates Clark Wight, David Clapp, and Matt Wyskiel met up at the Greene Turtle in Towson to catch some of the basketball action.

  • 1980s
Read More about Matt Wyskiel '87
Jim Cooke '82

Jim Cooke continues in his role as owner of Wasitacatisaw LLC, a company committed to building a better catamaran.

  • 1980s
Read More about Jim Cooke '82
Jason Choi '98

The class of 1998 mourns the loss of our friend, teammate, and all-around good guy, Jason Choi. A 12-year man, Jason was part of the fabric of our class from its earliest days. Kind-hearted and easy-going, sharp and witty, whether in Carey Hall or on the soccer/lax fields, Jason was a positive presence, authentically himself and fun to be around.

  • 1990s
Read More about Jason Choi '98
Vincent Hom '82

Vincent Hom is in Cambridge, Massachusetts, where he serves as an information technology specialist for the Center for Astrophysics Chandra X-Ray Center (CXC) which is operated for NASA by the Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory.

  • 1980s
Read More about Vincent Hom '82
Hollyday Compton '82

Hollyday continues in his role as Vice President of Sales, SecqureOne Inc., which provides cyber security solutions and compliance services while also delivering industry-defining insights and vision to organizations looking to augment and improve their overall cyber security, IT Risk, and governance in Norwell, Massachusetts.

  • 1980s
Read More about Hollyday Compton '82
Scott Weaver '82

Scott Weaver continues in his role as President and CEO of APR Supply Company in Lebanon, Pennsylvania. It is hard to believe that, at one time, Scott, Wells Obrecht, and I all worked at the old First National Bank of Maryland.

  • 1980s
Read More about Scott Weaver '82
JP Migeon '82

Jean-Paul “JP” Migeon lives in Greenfield, Massachusetts, where he is a principal and design/structural contractor at Pioneer Valley Design Group.

  • 1980s
Read More about JP Migeon '82
John Hillman '82

He is the Managing Director and Head of ICG Client Strategy and Analytics at Citigroup in New York. His group is responsible for the systems, metrics, and strategies used to manage ICG businesses by client.

  • 1980s
Read More about John Hillman '82
Jeremy Cranston '18

Checking in from Denver, CO! I have lived out here for about two years now since graduating undergrad, and I couldn’t be happier. I have a great job with Fidelity Investments and use my free time to take advantage of the breathtaking nature all around the state. I got the opportunity to go skiing in Alaska this winter as well. Go Hounds! 

  • 2010s
Read More about Jeremy Cranston '18
Will Demuth '22

After graduating from Franklin & Marshall in 2022, I have since moved to NYC to pursue a career in commercial real estate.

  • 2020s
Read More about Will Demuth '22
Mark Sherman '82

Mark Sherman continues in his role as managing partner at Telstra Ventures, which provides venture capital investment in lighthouse technology companies that are commencing scale.

  • 1980s
Read More about Mark Sherman '82
Brian Doud '82

As for your class secretary, my wife, Leigh, and I have now been in Mountain Brook, a suburb of Birmingham, Alabama, since 2010. I continue in my role as CMO of Thompson Tractor.

  • 1980s
Read More about Brian Doud '82
Ned Brody '82

Ned Brody is CEO of Actifai, a company, focused on the improvement of business operations decisions from marketing-related decisions such as what product to offer a prospective customer or what key selling points will close a customer to operational decisions such as whether to roll a customer-service truck. Ned and his wife, Toni, live in Washington, DC.

  • 1980s
Read More about Ned Brody '82
Herb May '82

Herb May is a partner with Braemont Capital, in Palm Beach, Florida, responsible for developing and maintaining Braemont’s EFO Network through idea generation and co-investment opportunities as well as sourcing new investment opportunities.

  • 1980s
Read More about Herb May '82
George Doub '82

I am in Los Angeles, on my way back to Baltimore from a lawyers’ conference in Tokyo, Japan, where I spent a week with Rudiger Breitenecker ’83.

  • 1980s
Read More about George Doub '82
Lorne Smith '95

My band The Wayhighs released a new single “She’s A Lion” off the forthcoming full length album “Closer to the Sky.” Available on all major streaming services! For more Wayhighs follow on IG @thewayhighs

  • 1990s
Read More about Lorne Smith '95
Craig Rocklin '82

Craig Rocklin is Director of Development for NPower, which provides resources needed to offer tuition-free IT training, certification and job placement for young people from under-resourced communities and veterans and their spouses in Baltimore and across the state of Maryland.

  • 1980s
Read More about Craig Rocklin '82
Jay Brennan '82

Jay Brennan writes, “I had shoulder surgery in January 2024. Other than that, I do not have any news and have not seen a classmate in 2024.” Jay and his wife, Susan, live in Salem, South Carolina.

  • 1980s
Read More about Jay Brennan '82
Scott Bortz '82

My daughter, Addison, got married in the summer of 2023 in Nantucket. Mitch Ford and his wife, Sue, were in attendance. My son, Cooper, got engaged in April 2024 to a beautiful girl from Rochester, New York. Our company, Tribek Properties, continues to chug along celebrating 30 years in business.

  • 1980s
Read More about Scott Bortz '82
Rob Yarlott '82

Rob Yarlott is Vice President of Operations at Lineage Logistics, which specializes in temperature-controlled supply chain and logistics.

  • 1980s
Read More about Rob Yarlott '82
Doug Riley '82

Doug Riley continues in his role as a senior software architect/developer for Aalis Management Consulting.

  • 1980s
Read More about Doug Riley '82
Leigh Panlilio '82

Dr. Leigh Panlilio continues in his role as a research fellow at the National Institute on Drug Abuse where he is a staff fellow in the Real-World Assessment, Prediction, and Treatment Unit.

  • 1980s
Read More about Leigh Panlilio '82
Nick Kouwenhoven '82

On the professional front, I have been at the University of Maryland Baltimore for the past five years where I built the UMB Academy of Lifelong Learning.

  • 1980s
Read More about Nick Kouwenhoven '82
John Harrison '82

Dr. John Harrison continues practicing medicine as an internist affiliated with the University of Maryland Rehabilitation & Orthopaedic Institute.

  • 1980s
Read More about John Harrison '82
John Danko '82

John Danko continues with the family business as President and CEO of Danko Arlington, which specializes in military and commercial aluminum and bronze sand castings, 3-D sand, and 3-D plastic printing of rapid prototypes and production parts.

  • 1980s
Read More about John Danko '82
Nick Brader '82

Nick Brader continues to run NJB Engineering, concentrating in land planning and site feasibility analysis development with extensive experience in site feasibility studies, zoning, grading studies, stormwater management, and erosion and sediment control plans.

  • 1980s
Read More about Nick Brader '82
Frank Bonsal '82

Frank Bonsal continues in his role as Managing Partner at Bonsal Capital, which invests in pre-seed, seed, and early stage focused companies that target the future of learning and work. Frank’s son, Frank IV, will graduate from The Tech class of 2025.

  • 1980s
Read More about Frank Bonsal '82
Jay Goldstein '82

Jay Goldstein Ph.D. continues in his role as a Senior Lecturer and Director, LiFESports at the University of Maryland where he lectures on the growth, learning, understanding, and application of Psychological Skills Training for Sport and Exercise and the Stress Management for Life, the biopsychosocial aspects of children in sports and the management of youth fitness, sports and educational programs.

  • 1980s
Read More about Jay Goldstein '82
Les Goldsborough '82

After directing planned giving at Loyola University of Maryland, I am excited to begin a new venture leading planned giving and major giving at Catholic Charities of Baltimore.

  • 1980s
Read More about Les Goldsborough '82
Billy Marshall '82

Over the years, I have owned liquor stores and worked at the Live Casino as a table games supervisor. My favorite thing to do these days is playing soccer in a league.

  • 1980s
Read More about Billy Marshall '82
Shawn Larson '82

Shawn Larson continues his law practice in Baltimore specializing in criminal defense, DUI, violent crime, and white-collar crime.

  • 1980s
Read More about Shawn Larson '82
Peter Wilson '82

Peter Wilson is a principal at The Ateri Group, a design studio offering award-winning architecture, planning and interiors services in Baltimore.

  • 1980s
Read More about Peter Wilson '82
Edwin Villamater '82

I am sad to report that Eddie’s beautiful wife, Allyson, passed away in July of 2023 with many classmates attending the funeral in support. May her memory be for blessing.

  • 1980s
Read More about Edwin Villamater '82
Pat O'Brien '82

Pat O’Brien continues his role as owner of Patrick Reid O’Brien studio. However, he has relocated his art studio from Lutherville to Mt. Pleasant, South Carolina.

  • 1980s
Read More about Pat O'Brien '82
Simon Najar '82

Simon Najar continues in his role as a purchasing manager at DTLR in Baltimore where he manages the procurement and contract negotiation for goods and services for 85 door national retail operations.

  • 1980s
Read More about Simon Najar '82
John Morrel '82

John Morrel continues in his role as Principal at Marshall Craft Associates, where his work has focused on master planning and the design of educational facilities and includes projects for a wide range of public and private higher education institutions and K-12 schools.

  • 1980s
Read More about John Morrel '82
Tim Krongard '82

Tim Krongard and I had lunch in April of 2024 in Birmingham, Alabama. Tim’s son Alex lives nearby in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, and Tim was on a trip to visit his son and eat fried catfish!

  • 1980s
Read More about Tim Krongard '82
David Knipp '82

David Knipp continues in his role as vice president at Obrecht Commercial Real Estate working every day with Wells Obrecht.

  • 1980s
Read More about David Knipp '82
Tom Hoen '82

I have recently left my full-time position as a VP of Software Engineering to attempt to get a startup off the ground that I have been dabbling with for the past 10-plus years.

  • 1980s
Read More about Tom Hoen '82
Aaron Bryant '82

Aaron Bryant continues in his role as curator of photography, visual anthropology, and contemporary history at the National Museum of African American History and Culture, Smithsonian Institution.

  • 1980s
Read More about Aaron Bryant '82
Scott Susan '97

I am the Physician Executive Director, Office of the Chief Medical Officer for Yale New Haven Hospital. In my free time I can be found cooking in our wood fired oven — pizza, veggies, roasts, and the best ever 20-pound Thanksgiving turkey. Stop by if you are in CT!

  • 1990s
Read More about Scott Susan '97
Bucky McAdoo '62

Bucky McAdoo has kept painting since Mr. Garver’s art classes with Bob Little. Bucky’s son Alex, a serious painter in Los Angeles with a show this summer in Singapore, prods his father forward. Bucky does illustrations and is planning a mushroom project but is waiting for the DNA sequencing results, which may not be for another year.

  • 1960s
Read More about Bucky McAdoo '62
Chuck Baker '97

Living and working on Capitol Hill, still running the short line railroad association. Sarah is still not a spy, Nora finished second in the citywide spelling bee last year and plans to win this year, and Lila is working towards a future acting/singing/dancing/drawing/painting career.

  • 1990s
Read More about Chuck Baker '97
Keith Baker '97

Busy spring coaching Clyde and Mitch’s Severna Park lacrosse teams. Still building hotels throughout the U.S. and Caribbean! Have enjoyed watching my beautiful wife, Meredith, launch a hugely successful medical spa in Severna Park. Excited for summer boat rides, beach trips and un-lax for a few months.

  • 1990s
Read More about Keith Baker '97
Morgan Salmon '97

I’m living in Philly with my wife and three kids (14,9,7) and working as a Chief Product Officer for a startup called Perpay, that is working to provide affordable access to credit for the underserved. Life is moving by quickly and I don’t get down to Bmore often enough to see my old classmates. My kids go to a school that reminds me of Gilman so I have almost a daily reminder of my amazing 12 years there.

  • 1990s
Read More about Morgan Salmon '97
David Abrahamson '64

If the gods smile on them, by the time you read this David Abrahamson and his wife Barbara Buzan will have migrated to a village less than an hour north of Lisbon. After 30 years, Chicago winters were just too much. Warmest regards to all.

  • 1960s
Read More about David Abrahamson '64
Brooks Marshall '97

Our son Otis started middle school this year and began playing school sports for the first time, which brought back fun memories of my time at Gilman. We officially launched Jolly Girl in addition to Jolly Boy and have been adding new hats and apparel to that line. Thanks to supporters like the Gilman community, we sent three underprivileged kids to camp last summer.

  • 1990s
Read More about Brooks Marshall '97
Rick Uhlig '59

Rick Uhlig and Midge had many travel adventures last summer including the Albuquerque Balloon Festival, Sante Fe and Taos.

  • 1950s
Read More about Rick Uhlig '59
Will Lanahan '97

Will Lanahan feels great being back in Baltimore the last two-plus years, I see lots of fellow classmates, and obviously being the secretary, my job has gotten a lot easier with the technology advances.

  • 1990s
Read More about Will Lanahan '97
David Woods '54

Although my daily four- to five-mile run ended four years ago after 53 years, and my three- or four-day-a-week walk is a little unsteady, my mind is clear. I’ve been a supporter of a bipartisan group called No Labels, which, 14 years ago, started an effort to build support for new candidates for Congress and incumbents running for reelection who are committed to bipartisan governing. 

  • 1950s
Read More about David Woods '54
Carlton Seitz '54

Carlton Seitz reports from Towson that, “As for my life right now, I stay busy with my garden and yard in the summer and bookbinding in the winter. Recently there was an auction of 250 of my books, many of which are antiquarian, at Qwinn’s Auction in Fairfax, Virginia...”

  • 1950s
Read More about Carlton Seitz '54
Frank Loweree '54

Frank (Hal) Loweree reports with pride that, “My present wife and I continue to attend daily 12-step meetings in our neighborhood here in Pacific Palisades and on Zoom around the world. I work with people in Australia, Africa, the United Kingdom, and Canada, as well as many here in the United States. We utilize WhatsApp, which provides free phone calls, texts, and video clips (voice tapes) to stay connected.”

  • 1950s
Read More about Frank Loweree '54
Larry Wagner '54

About seven to eight months ago, I noticed an article (very small) in the Key West newspaper. The article was from the newspaper’s history section and it had to do with Key West in the mid 1890s.

  • 1950s
Read More about Larry Wagner '54
Dave Andrew '54

Dave Andrew reports by phone from Hawaii that he, Bonnie, and their two children and three grandchildren (I lost my notes, but think that’s right) are all well, active, and headed to Tahiti in the fall. 

  • 1950s
Read More about Dave Andrew '54
Ted Gans '59

Ted Gans and Valerie continue their travel adventures with planned trips to Taos, New Mexico, and Canadian Prince Edward Island. Then off to spend time at a New Hampshire cottage on a lake this summer.

  • 1950s
Read More about Ted Gans '59
John Walker '67

News of John Walker’s death from head injuries he suffered after falling at his home in Switzerland came via his extensive obituary in the New York Times. Two full columns of print with an accompanying photo comprises the kind of tribute the paper extends to the difference-makers.

  • 1960s
Read More about John Walker '67
Mac Barrett '67

Mac Barrett is among the handful of “13-year guys” in our class who received a complete Gilman education, from kindergarten through their senior year. Turns out that was just for starters. “I’ve come to regard myself as a 70-year man,” he said, and still counting.

  • 1960s
Read More about Mac Barrett '67
John Ramsey '59

John Ramsey and Marsha spend a lot time with grandkids, two in Baltimore and two in New Hampshire. They spend two winter months in Long Boat Key, Florida. John concentrates on maintaining fitness and balance with a physical therapist plus swimming.

  • 1950s
Read More about John Ramsey '59
Tom Andrew '59

Tom Andrew recently moved into an assisted living facility near Seattle and grandchildren and, in the process, gave up his car and a great deal of mobility. He says he is actually quite pleased with life in the slow lane. His enthusiasm still comes through!

  • 1950s
Read More about Tom Andrew '59
Tom Haines '59

Tom Haines and Vivienne are taking a long European trip, first to Munich followed by a river cruise to Budapest, then to London to visit daughter Elizabeth nearby and attend Tom’s grandson’s high school graduation.

  • 1950s
Read More about Tom Haines '59
Gary Carr '54

Gary Carr reports from Lewes, Delaware, that he keeps busy on a couple of town committees where he has served for many years.

  • 1950s
Read More about Gary Carr '54
Remak Ransay '54

Caught up with Remak Ramsay, who, despite some apparent and unexplained ill health, was fighting with the owners of the apartment on the West Side of Manhattan he’s lived in for 55 years. 

  • 1950s
Read More about Remak Ransay '54
Clark MacKenzie '59

Clark MacKenzie continues his energetic lifestyle as he and Andie split time between homes in Brightwood, Jackson Hole, and winter time in Delray Beach, Florida. They spend lots of time with all the grandkids. Clark says his golf skills have slipped, but he can still shoot his age!

  • 1950s
Read More about Clark MacKenzie '59
Frank Pine '59

Frank Pine and Lorraine are living in Cross Keys here in Baltimore. Frank enjoys his participation in the Hamilton Street Club where he has just assumed the presidency. Frank and Lorraine enjoy spending a summer month at a family cottage in Long Lake, New York, in the Adirondacks.

  • 1950s
Read More about Frank Pine '59
George Hardy '59

George Hardy and Jane are enjoying life at Heron Point Retirement Community in Chestertown, Maryland. It has been three years, and they are still loving the experience.

  • 1950s
Read More about George Hardy '59
John Edelen '59

John Edelen deserves recognition for his dedication to our class lunches as he drives from his Virginia home three-plus hours to attend and returns home the same day. He reports that he is recovering from broken ribs in January due to a lawn mower accident.

  • 1950s
Read More about John Edelen '59
Hobie Fowlkes '59

Hobie Fowlkes and Jenny Lee still have their home in Ruxton and their place on the Eastern Shore. Six grandkids (mostly at Gilman and Bryn Mawr) keep them busy.

  • 1950s
Read More about Hobie Fowlkes '59
Chip Markell '59

Chip Markell and Bonnie have eight combined grandkids and see a lot of them. Bonnie and her business partner Lisa are enjoying running and managing River House Inn, a historic Victorian home converted into a bed and breakfast in Snow Hill, Maryland. Some classmates have visited, and more are encouraged to experience the wonders.

  • 1950s
Read More about Chip Markell '59
Lew Seiler '60

I am a guest service representative at Churchill Downs for the Derby. I have done this for 22 years on a seasonal basis, and have hopes of another part time volunteer job at Kentucky Refugee Ministries, where I would be involved with emigres.

  • 1960s
Read More about Lew Seiler '60
Jim Winn '60

I am spending time trying to keep up with the adventures of five grandchildren as they proceed through the formal educational system. Tennis matches, lacrosse games, stage productions, volleyball contests, prom, class project presentations, musical events, graduations, etc. This grandfather business is wearing me out. I thought I was retired. Elizabeth and I did get away from that five-ring circus for several quiet weeks of bird watching and snorkeling in Belize.

  • 1960s
Read More about Jim Winn '60
Van Wolf '62

Ann and Van Wolf celebrated their 40th wedding anniversary in May and headed north to Flagstaff to avoid the worst of Phoenix heat.

  • 1960s
Read More about Van Wolf '62
Jon Watts '85

Jon Watts has published “Engaged Buddhism in Japan,” which comes in two volumes. “This revelatory book sheds a whole new light on Buddhism in Japan, a Buddhism that is socially engaged, brave, and totally surprising,” a reviewer wrote.

  • 1980s
Read More about Jon Watts '85
Alex Kaufman '85

Alex Kaufman’s oldest is headed to Lafayette in the fall. On a recent trip to Spain, Alex learned that the new Katz’s Delicatessen in Barcelona had no pastrami or corned beef. “What is this world coming to?” he asked.

  • 1980s
Read More about Alex Kaufman '85
John Brush '85

The sons of Bernie Rhee and John Brush anchored Gilman’s JV tennis team. Bernie keeps busy serving on the boards of both Gilman and GBMC HealthCare, in addition to his regular job as an attorney.

  • 1980s
Read More about John Brush '85
Keefe Clemons '85

Keefe Clemons has joined the Boston office of the law firm of Verrill Dana, LLP, where he is a partner in the energy, telecommunications, and natural resources group.

  • 1980s
Read More about Keefe Clemons '85
George Hess '55

George Hess has fully recovered from back surgery and will participate in the annual Kinetic Sculpture Race at the inner harbor and other locations downtown.

  • 1950s
Read More about George Hess '55
Phil Briscoe '56

Phil Briscoe enjoys retirement from his medical practice, and spends much of his time at home in Cockeysville reading, gardening, bicycling with a group, woodworking, and his “commitment to lifelong learning.”

  • 1950s
Read More about Phil Briscoe '56
Mike Fisher '56

Mike Fisher remains active traveling between his home in Black Butte Ranch, Oregon, and his winter home in Arizona. He has enjoyed a recent fishing trip to Canada, and a two-week cruise to Iceland, Greenland and Eastern Canada. His 14 grandchildren range in age from 10 to 34, and he has five great grandchildren. He says, “Cheers to my Gilman mates!”

  • 1950s
Read More about Mike Fisher '56
Guy Dove '56

Guy Dove continues to spend each winter in Vero Beach, Florida, while living in Middleburg, Virginia.

  • 1950s
Read More about Guy Dove '56
Dennis Rawlins '61

Dennis Rawlins is well and tells me that he has ended the polar controversy by proving that it was Roland Admondson who discovered the North Pole.

  • 1960s
Read More about Dennis Rawlins '61
Leland James '56

Leland James writes from Irvington, Virginia, that he recently added his first grandson to his family, after three granddaughters. His mobility is very limited these days, he says, requiring the use of braces, a walker full time, PT, etc., but his spirits are great, and he is “absolutely ready for a party, good food, and laughs!”

  • 1950s
Read More about Leland James '56
Bernie Rhee '85

The sons of Bernie Rhee and John Brush anchored Gilman’s JV tennis team. Bernie keeps busy serving on the boards of both Gilman and GBMC HealthCare, in addition to his regular job as an attorney.

  • 1980s
Read More about Bernie Rhee '85
Julien Meyer '85

Julien Meyer traveled to New Hampshire for a conference on Jewish Allyship Against Antisemitism in independent schools, which was conducted in collaboration with Dartmouth’s Hillel. Over the summer, he will be touring Greece.

  • 1980s
Read More about Julien Meyer '85
Sandy Watkins '56

Sandy Watkins reports from Annapolis that after retiring from his oncology practice in 2000, he has enjoyed farming, fishing, retriever training, and staying busy. His son is a physician in Alaska, and a grandson is in medical school — quite a legacy!

  • 1950s
Read More about Sandy Watkins '56
Joe Awni '05

I bought a farm in upper Frederick County, Maryland near the Maryland line in 2020. The farm is located half a mile from the Appalachian Trail at Raven Rock; 1700 ft elevation. And, this spring and summer seasons I will be re-building my barn which dates from the 1860s.

  • 2000s
Read More about Joe Awni '05
Nick Schloeder '85

Nick Schloeder brought his decades of experience coaching football at Johns Hopkins University to the Gilman squad last fall. Under his leadership, the offensive line, including your secretary’s son, reached new heights.

  • 1980s
Read More about Nick Schloeder '85
Walker Jones '85

Walker Jones and Mitch Rock have battled on the tennis courts of Boston for years. They recently switched to a grass court, launching the first annual “Gilmandon” tournament. During football season, Walker, Mitch, and Richard Ginsburg gathered at Gordon Cromwell’s house for Ravens playoff games. Walker and his wife recently visited their older child who was in Stockholm for a semester abroad.

  • 1980s
Read More about Walker Jones '85
Steve Howard '85

Steve Howard has joined the Maryland State Seafood Marketing Commission. “We are encouraging folks to eat as much wild caught Blue Catfish as possible and keep that invasive species in check in the Bay,” he writes. Steve is also secretary of the board of The Peale, the first museum that was purposefully built in the United States. “Good things are on the way!” he promised.

  • 1980s
Read More about Steve Howard '85
Tom Washburn '85

Tom Washburn’s son at Marquette completed his D1 lacrosse career in the spring. “It was a great experience with an awesome group of young men,” Tom writes.

  • 1980s
Read More about Tom Washburn '85
Robert Landon '85

Robert Landon hand-plowed a field by his home in the Sierra Nevada mountains near Granada, Spain. “It nearly killed me,” he writes. In addition to growing his own food, Bobby’s learning Spanish and writing occasional travel articles. He feeds a Siberian Forest cat that emerged from a bay tree in the garden and has stayed. “Half my neighbors are shepherds.”

  • 1980s
Read More about Robert Landon '85
Fritz Baukhages '56

Fritz Baukhages lives in Luray, Virginia, where one of his sons also lives, and spends half of each year in Southern Pines, North Carolina.

  • 1950s
Read More about Fritz Baukhages '56
Raymond Harris '85

Father Raymond Harris was among 18 members of the Archdiocese of Baltimore to receive a papal honor, the Cross Pro Ecclesia et Pontifice (“For Church and Pope”). For 29 years, Father Raymond has served in parochial, university chaplaincy, seminary formation, and canon law ministries. He has also assisted the National Black Catholic Congress Office. Humbled by the recognition, Father Raymond said, “There is no danger for me to become haughty.”

  • 1980s
Read More about Raymond Harris '85
Ted McKeldin '55

Courtney and I are well. She had left shoulder surgery replacement and is back playing tennis. Our children and grandchildren are also doing well. Hope all of you are well. GO GILMAN!

  • 1950s
Read More about Ted McKeldin '55
Ted Bedford '60

My news is that there is no news from Vero Beach, Florida. Snowbirds are returning up north, and life returning to a slower pace. We do have three additional seasonal Gilmanites living in our Club: John Spilman, Bob Stewart, and Henry Thomas.

  • 1960s
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Mac Plant '55

Mac Plant and Wickie are happy at Blakehurst and make really good contributions to their literary publication.

  • 1950s
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Bev Compton '55

Bev Compton is still recovering from his broken pelvis from two years ago and a subsequent hip replacement. He is feeling great nonetheless. His three sons are all doing well and one is a chip designer with a national company.

  • 1950s
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Charlie Cole '55

Bartie and Charlie Cole are very happy in their Florida domicile at the Hillsboro Club and still enjoy croquet. They are also now great-grandparents.

  • 1950s
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Jim Constable '60

2023 was a year of travel for the Constables. Mexico City, Bermuda, England, Paris, Normandy, Nantucket, and graduations up and down the east coast. I recommend Mexico City for its history, museums, archeological sites and food.

  • 1960s
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Charlie Webb '56

Charlie Webb enjoys life in a retirement community in Charleston, South Carolina, where he has become engaged to a “lovely widow,” with whom he travels frequently, including a round-the-world cruise. Their moniker is “The Ancient Mariners,” and their motto is “Adventure Before Dementia!” Charlie keeps up with Bentley Offutt and Graham Slaughter.

  • 1950s
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Rob Maslin '62

Rob Maslin, as reported by Rick Hynson, is retired from banking and devoted to two daughters and six grandchildren. He is a serious bike rider and once traveled across the U.S.

  • 1960s
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Larry Mills '62

Larry Mills, thanks again for information from Rick Hynson, continues as a practicing gastroenterologist at MedStar Health. He and Stephanie rent a house for short winter breaks in Florida.

  • 1960s
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John Katzenellenbogen '62

Retired from his 52-year long career as a professor of chemistry at the University of Illinois at Urbana- Champaign. Four grandchildren now in college at different universities pursuing different interests. One daughter with Google in Palo Alto, and the other is Division Head of Adolescent Medicine at Indiana University Medical Center. John’s wife, Benita, whom he met in graduate school at Harvard, is a professor of biomedical sciences;

  • 1960s
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Duke Lohr '62

Billie Grieb and Duke Lohr spend the cold half of the year in Fort Lauderdale and the warm half in Rehoboth Beach. Duke retired from his law practice a decade ago, but kept a few responsibilities, which he is gradually shedding.

  • 1960s
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Taylor Brown '61

Here is Taylor last June at his granddaughter’s graduation from Towson with his son, Randy’s, family. Right now, he is currently recuperating from some surgery. 

  • 1960s
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Fred Whalen '65

I am still enjoying retirement here in Pittsburgh keeping busy with music books and watching the Pirates. And of course for the next six months politics will be an intensive spectator sport. We visit our children who live around the country and enjoy seeing our grandchildren. 

  • 1960s
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Leith Herrmann '64

Leith Hermann is still a ski coach with the Special Olympics and plays golf one to two days a week and tennis fairly regularly.

  • 1960s
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Bill Barton '64

Jane and I will be celebrating our 58th wedding anniversary in May, and we are both happily ‘alive and kicking.’ I still operate my own general contracting company, WCBA, Inc, in the Baltimore area, and it is going well.

  • 1960s
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Ken Van Durand '62

Hurricane season was benign, and more threatening trees were removed earlier this year to prepare for this year. In this season’s bracket pool, I was third from the bottom as not one of my upsets came through.

  • 1960s
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Rick Hynson '62

Jan and Rick Hynson built their waterfront house in Easton (“Talbot County has more miles of water frontage than any place in the US due to the various tributaries of the Chesapeake Bay”) in 1999 and moved from Murray Hill in Baltimore County the next year.

  • 1960s
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Gordy Hammann '62

Jane and Gordy Hammann are enjoying retirement, with six months in South Fort Myers (playing tennis every day) and the summers in Maryland seeing children, grandchildren, and friends. “Life is good. Fortunately, we have our health and continue to be active. Hope all is well with everyone. I wish good health for all.”

  • 1960s
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Hershey Sollod '64

Hershey Sollod is enjoying life post-retirement with his loved ones: Barbara, his three daughters, her two daughters and a combined 10 grandkids. He also notes that he is “fortunate to have good health” and “hoping to see in my life less chaos and senselessness in the world,” as I presume are we all.

  • 1960s
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Don Proctor '62

Our time is spent with golf (me), the church (Judith) and maintaining the 100-year-old home where we all assembled for our 50th. We have an unused elevator so we plan to be here for the duration.

  • 1960s
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John Hart '62

Little has changed since last year except we’ve passed to the other side of 80. Personally, life is better and brighter thanks to modern medicine. Specifically, cataract surgery with toric lenses has yielded 20/25 vision, and I’m without glasses for the first time since age 11 and see the previously unseen. Ear surgery yielded hearing better than the norm. 

  • 1960s
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Charlie Emmons '62

Margie and Charlie Emmons continue splitting their time between Maine and New Hampshire for a stock of children and grandchildren. Daughter Beth Lowenstein, husband Ben, and daughters Ellie (Bates graduate in May 2023) and Annie (senior at Bates) and son Sam (now at Colby after athletic career at Yarmouth HS) are based a mile from the Emmons in Yarmouth.

  • 1960s
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Charlie Davidson '62

Georganne and Charlie Davidson moved to the Masonic Homes retirement community (Charlie is not a mason; the community is open to all) in Louisville last year. “The 81-acre campus is phenomenally beautiful, having been designed by Frederick Law Olmstead [who designed New York’s Central Park], with all of the amenities of retirement living. The most important part of being here is seeing my daughter, her husband and our 21-month old grandson who is an utter delight. Louisville has much to offer. I continue writing as time permits.”

  • 1960s
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Renny Daly '62

Jain and Renny Daly, retired from his maritime law practice in Baltimore, use their Loveland, Colorado, home as “base camp” from which to travel to see family and friends (including a winter visit to Scottsdale, Arizona, sandwiching a delightful dinner with Ann and Van Wolf) and likewise to welcome family and friends. Cross-country trips to Squam Lake in New Hampshire are part of their active lifestyle.

  • 1960s
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Winston Brundige '62

Ann and Winston Brundige, based in Ogden, Utah, earlier this spring journeyed by car (ironic since he traveled extensively by plane when he was working) for golf in Arizona. Their daughter, who lives in Irvine, California, and travels exclusively (NY, Chicago, and San Antonio for the eclipse) ,has discovered the relaxing way to travel by Amtrak.

  • 1960s
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Andy Barnes '62

Sara and Andy Barnes are well and enjoying a life of travel, work with nonprofit organizations (including Buck Institute for Research on Aging), and spending more time with friends and family. Based in San Francisco, winters in Hawaii, eventually to move back to Mill Valley (home for 40 years); three children and three grandchildren have all found good life foundations; retired in 2022 from an active consulting career which took Andy all over the country working on complex litigation and transactional matters involving investment-grade real estate projects. His reflection: “energized to continue life’s journey — so much more to experience and learn!"

  • 1960s
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Gally Warfield '64

Things are peaceful at our high-desert hideaway in the San Diego mountains. The seasons cycle with familiar regularity, and we remain busy tending to our home, gardens, and pets.

  • 1960s
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Bill Stafford '64

I remain grateful for the structure and infrastructure which I internalized at Gilman. As important as Gilman was, classmates and friends were more so.

  • 1960s
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Mike Austin '76

Mike “The Rock” Austin wrote that he retired last year, as “I was laid off from a workforce development career coach position at Johns Hopkins [as a result of a] new department manager and consolidation. While looking for a job, I turned 65. With no good offers, I decided to retire.”

  • 1970s
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Mark Caplan '76

Mark Caplan is “trying to exit stage left somewhat gracefully and leave intact real estate investment, development and management here in the mid-Atlantic,” which while made easier by “a really strong group of energetic and smart younger partners,” including his daughter Eliza, is “taking a bit longer than expected.”

  • 1970s
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Tom Revell '64

Tom Revell and his wife, Kay, moved to Kuna, Idaho, a small community southwest of Boise, about 15 months ago where they are close to their younger son, his wife, and “precious (and precocious)” 7-year-old granddaughter.

  • 1960s
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Peter Wilkes '61

I continue to do my Standardized Patient work at Johns Hopkins and University of Maryland Medical Schools. It’s quite rewarding and the students/faculty are very appreciative. Also continue to audition for the various theaters around town. Finally, Dickey and I have bitten the bullet and will be moving to a CCRC in the early part of June.

  • 1960s
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T Tall '61

Other than a speedy recovery from hip surgery in January, not much is going on. It was a long, dry winter in VT, this after one of the wettest years on record.

  • 1960s
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John Stockbridge '61

When home, we were doing most of the usual activities ….me as Town Historian, Anita in local gardening clubs and both of us on maintaining and growing a Nature Conservancy. Not much travel, some golf, local activities. As always good memories and gratitude for Gilman.

  • 1960s
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John Snead '61

John reports that nothing is really new. He and Mary have moved to Roland Park place over a year ago and have settled in there.

  • 1960s
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Tom Salisbury '61

My brother, Charles Harrison Salisbury, Jr., died in Baltimore on October 30, 2023, at age 83, due to Progressive Supranuclear Palsy (PSP), a rare, more aggressive form of Parkinson’s Disease, demonstrating a stoic, quiet strength as he addressed his declining physical capacities.

  • 1960s
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John Redwood III '64

Yours truly, John Redwood, continues to consult for the World Bank, most recently on Liberia and Uganda and social and environmental aspects of development policy loans.

  • 1960s
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Bob Pine '64

Pascale and I continued our traveling ways with three weeks last summer in northern Spain and Portugal. Santiago de Compostela was a highlight.

  • 1960s
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Rick Ober '61

Carol and I had a wonderful 50th anniversary celebration with family, friends in August. Still living outside Princeton as a volunteer legal analyst for the Princeton Gerrymandering Project and Electoral Innovation Lab, where I’ve co-authored four law review articles.

  • 1960s
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Doug Ober '64

Doug Ober writes that in August of last year, his daughter presented him with his third granddaughter and fourth grandchild overall. She and her brother are not far away outside Salt Lake City. Last September he moved for the seventh time in the 11 years he has lived part-time and full-time in Jackson Hole.

  • 1960s
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McKee Lundberg '64

Our former business activities (Lissa’s, most fondly, in radio advertising and mine in electronics manufacturing) are 10 years behind us. Our son, Sam, and his wife, and their child, Peter, live in Santa Fe. So, of course, visits to see the grandkid are what break up the usual retirement routine.

  • 1960s
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Bob Locke '64

Bob Locke communicates that, after almost 40 years at the same address, he and Sherry moved into Roland Park Place two years ago.

  • 1960s
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Fred Kelly '64

Fred Kelly is still running the Severn Riverkeeper Program and is happy to report that its $20 million restoration of the headwaters has begun. His wife, Nancy, has worked with him for the past 20 years to make this project possible and has started her own environmental consultant business called Coastal Resources.

  • 1960s
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Doug Green '64

Doug Green indicates that “Life on Kiawah Island in the South Carolina low country is magical — I wish we had moved here years ago. Our kids are prospering, my three California granddaughters are about to become Arizonans, my Florida granddaughter is now a 1-year-old, and Laurie and I have a new Berne doodle puppy, Elke.” 

  • 1960s
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Hamilton Easter '64

It has been a quiet summer here in Park City. Nothing new to report about the family. I’m still volunteering at the local free medical clinic. My best to everyone

  • 1960s
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Jim Campbell '64

Jim Campbell does not have much to report — which he suspects is generally good news at our age. One positive development: daughter Hayley has moved from NYC to Annapolis, a big upgrade in life for her and for her parents. 

  • 1960s
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Bill Anderson '64

Bill Anderson notes that his wife, Patti, unfortunately, is still suffering from ear problems and that she is still unable to fly, which “kills some travel plans.” However, he hopes to take a trip out west later in the spring by car. He also notes that “nothing else going on — still on my diet — now down about 55 pounds. I feel great — same pants size I wore at Gilman.”

  • 1960s
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Bill Hardy '61

Lin and I are settled into life at Broadmead, a CCRC in Cockeysville. I am the treasurer of the resident’s association and also am the webmaster of the association’s website. Last May we toured Croatia, and in June, Lin and our 13-year-old granddaughter went to Paris together. Our grandson finished his COVID-interrupted college career in December. Life is good as is our health.

  • 1960s
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Jim Garrett '61

To change our pace and place, we are drawn to the Appalachian Mountains and lakes in Northeastern Pennsylvania and in New Hampshire. A recent birding trip to South Texas increased our wonder at our natural world and gave us the gift of new friends.

  • 1960s
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Scott Faulkner '61

All is well with my family. I am undergoing treatment for a cancer of the skin adjacent to and involving my right ear. I am also a Novice for the Third Order Society of Saint Francis.

  • 1960s
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Jack Emory '62

We are ducking mud season in Maine for the 10th year at Vero Beach. Both grandsons are now at BC High School in Boston. The Jesuit education is impressive. Still playing mostly passable tennis. On the boards of a couple of private foundations giving away other people’s money.

  • 1960s
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Charlie Moore '76

Charlie Moore and his wife, Laura, “are in the process of becoming Florida residents, having accepted a contract this past weekend on our home in Greenspring Valley. We’ll be purchasing a smaller home or condo in Harbour Ridge on the St. Lucie River, about 40 minutes north of Palm Beach.”

  • 1970s
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Phil Scott '76

The Scott clan keeps growing as Lindsay and I became grandparents in 2023. Our daughter Charlotte and husband Chris welcomed Milo Scott Soper to their home in LA last May the Fourth – be with you, Star Wars baby!

  • 1970s
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Josh Gillelan '64

Allison and I moved last year from DC ‘burbs to the Eastern Shore (Kent County, on a peninsula NW of Chestertown).

  • 1960s
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Mac Passano '61

Mac is the Chairman of the Board of the Directors of the Pride of Baltimore Foundation. The year 2023 and early 2024 has been eventful with Pride of Baltimore II. We spent four-plus months in Georgia re-planking some aging planks in the hull with the full crew held over.

  • 1960s
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Buzz Marek '62

Nancy and Buzz Marek enjoy seeing their four grandchildren in their young teens growing into their own and enjoying the water sports at the Marek home on the bay in Middle River (house in the family since 1929 and rebuilt by successive generations).

  • 1960s
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Bob Oster '62

Bob Oster retired from Brown Advisory (which was headed by Tim Schweizer) several years ago and now spends time in Vero Beach, Timonium, and the Thousand Islands in upstate New York. His daughter Bessie teaches at Gilman.

  • 1960s
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Steve Cordi '61

Steve Cordi and Marque are doing well. Steve reports that his ongoing plan for a responsibility-free retirement has been seriously disrupted by being elected treasurer of the 14 West Hamilton Street Club. (Is there a trend here?) Steve is also on his way to become Master Bridge material, playing twice a week with the men’s groups at Elkridge and L’Hirondelle.

  • 1960s
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Alex Fisher '65

I am delighted to report that I am alive and well and retired as of year-end 2023 from a 50-plus-year career in investments. I doubted I would ever “retire” without establishing a path in another area of interest, so I launched into controlled environment agriculture (CEA) in 2016.

  • 1960s
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John Purnell '76

John Purnell’s “hybrid of work and retirement” includes projects with Maryland’s Department of Labor and BWI and other airports, while things are getting busy on the theater side, including playing Mr. Fezziwig in “A Christmas Carol” at The Colonial Players in Annapolis and playing Santa Claus in Thunderous Productions “A Christmas Crisis” in February in Ellicott City.

  • 1970s
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John Wharton '76

Your Southern Maryland correspondent, John Wharton, continues to enjoy life with Linda at our home along Kingston Creek, off the lower Patuxent River.

  • 1970s
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Frank Vecella '76

Frank Vecella and his wife, Pam, sold their home in Dallas a couple years ago and now split their time between the Florida Keys and Lake Winnipesaukee, New Hampshire.

  • 1970s
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Bill Spragins '76

Bill Spragins and Barbara welcomed the total eclipse in Mexico as it moved directly over their condo on an eight-mile stretch of beach south of Mazatlan, with eight other friends from the Denver area.

  • 1970s
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Bill Matthai '76

Dr. Bill Matthai wrote in “while enjoying a morning coffee, overlooking the Pacific from our timeshare in Cabo. More of that will follow as I will be retiring from full-time practice on June 30!

  • 1970s
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Andy DeMuth '76

After several months of rehabbing the knees I am looking forward to the tennis season. I have regressed to the pickle court. It’s fun, but it is not tennis. Last news is Lynne and I got a puppy. My goal is to outlive the dog. I am somewhat jealous of those that have retired, but I enjoy working so I am still going to the office every day.

  • 1970s
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Bobby Thomas '76

Now retired from full time work, Bobby teaches two courses at Boston University Law School, one on Whistleblower Law, and the other a seminar on Contemporary Issues of Constitutional Law. He’s active on several boards, particularly the Massachusetts chapter of the ACLU.

  • 1970s
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Rick Reese '64

Rick Reese and family still reside in Atlanta. He reports that grandson Parker graduates from Oklahoma State University in early May this year, while granddaughter Sammi, now in her junior year at University of Kentucky (in Lexington), spent the past summer traveling safely in Italy for several weeks with a girlfriend.

  • 1960s
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Cooper Winston '61

Reports nothing new, except that I went down to Providence last weekend to see Brown lacrosse beat Princeton, 13-12. It was one of the very few bright spots in Brown’s season (if you are a Brown fan, not so much if you are a Princeton fan!).

  • 1960s
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Nick Richardson '76

I retired a year ago and feel I’ve reasonably managed the transition. I’m on the boards of three nonprofit organizations. My goal is to give back a little and maintain sufficient outside obligations, so it remains necessary for me to know what day of the week it is.

  • 1970s
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Keith Christian '76

After 35 years as a police officer, I retired in February of 2024. Got to see a lot of good things, and some not so good things. Now, I’ve got time to ride my Harley as much as I want to. Kids are grown and we have one grandchild. Maybe I’ll get him on the back of the Harley.

  • 1970s
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Charlie Steinberg '76

While beginning the 49th year of my Gilman Encounter, now as president of the Worcester Red Sox, I finally, at long last, for the first time, did that which we thought would never happen. On the grounds of Tanglewood in Lenox, Massachusetts, I married a beautiful Worcester schoolteacher, Kara Lynch, and also became the adoring stepdad of three wonderful children: Jack, 19, Joe, 17, and Juliette, 10. Just amazing.

  • 1970s
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J. Richard Thomas '72

It has been a big year for many of us having turned the Big 70 (myself included). My 70th was celebrated by some great guys, i.e. George, Fetting and Supplee, and our wonderful wives, Joan, Mary Pitt, Geor, and Suzanne. Thank you again to Mike Karas for bringing us together on a semi-regular basis at various watering holes around the city. As the years progress, it becomes increasingly important for us to remember “from whence we came”, i.e. Gilman, and remember the lifelong friendships we made in the class of ’72!

  • 1970s
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Tom O’Neill '61

Tom misses everyone and looks forward to rejoining the Grumpies dinners this year whenever possible. Having son Tim and his family just around the corner is great, and he is surprised to be following Addy’s (age 7) dance recitals and John Charles’s (age 10) explanations of computer games with deep grandpaternal interest. Daily walks with our two standard poodles take up the rest of his predictable but enjoyable schedule.

  • 1960s
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Ben Cripps '76

We are all doing well. Ali graduated from Tulane last May and is working on getting ready to apply to grad school. She wants to get a Ph.D. in psychology. Maddie is at a newish job at New York Pres. She is working in population health and loving it. She wants to move to Brooklyn, ASAP. Susan is doing well. Her practice is thriving. 

  • 1970s
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Bryson Christhilf '61

As you have probably found out ‘retirement community’ is a misnomer. I am in my sixth year on the Brightwood board. Headed the board for about two years. Have been on the finance, marketing and planning committees. Someday, I may retire. 

  • 1960s
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King Barnes '60

My oldest grandson will be going to college in the fall! Time is moving on, and us oldsters are lucky to have known Gilman classmates from 1960!

  • 1960s
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Rick Born '61

The year has whizzed by, and while I am still technically employed at the family business, I am there less but nevertheless seem busier than ever.  Elaine and I have taken some trips including a 80th birthday Disney Cruise to Alaska with all children and grandkiddies. 

  • 1960s
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John Zouck '60

Still living mainly in New Hampshire as it warms and we contemplate planting things to match increasing heartiness zone.

  • 1960s
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Ned Sullivan '60

I just finished another winter of working as a cashier at an on-mountain Aspen ski restaurant, and hope to do year 26 next winter.

  • 1960s
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Kent Mullikin '60

In the past year, we continued our customary schedule — October through May in Chapel Hill, June through September on Swan’s Island in downeast Maine, where I persist in maintaining and sailing the Nancy B, our much-loved 24-foot sailboat.

  • 1960s
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Mert Fowlkes '56

Greetings, ‘56ers! I am happy to report that those classmates who responded are doing well, and let’s hope that for those that did not respond, no news is good news!

  • 1950s
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Ted Knowles '60

My granddaughter, Maisie, 6, has raised my name Pop to a higher plane. I am now Popkorn. I pick songs with new chords to learn on my guitar. Danny Boy is one. Strengthening my leg muscles has improved my balance a whole lot. Our male osprey was killed while defending the nest against two eagles who appeared out of the blue. But there is a new male in the nest now, and we expect the usual three eggs in a month or so.

  • 1960s
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Peter Wood '60

I am on a book tour this week in South Carolina, giving talks about Black Majority 2.0. Fun to be back on the East Coast in springtime!

  • 1960s
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Gus Lewis '57

Gus Lewis writes that he and spouse have established residence in Roland Park Place. They have,however, been able to travel to New Zealand, Kentucky, and Ohio to see relatives and beautiful country. He continues to see his friend and mentor, Jerry Downs, who lives in the memory care unit. He will be 100 June 22.

  • 1950s
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Herb Fee '57

Herb Fee passed away this past January. Herb can be remembered as being first in our class academically for several years as well as captain of the Gilman tennis team our senior year. Herb, you were a true pathfinder!

  • 1950s
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Jamey Hebb '82

Jamey Hebb shares the happy news that his daughter Lucy is engaged and will marry in June 2024! She and her fiance live in Arvana, Colorado. His sons, Jack is a rising senior, and Jamey is a rising junior at Hereford High School. Jamey lives in Sparks and is currently serving on Gilman's Alumni Association Board of Governors.

  • 1980s
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Crossan O'Donovan '57

Have had some nice recent contact with Crossan O’Donovan. He and Brenda continue to reside full time in Raleigh, North Carolina, where they are close to two of their children. They seem to be dealing with the obligatory octogenarian aches and pains, and spirits have been buoyed by the Orioles’ successes. Crossan and I have been lifelong friends at Calvert, Gilman, and Hopkins and became Orioles fans on day one. 

  • 1950s
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Steve Siwinski '08

The Siwinskis welcomed a boy, George Tiberius Siwinski, on March 24, 2024. Everyone is happy and healthy. His older sister, Diana, is such a great helper and so excited to have him.

  • 2000s
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Omar Brown '07

Fellow Greyhounds, Omar Brown, Lyons (Peter) George, and Makura Compton, gathered for a hike, lunch, and great conversation in the Bay Area. They all seem to be growing roots on the best coast and appreciate the longtime fellowship Gilman provides.

  • 2000s
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John Lewin '57

Dolly and I love our place in Bethany, looking over the bay. It was a thrill to have our kids, Janet and Jack here for Easter. It was our first person-to-person get-together since Covid and provided the opportunity for all of us to reaffirm our affection for each other in person.

  • 1950s
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Millard Firebaugh '57

My wife, Barbara, and I are wintering in sunny Southwest Florida and are fortunately well enough to be enjoying golf and other SWFL activities. We’ll be returning to Annapolis in mid May. Our daughter, Samara, is now the provost at USNA. Son Joshua is a developer in Northern Virginia. One granddaughter is a freshman at Cardiff University in Wales, and the other two are in high school locally.

  • 1950s
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Sylvester Cox '76

Greetings. Not much has changed since the last class note. I’m still in the Circuit Court, splitting time between adult and juvenile caseloads. Judy remains with the Red Cross. Lindsey lives in Los Angeles and continues her work with Mythical; and Erin moved back to Baltimore last summer after a year in Florida. All is well!

  • 1970s
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Gordon Hammann '62

We are enjoying retirement, spending six months in South Fort Myers playing tennis every day and spending the summers at our home in Maryland, seeing the children, grandchildren, and friends. Life is good! Fortunately we have our health and continue to be active.

  • 1960s
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Jim Gieske '57

Jimmy Gieskie passed away suddenly last August. After completing their training, Jimmy set up a surgical practice and wife Judi a pediatric practice in Easton, Maryland, where they lived their entire lives.

  • 1950s
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Sandy Brown '81

After completing the sale of MLL to PLL, I became the CEO of the World Technology Games, based in New York. Event is being created to be “the Olympics of Science and Technology” to be held in 2026.

  • 1980s
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Owen Perkins '82

We had a great Opening Day reunion of Denver-area alumni at the end of March, hours after the O’s 11-3 win in Camden Yards. (Don’t ask about the Rockies.) Alumni from 1966-2016 were in attendance.

  • 1980s
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Mike Van der Loos '72

After 28 years in the Bay Area conducting research in rehabilitation robotics at the Palo Alto VA Rehabilitation R&D Center and teaching engineering design at Stanford University, and then 16 years on the faculty of Mechanical Engineering at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, Canada, I decided to retire in September of 2023.

  • 1970s
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Beau Wright '72

In the wake of Alan Kaufman’s tragic death last January, it went unreported that Brian Fitzgerald passed away just two days before Alan from complications of Alzheimer’s. Brian left Gilman after Third Form. Fifteen years later, I ran into him on Capitol Hill, and for a couple of years, we shared his townhouse in Alexandria.

  • 1970s
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Scott Sherman '72

I recently had lunch with Claude Edeline at his home in Timonium, along with his wife, Josselyne, and daughter, Florence. As usual, Mr. Edeline, now 90 [will be 91 on May 31], was full of enthusiasm and memories of his students, soccer victories, and school trips to Europe. He is timeless!

  • 1970s
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Chris Taylor '72

This past winter, at Ted Trimble’s suggestion, a few of us started discussing a trip to Arizona for MLB Spring Training, an activity that we all felt would pay tribute to our late baseball-loving classmate, Alan Kaufmann. Over the weekend of March 7-11, Ted, Steuart Thomsen, James Brundige, Gordy Allen, and I met up in Phoenix to watch a few spring training games, hang out, have a few hot dogs and beers, and best of all, have a dinner cooked by Gordy and co-hosted by his wife, Maryann, in their home in the Phoenix area.

  • 1970s
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Boyne Kim '94

I’ve been based in greater Chicago for 12 years now and staying busy working at Dell Technologies. I’m back this season helping coach my son’s 12U lacrosse rec team and enjoying the opportunity to see my boy play and help develop the program. Playing a ton of pickleball these days, lifting, and doing yoga. After some fun travel to Spain, Mexico, and Texas, I’m really looking forward to meeting up with the class of ‘94 at the upcoming 30th reunion.

  • 1990s
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Piper Bond '18

Overall life is good and pretty busy. Since graduating from Penn last spring, I moved up to NYC where I started working for SoFi in a finance rotational program. I have also continued playing lacrosse in the PLL for the Utah Archers, and we won the championship last fall. In March, I took an awesome trip to Thailand with my girlfriend. In other news, my little sister, Lucia, turned 6 a couple months ago and is in pre-k at Calvert. She was born our senior year fall (2017). Time really does fly.

  • 2010s
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Eric Schline '93

Than'l Badder ’94 ran into Eric Schline ’93 — literally! — at the Vista Haus lodge at Colorado’s Breckenridge Resort. Despite a recent knee surgery, Eric was out there for a few days of skiing with his family during spring break.

  • 1990s
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Karlo Young '97

Harris Ferrell ’91, Karlo Young ’97, and Robb Doub ’86 attended a Mindful Leadership Retreat in Costa Rica in early March.

  • 1990s
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David Cross '72

Greetings from Ashland Oregon! I retired in December. Rachel and I have moved temporarily to the home of the Oregon Shakespeare festival. I am singing in two choirs, taking classes at the local university, enjoying local theater, and volunteering at the festival. We will return to California in July.

  • 1970s
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Robert Patton '94

After 24 years in Southern California I'm moving back east, to Raleigh, NC. So I will likely get to Baltimore frequently and see those of you who live there.

  • 1990s
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Marshall Thomsen '77

There have not been too many dramatic changes in my life. I am still teaching physics at Eastern Michigan University, and I am also engaged in a research project to look back over the past 20 years of students who have taken an Ethics in Physics course with me to see if it has actually made any difference to them.

  • 1970s
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Chris Lynch '78

For the vast portion of my career I have worked for Congressman, then Senator Ben Cardin as his Chief of Staff. My wife, Maggie, and I raised our family in Baltimore with two girls graduating from Bryn Mawr and my son, Mercer, from Gilman — class of 2017.

  • 1970s
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Michael Farber '70

Michael Cowan Farber passed away peacefully in Braintree, Massachusetts, on September 28, 2023, after a long battle with Parkinson's disease at the age of 72.

  • 1970s
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Alexander Gavis '82

I retired after 25 years in-house at Fidelity Investments and 30 years in the industry. I am now teaching law students at Suffolk Law School in downtown Boston and consulting part time for the firm Eversheds Sutherland along with doing lots of volunteer work. Jane and I are empty nesters and also doing lots of traveling and dividing our time between Wellesley, Massachusetts, and Little Compton, Rhode Island. Come visit if you are in the area.

  • 1980s
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Max Verheyen '19

Gilman Aquatic Alums competed at a recent Loyola University tri-meet. Max Verheyen ’19, currently a fifth-year senior on the Loyola swim team was joined by Tim Brooks ’23, currently a freshman on the Colgate swim team, and Ryan Blumenfeld ’21, currently a junior for Colgate. 

  • 2010s
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Alex Puthumana '14

Gilman alumni turned out in force for the Maryland Club’s annual Boxing Night in November 2023. Pictured are top row (left to right) Jacob Metz ’11, Henry Schmidt ’14, Andrew Glick ’14, Alex Puthumana ’14, Jeremy Batoff ’05, Adam Aist ’14, Matt Novak ’01, Coleman Tirone ’14; bottom row (left to right): Nick Rogers ’04 and Lucas Randrianarivelo ’17.

  • 2010s
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Del Dressel '81

A large group of Gilman lacrosse alumni gathered for lunch with Coach Dave Allan ’64 on Tuesday, August 15, 2023, at the Valley Inn. It was a touching moment for everyone who attended.

  • 1980s
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Matt Novak '01

Charlie Novak (born January 24, 2023) celebrates his first summer and fall in Greyhound style with proud dad, Matt Novak.

  • 2000s
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Cheo Hurley '92

Six members of the class of 1992 reunited at Cheo Hurley’s house after his father’s funeral on Saturday, September 30, 2023. Pictured left to right are Geoff Berry, Marc Lewis-DeGrace, Antoine Hutchinson, Wade Ware, Cheo Hurley, and Victor Carter-Bey.

  • 1990s
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Carter Spahn '21

Carter Spahn connected with his second grade teacher Jeanie Ferretti in Annapolis on July 26. Carter is currently working as an intern for the Legislative Affairs Office of the Comptroller of Maryland Brooke Lierman. Jeanie is currently a Legislative Assistant to the Speaker of the House Delegate Adrienne Jones.

  • 2020s
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Allen Barrett '03

On Thursday, July 20, a small Gilman reunion took place at Tropicana Field in Tampa, Florida. The Orioles were in town to play the Rays, and several proud alumni came together to take in the action. Allen Barrett '03 and his father, Mac '67, were special guests of Brett Hollander '03, an in-game contributor on both MASN and the Orioles Radio Network. The trio enjoyed an exciting game — a 4-3 victory for the visitors — and lots of catching up. Go O's! 

  • 2000s
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Jake Callard '82

Jake Callard was recently promoted from Captain to Battalion Chief in the Fire Department of Anne Arundel County. Congratulations, Jake!

  • 1980s
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Nathaniel Badder '94

Members of the class of 1994 gathered at Valerie in midtown Manhattan in July 2023. Laughs were heard long into the night as the group adeptly addressed many of the world’s most pressing problems. Pictured left to right are Stewart Kesmodel, John Vargas, Trey Fitzpatrick, Vijay Prabhakar, Mike Kim, Than'l Badder, John Kim, and Arif Joshi.

  • 1990s
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Roger Bowie '72

All is fine with retirement in the San Francisco Bay Area. COVID has kept us hiding out at home but we are well. No skiing for me this year but been playing golf. Hope to be back east in the fall.

  • 1970s
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Frank Gluck '57

This year, I’m adding a bit of nostalgia. The above photo is of Memorial Stadium on the Orioles opening day in April 1954. We were all let out of school in hopes we could attend the O’s first major league home game. I know you can recognize my father and me sitting in section 3 of the upper deck watching Bob Turley go the route for a 3-1 victory over the Chicago White Sox.

  • 1950s
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Khalil Altalib '10

Members of a variety of Gilman classes gathered in New York's Hudson Valley in June 2023 to help me and Noelle celebrate our wedding (we were actually married last summer in a small private ceremony).

  • 2010s
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Marc Dubick '79

Marc Dubick’s youngest son, Elliott, plays lacrosse for the University of Maryland this year. He is a freshman so he has plenty of time to make his mark on the program. He is the fourth Dubick to play lacrosse for the Terps.

  • 1970s
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Jim Wilkerson '79

Jim Wilkerson still has two sons in high school. His oldest son, Jay, plays on the Gilman football and lacrosse teams. Jay earned a scholarship to play lacrosse at Providence College after graduation. His second son, Bennett, is a freshman on the golf team at Boys’ Latin where he hits the ball a mile like his dad.

  • 1970s
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Ryan Jordan '90

Ryan is in Tampa, Florida, where he just finished his ninth year as the upper division director at Berkeley Prep!

  • 1990s
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Rick Green '66

Rick Green reports that his granddaughter, Birdie, is enrolled to attend Calvert School in the fall, following the footsteps of her grandfather, as well as an uncle and three great-uncles!

  • 1960s
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John Tompkins '75

Sara and I are acquiring some undeveloped property near Pinehurst, North Carolina, this week. We intend to build a new home there over the coming years. There is a degree of ‘organic symmetry’ in the story of our marriage as our first move as a couple was to Charlotte, North Carolina, back in 1981.

  • 1970s
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Bo Lewis '75

I wish I could come back to you with some major exciting news but my life hasn’t changed that much. Still working, chasing five (and holding) grandkids and spending time in Seabrook Island, South Carolina. 

  • 1970s
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Murray deMuth '78

Another classmate contemplating a move south is Murray deMuth, who, with wife Susan, has been scoping out possible retirement enclaves from Key West to Charleston to Annapolis.

  • 1970s
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Ross McKenrick '75

Now for the hard part of the notes. Ross McKenrick, who some of us have known since Calvert first grade (or was it “Pilot Class”?), lost his wife, Chris, this past year, after her long fight with cancer came to an end.

  • 1970s
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Jun Song '90

Times were pretty “interesting” here on my end. Our ghost kitchen company is expanding, and we completed the development of our autonomous trading platform.

  • 1990s
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Sean Darby '79

Sean Darby’s elevator firm did some work for his condo association. Ted still hosts a huge tailgate prior to all Ravens home games. Sean’s children are both currently living and working in New York.

  • 1970s
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Tom Booker '79

Tom Booker is serving on Gilman’s Board, where has been involved with all of the recent major decisions and events happening. He is very excited to watch his son, Thomas, another Gilman graduate, play against the Baltimore Ravens in the NFL opener for 2023 season for the Houston Texans.

  • 1970s
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David Willis '79

Dave Willis reports that his oldest son, Brian, was recently married. He followed in his father’s footsteps by marrying a sharp woman like his mom. 

  • 1970s
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George Kelly '79

Marietta and George Kelly spend most of their home time in Denver where all of their children have settled currently.

  • 1970s
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Biff Poggi '79

Our classmates Biff Poggi and Jon Jacobson are now the Head Coach and Associate Head Coach for UNC Charlotte, respectively.

  • 1970s
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Rick Watts '79

Rick Watts continues to travel with his RV throughout the United States and Mexico. In the summer, Rick races boats and is still a tremendous cyclist. He keeps in touch with Alex Montague locally.

  • 1970s
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Jamie Hodges '99

Jamie Hodges and his wife, Lexie, have three young daughters, McKenzie (6), Charlotte (4), and Madeline (2). McKenzie is going to Calvert School next year. Jamie recently sold his company to a private equity group and is looking forward to spending more time with the girls and potentially going sailing for an extended period of time.

  • 1990s
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Brenden Mulligan '99

Brenden Mulligan recently moved from San Francisco to north San Diego county with his wife, 2-year-old daughter, and 5-year-old pup. He's running several internet startups from home and spending tons of time with his family.  

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Pat Mooney '99

Pat Mooney teaches English at Berkeley Preparatory School in Tampa, though he is spending the summer back at the family beach house in Ocean City, Maryland.  

  • 1990s
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Henry Thomas '76

Tina and I have just celebrated our 41st wedding anniversary, and life continues to treat us well. I am still working full-time and still enjoy the insurance business.

  • 1970s
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Jeff Hossfeld '99

Jeff Hossfeld recently became vice president at Whiting-Turner Contracting Company while celebrating 20 years at the firm. He has moved from Fells Point to North Baltimore to be a little closer to the office and to have some more space, but he's still getting used to yard work after living in a row home for 15 years.

  • 1990s
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Bruce Bower '99

Bruce Bower is still in London with three young children (3,2, and 9 months) and expecting number four in August.

  • 1990s
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Mackay Wolff '75

MacKay Wolff has joined a small professional group that is advising donor governments and non-governmental organizations on the use of AI in the monitoring and evaluation of humanitarian projects.

  • 1970s
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Bill Miller '99

Bill Miller recently bought the family business, Miller Value Partners, from his dad. He also recently launched a small Opportunity Zone fund in Sarasota focused on luxury single family rentals and is very active in the Bitcoin community. 

  • 1990s
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Charles Wagandt '99

Charles Wagandt is still working away at Cushman & Wakefield. He also opened a Camp Bow Wow franchise with his mother-in-law to provide all-day-play doggy daycare and boarding for area pups.

  • 1990s
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David Heubeck '76

I retired from practicing law four years ago and now enjoy spending time with family and friends in the OBX and babysitting my 8-month-old granddaughter.

  • 1970s
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Tim Hsieh

I reconnected with Tim Hsieh as part of the 40th reunion committee for Johns Hopkins. Tim is a very successful partner in his firm where he practices patent law. He keeps in touch with Greg Turk, also a member of our Hopkins class. 

  • 1970s
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Mike Cobb '79

Mike Cobb is officiating women’s lacrosse games in Baltimore and still playing paddle and pickleball competitively.

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Bryan Koerber '79

Jill and Bryan Koerber are the ambassadors for the Mt. Pleasant area of Charleston, South Carolina. They want visitors to stop by and visit. I don’t think Bryan misses running the family paint business anymore as they have adjusted to their new lifestyle quite well.

  • 1970s
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Michael Stoiko '76

My beautiful wife of 38 years, Kathleen, and I are now living by Wrightsville Beach in Wilmington, North Carolina, near where we honeymooned. We have three wonderful children who have all finished graduate school and are trying to change the world!

  • 1970s
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Ken Volk '76

Margot and I still enjoy working as veterinarians, but am definitely starting to ponder life on the other side. Our older son and his wife provided us with our first grandchild three months ago. Our youngest and his wife are expecting in August. With both of them in Philadelphia and Margot’s family in Puerto Rico, perhaps that will be the change needed for us to pursue new things.

  • 1970s
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Michael Ward '76

We learned in May of last year of the passing of our classmate Michael Ward, whose excellence in academics and athletics at Gilman continued on at Harvard University and throughout his many roles in life, including as a professor and youth lacrosse coach.

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Gio Prezioso '75

This winter, we lost Gio Prezioso to cancer. He was our class valedictorian and an animating presence during his six years at Gilman.

  • 1970s
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Pete Mathews '75

I retired at the end of 2022 after 43 years in banking, essentially with the same company. I am enjoying playing more golf, and Anne and I now have the flexibility to spend some more time at our Jersey Shore ‘get-a-way’ and travel more broadly as well.

  • 1970s
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Chris Hutchins '75

We moved to Bethany Beach last year and have been here for a little over a year. Coastal living is fun! Still working with Sherm Bristow at The Finney Search Group. We talk and run into plenty of old classmates, teachers, and coaches. 

  • 1970s
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John Wharton '65

Volunteer mediation includes my weekly trips to the county courthouse to meet with litigants on the landlord-tenant docket, and always more training, partly toward mediating peace orders. But that still leaves time for yoga classes at the senior center, playing tenor ukulele on “country jam” nights in Laurel Grove, and breaking in a new hammock on the banks of Kingston Creek.

  • 1960s
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Jonathan Farber '75

All is well in the Farber family with the recent addition of grandson #2 — Cryder Bates Curro born January 17 — and joining Slater Tennison Curro who just celebrated his 3rd birthday. Happy to report that our investment advisory firm, Passive Capital Management, also recently celebrated the 15th anniversary since our founding.

  • 1970s
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Beau Smith '99

Beau Smith is having a fun year trying to keep pace with the family. Reid (9) enjoys video games, football, wrestling, lacrosse, and more video games.

  • 1990s
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Joe Hooper '75

As has been well-reported, we live in a speeded-up 24-7 cable news cycle universe. So, in keeping with the new zeitgeist, my notes will be (somewhat) shorter this year. Similarly on-brand was our class reunion last spring at John Colston’s house.

  • 1970s
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Kevin Lynch '75

Been an interesting year. After open heart surgery last April, I am fully recovered and back to normal (whatever that is these days). Still working as an IT consultant.

  • 1970s
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Mike Cromwell '74

Mike Cromwell and Tish traveled to New Zealand and Australia, and Mike took some great photos posted on his website.

  • 1970s
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Marvin Miller '71

I continue to work full-time, enjoying the job. The horticulture industry was discovered by a lot of folks during the pandemic, and, although in 2022 we were back to competing with things like vacations for the consumers’ time, we are still up considerably from pre-pandemic levels.

  • 1970s
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Doug Anlaya '74

Doug Antaya writes he continues to live in Duxbury, Massachusetts, and working full time for BlackBerry. After exiting the mobile device business, BlackBerry is now focused on selling software. He is counting the days to getting back to Roland Avenue for the Class of ’74’s 50th reunion.

  • 1970s
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Chip Manekin '71

Chip Manekin wrote from “…a plane at the Vienna airport, about to depart for Hamburg, where Rachel and I will be visiting scholars at the University for three months. We retired from UMD last year and are enjoying living in Jerusalem near our 12 grandkids. This three-month gig in Germany was planned a long time ago and I hope it is over quickly! Miss my Gilman classmates and look forward to the next big reunion.”

  • 1970s
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Nigel Ogilvie '71

Your secretary is in his third year of retirement after 41.5 years in combined U.S. Treasury and Federal Reserve service. I may have volunteered for too many good causes here in Fauquier County, Virginia, and will work to simplify my life by 2024!

  • 1970s
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Michael Blum '71

Annette and I are still hanging in there, dividing our time between Bel Air, Baltimore, Owings Mills and Dauphin, Pennsylvania.

  • 1970s
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Andrew Brooks '74

Andy Brooks continues his work as the Chair of the Board of Directors of our Gilman School, and also remains vice chair on the board of the Maryland Center for History and Culture.

  • 1970s
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Peter Bowe '74

Peter Bowe now lives in Annapolis, and is happy to have moved to such a beautiful place. With a philosophical message, he reminds us that life is good, to treasure each day, and to be an asset to your community.

  • 1970s
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Andy Felser '74

Andy Felser writes that he is in his 42nd year of practicing law, with no immediate retirement plans. His wife works as an administrator in the local school system, and their son is at the Cleveland Institute of Music. He looks forward to spending some “down time” 8,500 feet up in the Rockies in June.

  • 1970s
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Jock Whittlesey '74

He and Monique continue to enjoy life near the beach in Jupiter, Florida. From September to February, Jock works remotely as one of the editors of the State Department’s Human Rights Report.

  • 1970s
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Bennett Sweren '74

Bennett Sweren captained a team of 4.5 and 5.0 tennis players to the Men's 65 and over USTA Nationals in February in Arizona, representing the Mid Atlantic region. The team made it to the Final four and squeaked by Southern, but lost in the finals to California. He is inspired by that to try to qualify for next year’s event.

  • 1970s
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Greg Pinkard '74

Greg Pinkard shares that his younger daughter, Charlotte, was married in Manhattan, and the wedding was a joy from start to finish. Yet, in the same two-week period his oldest daughter, Katherine (and business partner), broke her neck in Florida playing polo. All are happy and healthy now with Mom and Dad having a few more gray hairs.

  • 1970s
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Steuart Thomsen '72

At the end of 2023, Steuart Thomsen will end his 43-year relationship with Eversheds Sutherland (US) LLP (formerly Sutherland Asbill & Brennan LLP) and will be fully retired.

  • 1970s
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Mark Wilson '71

Mark Wilson and wife Janine “are doing well, and about to celebrate our 14th anniversary. We’ve been retired since January 2017, and Janine has introduced me to ballroom dancing and golf. We keep busy with volunteer work for Carroll County Food Sunday, spending time with our four children who live in the area, and planning our third trip to France this September. Plus I’m working on my third book in a series of thrillers (see Mark Alexander Wilson on Amazon — shameless plug alert!).”

  • 1970s
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Mid Walsh '71

I spend my time writing (with a healthy number of my poems published last year), going to the local cross fit gym (where most of the other members are my kids’ age and seem to cheer whenever I lift something), cross-country skiing, sculling (hoping to christen my new racing scull in the next month or so, a gift for my 70th year), spending time with my grandkids (1 and 7, nearby) and with my amazing wife, Fay (an avid equestrian and musician). 

  • 1970s
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Charlie Scarlett '71

Charlie Scarlett and wife Lori “are loving life on Dunlap Lake in Edwardsville, Illinois – finally back to the water! We moved here in 2019 and not a minute too soon.

  • 1970s
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Bill Rich '71

Rev. Bill Rich tried to retire last year, after nearly 16 years of serving at Trinity (Episcopal), Copley Square, Boston.

  • 1970s
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Archibald Montgomery '71

I am finishing up my one-year stint as the Interim Head for an all-girls boarding/day school, Westover School in Middlebury, Connecticut.

  • 1970s
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Bill Scherlis '71

I am still enjoying my professional life as a computer science professor at Carnegie Mellon after more than 40 years, a dozen of which as a department head.

  • 1970s
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Edwin Merryman '71

Edwin Merryman is “still working, training horses.” Edwin’s family had a scare when son Louis’ wife, Grace, went into labor prematurely.

  • 1970s
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Mike Hilliard '71

Mike Hilliard and his wife, Georgia, are managing her recently diagnosed cancer of the plasma cells, with Georgia undergoing chemotherapy and getting a little better each month.

  • 1970s
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Ned Grassi '71

Ned Grassi gets the award for most laconic update: “Have seen Nelson and Gephart in Charleston. Fred had an Antarctic adventure with son. Our lives are filled with nature, sports, and friends. Still have our farm in Maryland horse country.” 

  • 1970s
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Frank Fiske '71

I have nearly retired, still working a few hours a week with a handful of clients. I spend my time traveling back and forth from Baltimore to Cape May, New Jersey, where I own a beach house.

  • 1970s
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Jonathan Ehrlich '71

My wife, Nancy, and I live in Asheville and spend quite a bit of time hiking and enjoying the beautiful mountains. Two years ago I “retired” after a first career with the U.S. government and then a long second career in college and independent school administration. Having just turned 70 I am unretiring — at least for a while — and will be working with a K-12 independent school here in Asheville, to get it back on track after a challenging time during the pandemic.

  • 1970s
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Charlie Duff '71

Son Robert got a Master’s in mechanical engineering, then moved home and began looking for work. Lydia and I already had work, sometimes to excess. We stayed home, kept our health, and saw a few interesting people, including Chris Minkowski, who is now living in Baltimore half-time.

  • 1970s
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Dwight "Tad" Douglass '71

I retired more or less concurrently with the onset of the COVID pandemic and have been enjoying life in beautiful Hagerstown, Maryland (Lowes, Home Depot, and Best Buy — what more could you want?).

  • 1970s
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Doug Dobbins '71

Retired now for 10 years on the Eastern Shore after life service as a veterinarian, Doug is enjoying “a rural lifestyle.”

  • 1970s
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Dick Councill '71

Dick Councill looked hale and hearty at the April 2023 Gilman Forever Luncheon — indeed, to my eyes unchanged from our (40th?) reunion at his home in 2011! Dick is still Regional Vice President, Roanoke Insurance Group Inc., which is headquartered in South Carolina. But Dick is able to work from (…wait for it) …a family home at Bryce Mountain Resort.

  • 1970s
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Bill Casey '71

I am still working full-time with a large dormitory project under construction at Morgan State University and another project starting design. I do plan to cut back at the end of the summer.

  • 1970s
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Bill Brusilow '71

I have lived in Michigan for 33 years and am now retired as professor emeritus of biochemistry from Wayne State University School of Medicine.

  • 1970s
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Ross Pearce '74

Ross Pearce writes that his son, Parker, is graduating from the McIntire School of Commerce at UVA this spring, his daughter, Elizabeth, and husband, Ian, had their second daughter, Pearce, a year and a half ago, and that daughter Jessica was married to Dave last January.

  • 1970s
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Dave Emala '74

Dave Emala and Jeannie are enjoying their four grandchildren, three of whom live in Baltimore nearby. Dave has stayed in touch with Gilman via serving on the Alumni Board of Governors and through his son Ned, who is on the faculty, coaches, and is Assistant Director of Athletics.

  • 1970s
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Mac Finney '74

Mac Finney shares he is in his 40th year at WBAL-TV, and, if his sanity, health, and enthusiasm don’t betray him, he hopes to keep telling stories for years to come.

  • 1970s
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A.C. George '74

AC George writes it is great fun to have grandchildren Cole (6), Reid (4), and Eliza (2) nearby in DC, and connecting with Pell (Gilman ’05) and Katherine in Charlotte, and Taz (Gilman ’08) and Michael in Chicago’s West Loop. Ace and Kathryn enjoy their peripatetic lifestyle (credit to Ace for that adjective).

  • 1970s
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Wally Pinkard '69

After 50-plus years of thorough note contributions, I may be missing detailed edits this year. My only news is that I am personally recovering well from open heart surgery. Fabulous surgeon: Stewart Finney ’77.

  • 1960s
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Buck Baker '71

The good doctor Bert Berney is traveling with his wife, Liz Leach, Bill Scherlis and his wife, Ann, Buck Baker, and others to Alabama to retrace that state’s history of the civil rights movement.

  • 1970s
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Bert Berney '71

The good doctor Bert Berney is traveling with his wife, Liz Leach, Bill Scherlis and his wife, Ann, Buck Baker, and others to Alabama to retrace that state’s history of the civil rights movement.

  • 1970s
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Rob Baker '66

It was good to hear from Rob Baker again, and he had lots of news to share. Foremost, he related that in the winter of 2022, he was afflicted with a life-threatening illness causing 22 days of hospitalization, during which he lost 24 pounds, suffered high fever and encephalitis, needed ice baths and connections to multiple monitors and tubes, but he survived to tell about it!

  • 1960s
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Bruce Michelson '66

Bruce Michelson, in the spring of 2022, was finally able to fulfill a bucket list item that had been long postponed during the pandemic.

  • 1960s
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George Ward '65

Ann and I are enjoying life in Milton, Delaware, and continuing to volunteer for Village Volunteers and traveling. We drive old(er) folks for the Village, taking them to the doctor, dentist, PT, hair appointments, etc. The folks are so grateful and we realize we’ll need this service sooner than we want to contemplate.

  • 1960s
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Peter Taliaferro '65

Peter Taliaferro reports that since 2017 he has been retired from the Maryland Attorney General’s office, where he represented the Maryland Port Administration in real property and transactional matters. Now, he and Susan are enjoying a pastoral existence in their old farm house in Hereford, surrounded by agriculturally preserved land.

  • 1960s
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Les Rumsey '65

Surviving 13 atmospheric rivers and LA drivers this year has kept me on my toes after years of drought out here in the West. I am still young in spirit and looking forward to a family wedding in Aspen and another trip to Baltimore to say hi in person and eat real crab cakes as I near 77.

  • 1960s
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Jim Potter '65

I am still living with Ginna in a row house in Canton. We have two grandsons, Eliot and Henry. Eliot is about to graduate from Maryland, and Henry just finished second year at the University of Richmond.

  • 1960s
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Alvin Levi '65

Retired for several years, Ellen and I celebrated our 50th wedding anniversary this past February, on our annual winter time in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.

  • 1960s
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Chuck Kerr '65

In 2011, my wife, Kathy McDonald, and I set up a small general civil litigation legal practice in Baltimore City. We decided to close up that practice at the end of July 2020 and retire.

  • 1960s
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Rob Harwood '65

I am pleased to be able to report that all is well with the Harwoods. In the spring of 2021, I closed my gallery and fine art services business, having enjoyed its pleasures and challenges for 43 years.

  • 1960s
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Al Gundry '65

I retired 2/28/2022 after 53 years in the yacht brokerage business. Retirement consists of maintaining and sailing my C&C 41 sailboat. Other interests include membership in three genealogical societies in Baltimore.

  • 1960s
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Mort Foster '65

Two years ago, Dodee and I purchased a cabin in “The Woods Resort” in West Virginia. Remodeling is underway with more fun upgrades planned for this year, as we must also take time out for fun and traveling.

  • 1960s
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George Brown '65

George Brown reports that he and Nancy celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary in August. He is semi-retired, which allows him to call his classmates at the last minute to get their class notes in. George and Nancy spend their time at homes in Baltimore, Bethany Beach, and Naples.

  • 1960s
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Tom Clapp '65

Linda and I just celebrated our 56th anniversary after following (two years ago) our son, Tom, to our third location in Florida.

  • 1960s
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King Carter '65

I retired five years ago after a long career with the Asset Management Division of the investment firm, Raymond James. My wife, Sherry, who spent 12 years as a part-time nurse at Gilman, is retired as well, but still stays active as a substitute nurse for all the other private schools.

  • 1960s
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John McLean '64

Like many, we hope, Grace and I have enjoyed the world opening up as the pandemic eases. In the last several months we’ve visited daughter Kate in Manhattan and spent good times in Cambridge, Massachusetts, with daughter Eleanore.

  • 1960s
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Walter Childs '64

All is good in Cape Charles, Virginia, where my wife and I spend about eight months a year. The rest of our time is spent in Littleton, Colorado, to be near two of our children and three grandchildren.

  • 1960s
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Steve Redd '65

The pandemic ended my stint at the local Y and turned me into a full-time n(m)anny for my grandson Wesley, son of Justin Redd ’01. Now Wesley has a little sister, Vivian (almost 6 months), and Kyoko and I take care of them both. It is a wonderful job, the hardest part of which is getting up off the floor.

  • 1960s
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Ted Rugemer '63

Ted Rugemer and Virginia, now in their third year at Broadmead, ebulliently shared with everyone how much they enjoyed living there. They continue to travel, usually to visit offspring in Bozeman or New Haven, and last year they also went to Maine.

  • 1960s
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Steve Thomas '65

I am still working as the managing director of the law firm of Thomas & Libowitz, P.A. and actively practicing law. I am the chair of the Baltimore County Revenue Authority, a health care board member at GBMC, and on three committees at the hospital.

  • 1960s
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Tom Webster '65

I have only a bit to add to my legacy at Gilman. New grandson born April 14, 2022, Clayton Earnest Webster. Also, my great-nephew is getting married in May at the Woodstock Inn in Vermont. Shout out to all my class, hello to Rob Harwood.

  • 1960s
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Nelson Goldberg '65

Marcia and I still live in the same house on Falls Road without our three children or six grandchildren but with five motorcycles and our tennis court. I am still an active reconstructive surgeon in the University of Maryland Medical System. 

  • 1960s
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Fred Whelan '65

We are enjoying our three grandchildren who live here in Pittsburgh, and we have made trips this year to Nashville, Fort Lauderdale, and Los Angeles to see the others, and we caught up with Les Rumsey in Los Angeles. 

  • 1960s
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Chris Scarlett '63

Aside from having changed less in appearance and demeanor than any of us, Chris has stayed in Baltimore and is now retired from an insurance company. Previously he was a glider pilot as well as instructor of the sport.

  • 1960s
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Bruce Marston '63

Bruce Marston, looking young and healthy, showed me his business card that presented him as “Bird Watcher.” This is no joke, but a pursuit for which he has become distinguished throughout the state of Washington. Bruce happily reports that all three of his children continue to live in that state.

  • 1960s
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Jack Nesbitt '63

Jack Nesbitt revealed more about himself than ever reported in our class notes. We all know that Jack loves to read, but who was aware that he goes to bed at 10 p.m. and gets up at 3 a.m. to do so, listens to courses from, the “Great Books Lecture Series” while riding his bike., or that the model trains in his basement now roll past a bordello?

  • 1960s
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Tom Closs '63

It was great to see Tom Closs, who, with his wife, Renee, and son Camden, have repurposed a building into the nano-brewery and restaurant known as Forward. It is in the hugely popular Annapolis neighborhood of Eastport.

  • 1960s
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Claudius Klimt '63

When home and not visiting Oregon, the Klimts live by the water on Sue Creek and spend a lot of time with their family, mainly their three grandchildren living in Baltimore.

  • 1960s
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Ted Leach '63

Now trim and fully retired, Ted Leach travels frequently to spend time with his two veterinarian daughters and their families.

  • 1960s
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Steve McDaniel '65

Angie and I are still building the house we have been working on forever and hope we may actually get to live in it someday. It kept us busy during the pandemic, anyway, and we are finally close to being finished.

  • 1960s
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Bill Shaffer '62

Connie and Bill Shaffer have called New Jersey home for more than 50 years. Their two children have given Connie and Bill five grandchildren, all in their teens.

  • 1960s
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Cmdr. Joseph A. Giardina '61

Daughter Elizabeth gave birth to my third grandchild, Emanuella, on 28 Feb 2023 in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. Diane and I are planning on spending the summer at our Condo in Pompano Beach. For the time being we plan on keeping our home in Northern Virginia and split our time between the two residences. Best regards to all.

  • 1960s
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David Portnoy '79

David Portnoy is currently serving on the Alumni Board where he mentioned that he had a recent grandchild born to the family.

  • 1970s
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Corbin Marr '61

Corbin and Liz’s son Carson and wife Claire have a second son, Teddy (Theodore) born at home with a midwife in Muskegon Michigan, on March 26 (10 lbs, 22”); joining big brother Fitz (Fitzroy) now 1 1/2. Been visiting Michigan more than Maryland! Still loving DC; Corbin 80 on Valentine’s Day; Liz 60 on July 4. Bermuda cruise in the fall of ’22; Naples, Florida in March ’23 … Both my caddying and golf days are over. Hello to all Grumpies!

  • 1960s
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Henry Hopkins '61

Nancy and I are enjoying spending the cold months here on Jupiter Island, Florida. We have now accepted the veracity of the saying: “Old bones do better in warm weather.” If any classmates venture to the East coast of Florida between mid-October and late May, please give us a call. We have plenty of room. Would love to see you.

  • 1960s
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Sam Dell '61

Sam Dell and Muffin are still living north of Baltimore. Sam is still active at Stevenson University. As reported above, he and the Borns traveled together to the Middle East in January.

  • 1960s
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Bill Ewing '61

Bill Ewing is still in Maine. Trips to Baltimore have gone from a few times/year to every few years. Ewings have scattered mostly west but my brother still has a summer house there.

  • 1960s
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Pete Smith '61

Judy and I are doing our best Ozzie and Harriett imitation. Four adult children, all married, giving us 12 grandchildren from 29 years to 6 weeks (three Gilman graduates). We live full time on the Severn River in Sherwood Forest as do our children and their families. Life has been very good to us and we know how lucky we are!

  • 1960s
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Dave Trussell '61

Happily living between Maine and South Carolina (near oldest daughter Mollie). Wife Sally often travels to Hawaii to see youngest Katie and her 10- and 6-year-olds while I stay home to tend kittens and nearly 15-year-old (incontinent) dog and sit and play guitar and sing. Life suddenly got complicated when I had a minor stroke in late December 2022.

  • 1960s
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Dave Wilson '61

We do have some news to share. By the end of April, Katherine and I will be permanently in the Maine town of Friendship and looking for a permanent cottage somewhere in the state. We close on the sale of our condo in Albuquerque in May and will be on the road well before that. Puts us closer to the great ’61 crowd!

  • 1960s
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Chris Creed '61

I haven't much to report. Living in a CCRC has been pleasant with plenty to do. We are quite engaged but there are not many great excitements.

  • 1960s
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Mark Watkins Gee '60

Mark Watkins Gee, 79, formerly of East Greenwich, Rhode Island, died peacefully surrounded by loving family on Thursday, June 23, 2022, while residing at The Lighthouse at Lincoln.

  • 1960s
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Carl Cummings '61

As we reported last year, Carl was going to retire in June, and he did, after 47 years from being a Naval Chaplin to most recently the pastor of St. Jane Frances de Chantal Catholic Church in Riviera Beach. Carl is everyone’s friend and we wish him well. Since retiring, he has spent some time in Hawaii playing golf and has had time from no administrative parish duties to make it to our Grumpies dinners

  • 1960s
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Pope Barrow '61

I turned 80, surprising my doctors who predicted my imminent demise three years ago. I wrote a book, which is selling well.

  • 1960s
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Bill Shipp '60

I have been active in Rotary's Environmental Sustainability Rotary Action Group for several years. Rotary has been working with Dr. Gilman's first University, the University of California.

  • 1960s
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John Rouse '60

Greetings from Rome, Italy! I don’t have much to add to my class notes this year, except that my wife, Yasuko and I are still here in the Eternal City. We are now in the middle of the lengthy preparation process of moving back to Annapolis. We hope to reach the end of the process next year. That would allow me to participate more actively in class activities.

  • 1960s
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John Lewis '60

I am still enjoying retirement in Bradenton, Florida, with woodworking, swimming, and orchids. I am living with my daughter, Brett, a CT (formerly CAT) scan technician. I have been fortunate to be in fair health in spite of 12 years with Parkinson’s.

  • 1960s
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Tom Ahern '59

Moved from Key Largo to Palm Harbor, Florida, a year ago at the request of my daughter. Bought an interesting house on a large lake, complete with chicken coop.

  • 1950s
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Hobart Fowlkes '59

Not much excitement in my life. As I think you know, I sold my plane, and gave up flying after 55 years. I think about it every time a small plane flies over. Still cut my grass. Had a hip replaced … gave up golf. I have twin grandsons who graduate from Calvert this year and are going to Gilman.

  • 1950s
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Doug Schmidt '85

After many years together, the children of Doug Schmidt, John Brush, and Bernie Rhee have graduated from Calvert. Doug’s daughter will attend the Lawrenceville School, and the two boys will be part of the Gilman Class of ’27.

  • 1980s
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Joe Ortiz '85

Joe Ortiz is loving fatherhood. His son, Gabe, was born last September. Joe recently retired from the Army after more than 33 years of service. “I will likely start a career with the DC Veterans Administration as a physician specializing in clinical evaluations and research related to toxic exposures of Service Members.”

  • 1980s
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Marshall Walker '85

Marshall Walker, who lives in Oxford, England, spent a month traveling in the United States with his husband, Stanley. In Baltimore, they stopped at True Chesapeake and dined with Steve Howard and Prag Katta.

  • 1980s
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Rushika Fernandopulle '85

After working to transform healthcare for two decades, Rushika Fernandopulle resigned from Iora/One Medical/Amazon. He planned to spend several months resting and reflecting before deciding on his next chapter.

  • 1980s
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Lee Thomsen '85

Lee Thomsen, who taught at Gilman early in his career, has reconnected online with former colleagues, students, and classmates. “James Spragins class of ’73 and retired faculty, my former students, Jason Haas ’99 and Lee Kowarski ’96, our classmates Prag Katta and Julien Meyer, and I have bonded on Facebook over the resurgence of the Orioles,” writes Lee, who is in his seventh year as Head of School at Sacramento Country Day in California.

  • 1980s
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Rory Muhammad '85

In Washington, D.C., Rory Muhammad recently became Vice President for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion at the Environmental Defense Fund. He has four children, including a daughter at LSU.

  • 1980s
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Paul Mezey '85

Paul Mezey attended the Academy Awards in March. He was one of the producers of “Marcel the Shell with Shoes On,” which was nominated for best animated feature. “The Oscars was fun,” Paul writes. “We had no real shot at winning, but it was great to get the recognition and long live Marcel! Guillermo is King."

  • 1980s
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Charles Neer '91

Our family just moved from the Art Museum area of Philadelphia to the quieter East Falls neighborhood next to the Wissahickon. I am still a landscape architect working on open space and public realm projects addressing issues related to social equity and climate change.

  • 1990s
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Taylor Hurt '91

Taylor Hurt is living outside of San Francisco. He and his wife, Roshni, are the proud parents of Maddie, 5, and Hank, 3. Taylor has worked for J.P. Morgan for the past 10 years in their Corporate Banking department specializing in lending to tech companies. The collapse of Silicon Valley Bank has led to immense opportunities for Taylor and his group.

  • 1990s
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Chas Iliff '92

I went to Penn Relays today for my last year in the 40- to 49-year-old 4x400 meter relay race. I ran with Gene Severtson, the head coach at Crofton High School, my friend Jermaine Ragin from Bowie, and my little brother, Alex ’98. We ran a 4:05. I ran slightly under 60 seconds as the lead-off leg. We got our asses handed to us, I think coming in fifth place. It was awesome!

  • 1990s
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Matt Tucker '93

I’ve been spending an inordinate amount of time at Gilman lately for someone who doesn’t have any kids there and isn’t employed by the School. In addition to helping the Reunion Committee and serving as Class Secretary, I’m the incoming President of the Alumni Association and about to start my second year on the Board of Trustees. 

  • 1990s
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Trey Winstead '93

After 20 years of experience with Whiting-Turner under his belt, Trey Winstead started a new firm, TW Consulting, specializing in everything from commercial facades to residential renovations to treehouse design and construction. Additionally, he is the proud uncle of Jax Winstead who will be entering the ninth grade at Gilman this fall.

  • 1990s
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Rahul Swani '93

Rahul Swani lives in the South End of Boston with his wife, Jo, and two sons, ages 9 and 12 (as of late 2022). About 12 years ago, Rahul joined some folks to start a boutique investment banking firm called Aeris Partners, which focuses on technology M&A, primarily software and SaaS, advising companies on anything from strategic sales to capital raises, working mostly with private equity firms but also with founders and entrepreneurs.

  • 1990s
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Rob Schapiro '93

Rob Schapiro lives in the Woodlands, Texas, with his wife, Robin, and sons, Ethan and Simon. After 17 years as a geologist and manager at ExxonMobil, Rob joined Microsoft in 2019, where he is the Director of the Microsoft Azure Energy Acceleration Program focused on Energy Innovation across oil and gas, power and utilities, and renewables.

  • 1990s
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David Powell '93

David Powell lives in Baltimore with his wife, Kate, and two daughters, Julia and Anna. After a long college process, Julia is headed to Swarthmore next year to play field hockey. David is a portfolio manager at Brown Advisory. He’s always trying to get better at tennis and train for the next marathon.

  • 1990s
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Lou Kousouris '93

Lou recently began working as the Vice President Strategic Projects & Initiatives of MCB Real Estate, which owns Harborplace, the Rotunda and a portfolio of properties throughout the Baltimore area and beyond.

  • 1990s
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Chris Hlubb '93

Chris Hlubb has a wife and three kids and lives in Ellicott City. Chris doesn’t have a lot of free time because, in 2020, just as COVID emerged, Chris began developing a biopurification technology to rapidly manufacture antimicrobial preventatives using naturally occurring immune proteins as a new class of non-toxic antivirals and alternative antibiotics.

  • 1990s
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Shawn Bose '93

Shawn Bose lives in Austin, Texas, with his wife, Taylor, and their two sons and daughter. Shawn is the President of REALLY Communications, a telecom platform which recently announced the acquisition of $18 million of venture funding.

  • 1990s
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Greg Bader '93

Greg Bader just began his 30th season for the Orioles, currently serving in the role of Senior Vice President of Administration and Experience overseeing the club’s facility operations, ticket operations, fan experience, and marketing departments. He lives in Locust Point with his husband John and 13-year-old pug, Parker.

  • 1990s
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Bob Landon '85

From a remote village in Spain, Bob Landon is getting back to travel writing in a post-COVID world. “I’m telecommuting and have a mini-farm here in Capileria, which is near Grenada,” he writes.

  • 1980s
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Jared Spahn '91

I was very fortunate to have Tim Scott and Trent Zivkovich and their spouses join my wife and me on a surprise trip to Jamaica to celebrate my 50th birthday.

  • 1990s
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Ken Kang '85

Ken Kang, Dan Kim, Bernie Rhee, and Jaan Naktin gathered for a reunion in Ocean City, Maryland. They stayed in the building where they’d spent Beach Week in 1985. Ken and his wife, who live in Maryland, became empty nesters when their youngest child left home for Hotchkiss.

  • 1980s
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Chip Dates '85

Chip Dates returned to his alma mater to help Johns Hopkins celebrate his father, a pioneering graduate who became a top administrator. Victor Dates, Sr., received the Distinguished Alumnus Award in part for “advising former Hopkins President Milton Eisenhower when there weren’t many Blacks on campus as students or professors, let alone administrators."

  • 1980s
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Steve Ruark '96

Steve Ruark is completing his second school year of teaching two sections of photography, part time, at Gilman. He continues to work as an independent photographer when not teaching.

  • 1990s
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Packer Rodgers '96

Packer Rodgers is living in Baltimore with his wife (Brooke), and their four children. Their oldest is graduating from Gilman in June, while his younger brother is a sophomore at Gilman and their two sisters attend Calvert. Professionally, Packer still manages two marine terminals at the Port of Baltimore, handling bulk and breakbulk cargo.

  • 1990s
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Joe Watts '96

Joe Watts leads a biochemistry group inventing CRISPR/Cas gene-editing technologies called Pairwise in Durham, North Carolina. He and his wife (Kristin) still coach the summer swim team that they started eight years ago ( The eldest of their three children is heading off to college this fall.

  • 1990s
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Jay Menton '96

Jay Menton reports that everything is going well in Chicago. He has an eighth grader and got to visit and have dinner with Lawson DeVries and Packer Rodgers recently when they were visiting Chicago.

  • 1990s
Read More about Jay Menton '96
George Mumford '96

George Mumford reports that after graduating from Calvert School, he is excited to have his boys, George and Hobie, enter the ninth grade at Gilman beginning this fall. Their sister, Aggie, continues her Bryn Mawr journey in the seventh grade (following in her mother's footsteps - Sarah Fowlkes Mumford '96).

  • 1990s
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George Brown '96

George Brown continues to run two remodeling companies doing renovations of all sizes on homes in the Baltimore area. His daughter is in sixth grade at Friends and his son is in third grade at Timonium Elementary. George volunteers with the Rotary Club of Towsontowne and has been doing a lot of wild boar hunting in North Carolina.

  • 1990s
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Andy Cohen '96

Andy Cohen was promoted to Partner at Patterson Belknap Webb & Tyler LLP (a New York-only firm of about 200 lawyers — the co-chair of the firm is a Gilman alum, Peter Tomlinson ’86). Andy ran into Jeremy Edwards at a conference for pharmaceutical patent litigators in NY — see photo. Jeremy is a partner in the DC office of Procopio.

  • 1990s
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Akram Annous '96

Akram Annous is doing complicated financial work — I think that the easiest way to describe it is that he has a long/short consulting practice with a focus on public technology. He has split time over the past few years between a few cities, including Baltimore, but is likely to be spending most of his time back in Dubai going forward.

  • 1990s
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Noah Gallico '96

Noah Gallico still lives in Los Angeles with his wife (Sarah, a TV writer/producer currently running Amazon’s “The Summer I Turned Pretty”), their two boys (Will, who turns 13 in June, and Jake, 10), and their five pets. Noah recently resigned a long-term contract at NBC Universal as VP of Creative Marketing and continues to make trailers and promos for the company.

  • 1990s
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Kevin Frank '96

Kevin Frank is still an energy lawyer, but has recently switched jobs and is now Associate General Counsel for QTS Data Centers. He has also joined the faculty of the business school at the University of Texas – Dallas where he is a part-time lecturer in its energy department. He and his wife (Rebecca) and 4-year-old daughter (Eleanor) still make their home in Dallas, Texas.

  • 1990s
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Tommy Knowles '96

Tommy Knowles loves his life in Monterey, California, with his wife (Meghan) and their 6-year-old daughter (Maisie). Tommy just celebrated 20 years at the Monterey Bay Aquarium, where he is a senior biologist studying jellies and deep sea animals. He still plays music whenever possible, and is hoping that Maisie will be able to jam with him soon!

  • 1990s
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Evan Kreitzer '96

Evan Kreitzer, his wife, Keren, and two sons moved from Owings Mills to Pikesville, and professionally, Evan switched banks and now works at Sandy Spring Bank, still as a mortgage banker. He spends most afternoons, evenings, and weekends on a soccer or lacrosse field watching his boys play for McDonogh or their club teams.

  • 1990s
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John Boyle '96

John Boyle recently made a career pivot and is now working in clinical mental health counseling. If you ever need a recommendation for a therapist, he can tap into his network and hook you up! John continues to live in Columbia with his wife, Tara, and son, Johnny (who goes to McDonogh). For the second year in a row, John and I got to watch the Orioles beat the Yankees at Camden Yards.

  • 1990s
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Brett Bandau '96

Brett Brandau moved his family to Winter Park, Florida, (near Orlando) to chase some sunshine and waterskiing. This past fall, I was lucky enough to visit Brett, his wife, Jen, and children Piper and Turner in their lovely new home right on a lake. Brett is now working for SMBC as the Head of Lending for their consumer bank.

  • 1990s
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Lee Kowarski '96

I continue to live in New York City with my wife (Melinda) and work for SS&C Technologies, where my team provides data and analytics to asset management firms. I have been making up for the past few years with some fun trips (Japan, New Orleans, etc.) and a ton of great concerts (Beyonce, Bruce, Janet, Madonna, PJ Morton, Stromae, Wu-Tang, and much more).

  • 1990s
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Andy Sabatier '01

After years of being the primary PT for an ICU, Andy Sabatier has developed a much-needed clinical approach to the optimization of breathing mechanics and is spreading this far and wide. Applicable for patients, athletes, children and adults, his “breathing first” ethos blends crucial elements of physical, chemical, mental, and emotional training. Andy’s favorite thing to discuss is your breathing. GG (5) and Hugo (2) continue to thrive and are tolerant of their dad’s constant attention to their noses and diaphragms.

  • 2000s
Read More about Andy Sabatier '01
Dave Skeen '98

The Skeens are moving to Spartanburg, South Carolina, where Dave will begin his tenure as Head of School at Spartanburg Day School in July 2023. SDS is a coed, independent school serving 3-year-olds through 12th graders. Dave is thrilled that six out of our seven little Skeens will be with him at SDS.

  • 1990s
Read More about Dave Skeen '98
Michael Lwin' 01

I now live in Berlin, Germany, with my wife, 2-year-old boy, and 10-week-old girl. I work as a senior product manager with Trust Wallet from home, which encourages poor dietary habits. I’m also studying towards a master’s in computer science at UPenn. In my free time, I play tennis, soccer, and baseball, all just as poorly as you remember.

  • 2000s
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Antonio Green '01

Currently I’m a journeyman carpenter with the United Brotherhood of Carpenters, and I teach Carpentry at the JobCorps center located in Woodstock, Maryland. I recently celebrated my 40th birthday on March 25 and married the love of my life on April 23. We are both travel fanatics and will be spending our honeymoon in South Africa and Zimbabwe. We are also the proud parents of three mastiffs named Nala, Deuce, and Ellie.

  • 2000s
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Kharod France '01

I’m an assistant professor in the School of Education at Loyola University Maryland and work part-time at a private practice in Bethesda, Maryland, doing outpatient psychotherapy with teens and young adults. I live in Rockville with my wife, our two young daughters (2.5 years and 14 months) and our 6-year-old black-lab mix. My wife and I just celebrated our four-year wedding anniversary and are very much looking forward to some summer travel with the kids!

  • 2000s
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Chris Deutschman '01

Team Deutschman had a big year out in Colorado. Our three kiddos are growing — Addison is 12, Eleanor is 10, and Brahms is 4. Emily and I celebrated our 15th wedding anniversary by taking an epic bike trip in Portugal (see photo), I’ve recently launched a new company called Jombine (similar to a Redfin for the workplace), and we got a new neighbor, as my mom, Lynn, moved into our neighborhood.

  • 2000s
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Val Whittaker '01

After high school, Val attended University of Pittsburgh where he received a B.A. in communications and political science in 2005. That’s also where he would meet his future wife, Kelly while hanging out in the freshman dorms. In 2009, Val received his JD from Barry University, and moved to Atlanta, Georgia, where he and Kelly have made a life for themselves with their two daughters (ages 8 and 5.) Currently, Val is a labor and employment law project manager for Ogletree Deakins. He is not a doctor.

  • 2000s
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Chad Prather '98

Katie, Sam (12), Lucy (10), and I are happy and well after a long year. I am still working for Metro Nashville Public Schools, still adjuncting at Vanderbilt, and now also coaching some East Nashville Orioles. Sometimes excellent coaching leads to a torn ACL, but whatever, we’re awesome! Totally better than a bevy of quail.

  • 1990s
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Stu Cherry '98

All is well in the Cherry household. Nate is finishing middle school and is playing travel ball for the Maryland Baseball Club. Jared turns 10 this summer and is pitching for the Finksburg travel team. Jordana is finishing kindergarten and has her first dance recital in June. Stu continues to enjoy his law practice as a partner in the litigation group in the Baltimore office of Rifkin Weiner Livingston.

  • 1990s
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Chaz Howard '96

Chaz Howard is still at the University of Pennsylvania where he serves as Vice President and University Chaplain. His oldest daughter just finished her first year there.

  • 1990s
Read More about Chaz Howard '96
Tom Prevas '98

Tom served as Chair of the Gilman Alumni Board this year. He also took up ballroom dancing, is working on an offshore wind project in Maryland, and hearts the Orioles with great tenderness.

  • 1990s
Read More about Tom Prevas '98
Marty Rochlin '92

Greetings from Ellicott City! I’m entering my 10th year with Camps Airy & Louise, now as a co-executive director. Also glad to share that our daughter had a great first year at College of Charleston — and we jumped on that basketball team bandwagon in March!

  • 1990s
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David Olsen '92

The Olsens are leaving Michigan this summer as David returns to the Pentagon for what should be his last Army assignment before retirement. The family is looking forward to settling in a new home in Northern Virginia and finally putting down some roots.

  • 1990s
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Sam Hopkins '57

Sam Hopkins continues to enjoy good health. He and wife Genie are eager to host any of us in the Baltimore area or in their summer haunt in Marion, Massachusetts, during July or August. He would also love to host any locals for lunch at the 14 West Hamilton Club. So refreshing to find one of our former classmates being so robust and hospitable.

  • 1950s
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Jason Finkelstein '94

After a two-year stint in Maryland, we will be returning to the SF Bay Area in June 2023, living in our former neighborhood in Marin County. It was a phenomenal experience living back near my old home, spending more time with family and Gilman '94 classmates, too!

  • 1990s
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Gavin Sheets '14

Orioles broadcaster Brett Hollander ’03 and White Sox outfielder Gavin Sheets ’14 caught up in the Chicago dugout before an early season game.

  • 2010s
Read More about Gavin Sheets '14
Eddie Brown '57

Just finished a nice conversation with Eddie Brown. He and Joyce have just taken up residence in Blakehurst, after spending his entire life in homes on Woodbrook Lane. What great memories of winter sledding, hide-and-seek games, and gracious Brown hospitality that place provided!

  • 1950s
Read More about Eddie Brown '57
Thomas Coleman '94

Tom Coleman reports he remains busy and happy raising his three sons while working at Chubb, where he manages litigation, and staying in decent shape!

  • 1990s
Read More about Thomas Coleman '94
Harry Lord '56

Although he graduated a year ahead of me, I need to lament the sudden loss of Harry Lord. Harry was a good friend to many of us, and we maintained a friendship for over 70 years.

  • 1950s
Read More about Harry Lord '56
Hill Michaels '57

Recently we lost Hill Michaels to a lengthy illness. Although he didn’t graduate with us, Hill was a loyal Gilman alumnus and good friend to many of us.

  • 1950s
Read More about Hill Michaels '57
Jim Cavanaugh '81

Splitting my time between summer/fall in Portland, Maine, and winter in Seabrook Island, South Carolina. Continuing as a professor in the department of physical therapy at the University of New England. Married to Deb 35 years this month. All is well.

  • 1980s
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Tony Talalay '72

Tony Talalay reports that he, Russ Monroe, and George Bias attended a Seattle Mariners spring training game in Phoenix. George has retired in Phoenix from a career as a biochemical engineer; Russ has retired to Palm Springs from psychiatry in Charleston and Northern California; and Tony was on his way to visit broccoli fields in Arizona and California.

  • 1970s
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David Levy '85

David recently published in the peer reviewed journal Classical World where David has formerly published 2 previous reviews on Ancient Magic, Sorcery, and Witchcraft along with reviews of Ancient Greek theater (Aeschylus, Sophicles, Euripides) in Hebrew Translation, and Cyrus the Great. David's most recent review is titled: Antiquity and Enlightenment Culture: New Approaches and Perspectives.

  • 1980s
Read More about David Levy '85
Mike Downs '73

I left Gilman in June of 1971 for the Baltimore Experimental High School, about as far from Gilman in spirit as one could possibly travel, though I continued to live on the Gilman campus in faculty housing, at the home of my father, Gilman teacher A.J. Downs.

  • 1970s
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Dick Hoffman '66

A belated notice that Karin and I welcomed our first grandchild, Freyja Lucia Andersson, in September of 2021. She is pushing 18 months and moves very fast, enjoys the outdoors, blocks, balls, and books.

  • 1960s
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Craig Scheir '87

I started a new job in July of 2022 working with old colleagues at an engineering startup company. I love the environment and the commute as well. It’s great working with old friends doing good stuff to help people.

  • 1980s
Read More about Craig Scheir '87
Robert Baker '66

Sandy (Springside ’69, Hollins ’73) and I will be celebrating our 45th wedding anniversary in August. Our primary residence is in Park City, Utah.

  • 1960s
Read More about Robert Baker '66
Chris West '68

I just won re-election as Maryland State Senator. This four-year term will be my last, and I am not coy about telling people that I will retire in 2026. Anne and I bought a great house in Rehoboth Beach last year, so I will not lack for recreational opportunities when I close up shop in Annapolis in 2026.

  • 1960s
Read More about Chris West '68
Karl Miller '78

Karl Miller is a research scientist for the Florida Fish & Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) and associate professor in the University of Florida’s Department of Wildlife Ecology & Conservation.

  • 1970s
Read More about Karl Miller '78
Nick Owsley '93

David Shapiro and Nick Owsley caught up for lunch in Cambridge, Massachusetts with Than'l Badder ’94 in September 2022.

  • 1990s
Read More about Nick Owsley '93
Jim Nesbitt '68

Jim Nesbitt, died suddenly on August 20, 2022, at Keswick Multi-Care Center where he had been in a long-term care bed since a fall in 2021.

  • 1960s
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Jake Beverage '94

Jake Beverage and John Ward (and their families) enjoyed some time on the water in Nelson, British Columbia in August 2022. Jake and his family recently moved to the Vancouver area.

  • 1990s
Read More about Jake Beverage '94
Peter Bogue '94

Peter Bogue was in Hawaii in August 2022 with his family and connected tonight with classmate Mikey de Lara.

  • 1990s
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John Kim '94

Brice Baradel '93, John Kim '94, and Billy Gonzalez '92 caught up at a conference hosted by the Association for Corporate Growth in Montauk, New York, in July 2022.

  • 1990s
Read More about John Kim '94
Conway Ziegler '66

Conway Zeigler provided the impetus for a mini-reunion of our class of 1966 for the reunion weekend last November. Several of us gathered at the Valley Inn for lunch.

  • 1960s
Read More about Conway Ziegler '66
Patrick Jacob '75

I feel a bit of an imposter as I left Gilman in 1970 so never graduated (though I did graduate from Millfield School in England, just!).

  • 1970s
Read More about Patrick Jacob '75
Pat O'Shea '75

After a healthcare investment banking and capital markets career of over 25 years taking me through New York (Salomon), Baltimore (Alex. Brown) and finally Richmond (BB&T), I’ve most recently been working on a couple things, most notably a digital health startup back in Baltimore.

  • 1970s
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Joe Wingard '75

I feel really lucky and grateful as we each fight the aging battle. I am the last Wingard at the family manufacturing business in Baltimore that my father started when our class was in first grade.

  • 1970s
Read More about Joe Wingard '75
Chris Anderson '99

Chris Anderson’s son, Colin, recently found a Gilman 5A & 5B compositions book from 1992. Chris has since digitized the work for those interested.

  • 1990s
Read More about Chris Anderson '99
Charlie Marek '99

Charlie Marek is currently reliving the glory days of Roland Park baseball through his son. Go Toppers and Rangers! He’s also working on his soccer skills with his daughter and hopes to understand the game by the end of the year.

  • 1990s
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Mike Rogers '99

Mike Rogers has been busy with work but is glad concerts are finally back. He recently went to see the Orioles play in LA with Evan Bedford, Kwaisi, and Kenny Kang. Word has it they kept all banter to 2022 standards.

  • 1990s
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Tim Webb '99

Tim Webb recently welcomed Henry James Webb this January. Henry’s older brother (Timmy) and three sisters (Avery, Georgia, and Mason) are doting on him. Mom and Dad are questioning their sanity with five little ones running around…

  • 1990s
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Darryl Jordan '99

Darryl Jordan recently graduated from Teachers College with a doctorate in music. He and his wife, Linda, welcomed their fourth child, Gavin, as they all moved to a new home in East Orange, New Jersey. He is still actively involved in music as a vocal director at the FAME school, LaGuardia High School in NYC and a member of the Broadway Inspirational Voices!

  • 1990s
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Rhett Waldman '82

I contacted Rhett Waldman before the reunion and he let me know he was unable to attend due to family obligations and the end of Passover.

  • 1980s
Read More about Rhett Waldman '82
Will Howard '82

Will Howard is a freelance editor working in Baltimore for clients such as Johns Hopkins University, The Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, and Sheridan Journal Services.

  • 1980s
Read More about Will Howard '82
Ken Brown '82

Ken Brown is in Baltimore where he is a performing artist — under the performance name “Analysis” — and a writer, minister, bookseller with more than 20 years of experience in transformational education and ministry, dissemination of information and dynamic performing arts. Ken continues as a bookseller at Red Emma’s Bookstore Coffeehouse.

  • 1980s
Read More about Ken Brown '82
Dirck Bartlett '82

Dirck Bartlett and his wife, Christy, are empty nesters on the Eastern Shore where Dirck continues his work at Ilex Construction.

  • 1980s
Read More about Dirck Bartlett '82
Tim Naylor '82

Tim Naylor continues as president of Naylor Antiques, which advises clients on appraisals and consultations on specific pieces to acquire or sell.

  • 1980s
Read More about Tim Naylor '82
Bill Mathews '82

Dr. Bill Mathews has retired from his research work at The Johns Hopkins University. He and Michaela are splitting time between their home in Ruxton and Avalon, New Jersey.  

  • 1980s
Read More about Bill Mathews '82
Mitch Ford '82

Mitch Ford continues in his role as senior vice president, financial advisor, and portfolio management director of The Ford Group at Morgan Stanley where he is fortunate to work with his dad and brother Mac ’81.

  • 1980s
Read More about Mitch Ford '82
Don McPherson '59

Don McPherson and his wife, Ann, are thrilled that their former daughter-in-law, Anna (wife of their deceased son, David), and her three children have returned to the Baltimore area after living in Europe for years.

  • 1950s
Read More about Don McPherson '59
Steve Mason '64

I am fortunate to split my time 49:51 between Baltimore and Naples, Florida, the latter where my vote counts and my taxes don’t.

  • 1960s
Read More about Steve Mason '64
Ford Weiskittel '64

Pretty unexciting here, especially with the pandemic. Our daughter and her family moved to Portsmouth, New Hampshire, so are now 415 miles away instead of 15.

  • 1960s
Read More about Ford Weiskittel '64
David Allan '64

Not much to report in the Allan family. Both my wife, Bonnie, and I are retired. Bonnie is very active in Outward Bound and NAMI, the national alliance of the Mentally Ill, and I, along with several relatives, am working with the Baltimore Community Foundation to fund urban gardens in the city.

  • 1960s
Read More about David Allan '64
Laurey Millspaugh '76

Laurey Millspaugh sees “a fun pattern here as we all shift our attention to far-flung children and health. Jinks and I are no exception."

  • 1970s
Read More about Laurey Millspaugh '76
Sandy Dugan '56

Sandy Dugan writes from Wrenshall, Minnesota, that he, too, hopes to come back for our 70th reunion. He has recently started taking guitar lessons to keep up with his grandson, but he finds it to be a very humbling undertaking! But it’s always good to learn something new at any age, I hear!

  • 1950s
Read More about Sandy Dugan '56
Ron Nelson '56

In that vein, Ron Nelson reports from Fort Myers, Florida, that he and Cynthia are doing well, and he’s looking forward to our 70th class reunion in 2026! How's that for positive thinking?! His son and daughter live nearby “so it couldn’t be better,” he said.

  • 1950s
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Cooper Graham '56

Cooper Graham reported from Baltimore that he and Pat are fine, both children are fine, and they were planning a trip to England in the spring to visit their daughter …. “Boris Johnson, COVID, and Vladimir Putin permitting,” he said. Sounds good to me!

  • 1950s
Read More about Cooper Graham '56
Tom Carroll '56

Tom Carroll stays active in Havre de Grace where he and Winnie have lived for many years. His recent activities include restoring an old Skipjack, the “Martha Lewis,” which is an oyster dredge built in 1955. It will soon be sailing again to show school children about the essential part of history on the Chesapeake Bay.

  • 1950s
Read More about Tom Carroll '56
Sam Smith '56

Sam Smith has completed his War of 1812 Maryland veteran burial project, yet his colleagues continue to refine the activities, having identified over 6,000 burials. He says that arthritis has slowed him down at home in Timonium, but he is otherwise doing well.

  • 1950s
Read More about Sam Smith '56
Howard Stick '56

Howard Stick reports (via Christmas card) that he and Alyce are doing well. They enjoyed a sunny vacation in Jamaica recently — their first venture out of the U.S. in two years. 

  • 1950s
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Ambler Moss '56

Another Floridian is Ambler Moss, who reports from Coral Gables that he and Serena are happily settled in a house that they bought in1982, and are fortunate to have two grandchildren nearby. 

  • 1950s
Read More about Ambler Moss '56
Nick Penniman '56

Nick Penniman mentioned that a 70th reunion sounds interesting, and that “88 years is achievable.” Let’s hope he’s right for everybody. He lives in Naples, Florida, where he has been for many years. 

  • 1950s
Read More about Nick Penniman '56
Arthur “Tiger” Cromwell '76

Continuing his reacclimation to life stateside, Arthur Cromwell wrote, “After three years in Woodbridge, Virginia, my wife and I are still readjusting to the ol' USA after almost eight years in Venezuela. No bars on our windows and no 12,500-volt fence around the house — still hard to get used to.”

  • 1970s
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Henry Jenkins '76

Henry Jenkins wrote that he was “holed up here in Owings Mills for a bit having just had a minor back operation last week performed by Charles Edwards II ’88, which was a complete success. No heavy lifting and no boogying for a few more weeks. Quite a relief after eight months of not being able to stand up straight comfortably finds me in a much better mood.”

  • 1970s
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Richard Mulligan '76

At the risk of being considered a bit of an interloper, reading all these responses brought back many memories of my time at Gilman, which ended after ninth grade. Through the years I have occasionally seen many of you (The Maryland Xmas lunch comes to mind), and have enjoyed catching up.

  • 1970s
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Dixon Harvey '76

Dixon and Jan “celebrate 37 years in June, and she didn’t ditch me during the pandemic. We [also] became vegan when COVID hit, and it has been great for our health. (Truth be told, we are not hard-core, and when we go out, we happily eat whatever is served.)”

  • 1970s
Read More about Dixon Harvey '76
Joe Healey '56

Joe Healey wrote from New Vernon, New Jersey, where he was on safari from his home at the Maryknoll Society in Nairobi, Kenya.

  • 1950s
Read More about Joe Healey '56
Bucky Buck '60

Randi and I are still raising our two grandsons (ages 18 and 15) and have been doing so for nearly eight years.

  • 1960s
Read More about Bucky Buck '60
Jeff Miller '64

Jeff informs us that he does “not have much to say about what I did this year, but some nice things happened to my daughter, Caroline Miller Solomon.”

  • 1960s
Read More about Jeff Miller '64
Bert Keidel '64

Bert Keidel reports that he is “still waiting for final publication of my book on China (the publisher now says March).

  • 1960s
Read More about Bert Keidel '64
George Sourlis '08

George Sourlis recently moved to Charlotte, North Carolina, where he continues to practice dentistry and has partnered in a local private practice.

  • 2000s
Read More about George Sourlis '08
Brian Lyles '80

Brian Lyles was unable to attend but says he has been keeping busy with marketing and internal corporate communications projects at the National Institutes of Health (NIH) and other government agencies.

  • 1980s
Read More about Brian Lyles '80
Rick Bowie '08

Rick Bowie was recently hired as offensive coordinator for the Valdosta State Blazers. Valdosta State is aptly nicknamed TitleTown for their Division II national football championships in 2004, 2007, 2012, and 2018.

  • 2000s
Read More about Rick Bowie '08
Danny Johnson '08

Danny Johnson M.D., is moving back to Baltimore this summer for a fellowship in orthopedic trauma at the R Adams Cowley Shock Trauma Center. 

  • 2000s
Read More about Danny Johnson '08
Jason Frankel '08

Jason Frankel qualified for the Ironman World Championship in which he competed on May 7, 2022 in St. George, Utah.

  • 2000s
Read More about Jason Frankel '08
Paul Danko '80

Paul Danko has now been married for over a year and is the Brady Bunch plus one. I see Paul often at the golf course and he is doing well.

  • 1980s
Read More about Paul Danko '80
Sam Frank '08

Sam Frank is owner and founding partner of Four Twelve Roofing, which was named the fastest growing company in Baltimore by the Baltimore Business Journal.

  • 2000s
Read More about Sam Frank '08
Giff Brooks '08

Lives in San Francisco with his wife, Haesun. He recently joined a startup fintech company named Ness as their head of credit.

  • 2000s
Read More about Giff Brooks '08
Brendan Simmons '08

Brendan and his wife, Heather, moved to Marietta, Georgia, in July 2021 (suburb of Atlanta and her hometown) and welcomed their first child, a girl named Emerson, in April.

  • 2000s
Read More about Brendan Simmons '08
Jamie Wiles '08

Currently lives in Baltimore with his wife and works as a clinical nurse researcher in transplant and oncology infectious diseases at Hopkins, with a focus on organ transplantation in persons living with HIV.

Read More about Jamie Wiles '08
Scott Goldscher '08

I was recently promoted to Vice President of Sales for Tanteo Tequila — an ultra-premium craft tequila brand that shares distillery ownership with the agave farmers themselves.

  • 2000s
Read More about Scott Goldscher '08
Stan Heuisler '60

Our iconic English teacher and drama director A. J. “Jerry” Downs, age 97 and a half, is here in another section of the Roland Park Place retirement community where I live, and we visit. 

  • 1960s
Read More about Stan Heuisler '60
Jeff Salkin '80

Jeff Salkin did make the lunch and told me his daughter moved to London and, on a recent visit, he was able to connect with Alan Livsey. He was happy to report Alan is doing well.

  • 1980s
Read More about Jeff Salkin '80
Damon Roach '77

My wife, the fabulous Sandy Dodson, and I are still living in Federal Hill (read South Baltimore) not far from where I grew up in Locust Point.

  • 1970s
Read More about Damon Roach '77
Max Robinson '60

I’ve now been retired for 25 months. I had originally planned to work until next year, but decided to let my grandmother have the title; she worked until she was 81.

  • 1960s
Read More about Max Robinson '60
Bill Dorsey '60

Senescing gently in a house built 350 or so years ago, in the middle of an estate bought from a family who'd owned it for 450 or so years — since the time of the English Civil War — looking out over relatively unspoilt North Norfolk, UK, farmland/countryside...

  • 1960s
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Barry Saunders '77

We are empty nesters in our same ’70s house tucked in Chapel Hill woods … lately rebuilding window sills with Bondo and replacing chunks of siding. We are basically borrowing this place from the bugs and moss that really own it.

  • 1970s
Read More about Barry Saunders '77
Peter Wharton '77

A couple of years ago I joined TAG Video Systems, a media technology company based in Tel Aviv as their Chief Strategy and Cloud Officer.

  • 1970s
Read More about Peter Wharton '77
Ed Wyche '77

My wife, Christine, and I both retired last year and we are still trying to figure out the right cadence for our daily lives (most of my ‘figuring’ takes place on the golf course). We live about 30 miles north of Charlotte, North Carolina, in the town of Denver, which is on Lake Norman.

  • 1970s
Read More about Ed Wyche '77
Tim Lambert '77

My wife, Kate, and I are marking 20 years in Kensington, Maryland, just north of the Washington DC line. COVID saw our two daughters (ages 20 and 23) living with us. Both are well and thriving.

  • 1970s
Read More about Tim Lambert '77
Jimmy Franklin '80

My family is doing well. My oldest is working in the ER at St Joe’s. My middle daughter is finishing her junior year at Coastal Carolina. My son is finishing his junior year in high school and has straight As.

  • 1980s
Read More about Jimmy Franklin '80
John Eliasberg '77

I've been married to my college sweetheart for 38 years. My daughter is married and is a surgeon and researcher in NYC. My son lives in Brooklyn Heights, works for Big Tech, and enjoys running and travel.

  • 1970s
Read More about John Eliasberg '77
Dick Fryberger '54

Dick Fryberger may be the most chilled out of all. He reported (in April) that he and Nancy were ready to leave their assisted/independent living digs in, I believe, Cambridge and join their friends and neighbors in beautiful Chocorua, New Hampshire.

  • 1950s
Read More about Dick Fryberger '54
Scott Sullivan '54

Scott Sullivan, who is also the corresponding secretary for the Yale class of 1958, reports that he stays pretty much close to home.

  • 1950s
Read More about Scott Sullivan '54
Matt Horwitz '90

Matt Horwitz is still loving his return to Baltimore. Like many of us, he’s approaching the big “Five Oh,” and he’ll do so in style with Jen, his wife of five years.

  • 1990s
Read More about Matt Horwitz '90
Doug Nelson '74

Doug Nelson and Clinton Daly became grandfathers again to a baby boy, John Riggs Nelson. Clinton continues as President of the Board of Trustees for the Maryland Center for History & Culture.

  • 1970s
Read More about Doug Nelson '74
Doug Kaufman '90

Doug Kaufman, Greg Friedman, Eric David, and a couple other friends are heading to Asheville, North Carolina, for a collective birthday party in late September!

  • 1990s
Read More about Doug Kaufman '90
John Raiti '96

John Raiti is still in Seattle, where he has two children and teaches in the Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering at the University of Washington.

  • 1990s
Read More about John Raiti '96
Jason Yang '96

Jason Yang remains a butcher in New York City, but changed companies last year to Ends Meat, where his team puts out some amazing stuff that I have been lucky enough to enjoy with Jason and his wife, Lizzy, at their home in Brooklyn.

  • 1990s
Read More about Jason Yang '96
Henry Blue '74

Henry Blue writes that he is practicing for upcoming golf tournaments in North Carolina, Virginia, and New York, culminating in an International match this October in Canada, the Devonshire Cup.

  • 1970s
Read More about Henry Blue '74
Dave Rich '74

Dave Rich writes that he and Madelyn continue to carve out a happy existence in Homeland, a neighborhood a brisk walk from the Gilman campus

  • 1970s
Read More about Dave Rich '74
Mike Fisher '74

Mike Fisher writes that he and Honey are enjoying retirement in Delaware and spending time with their four grandchildren.

  • 1970s
Read More about Mike Fisher '74
Will Spencer '98

Will Spencer and family — wife Katie, son Alex (10), and daughter Charlotte (3) — continue to reside in Tabernacle, New Jersey.

  • 1990s
Read More about Will Spencer '98
Sudhir Desai '98

Sofía and I have been honing our non-technology-based skills, in my case welding and distilling, so that even after the economy crumbles we’ll be comfortable.

  • 1990s
Read More about Sudhir Desai '98
Jon Cooper '98

Jon lives in Mt. Washington with his wife, Sarah (BMS, ’98), son Ben (Gilman ’24), daughter Emma (BMS, ’27), and two golden retrievers, Dory and Daisy.

  • 1990s
Read More about Jon Cooper '98
Jonathan Markham '98

Jonathan Markham and crew are larger in number since Jon’s previous update. Anna (now 4) is hanging well with older sibs, James (10) and Alexandra (13).

  • 1990s
Read More about Jonathan Markham '98
Rob DeMuth '83

My life has become some strange combination of Groundhog Day and a Progressive Insurance commercial. Consistency can’t be all bad – Cal Ripken rode it all the way to the Hall of Fame.

  • 1980s
Read More about Rob DeMuth '83
David Cook '85

David Cook was one of the first to support Billy’s “Bring Johnny Cash to Poland” campaign. When he is not golfing or fishing, David has been winning duckpin bowling tournaments.

  • 1980s
Read More about David Cook '85
Tom Farley '63

Carol and Tom Farley’s grandkids from San Diego spent a week with them in Baltimore during a week off from school, albeit without their mother who teaches Spanish there in another school district. 

  • 1960s
Read More about Tom Farley '63
John Zink '63

John Zink retired from his law practice in late 2019, and suspects that being outside taking a lot of walks has served his good health.

  • 1960s
Read More about John Zink '63
Ben Miller '85

Ben Miller and his family moved to London from Hong Kong in 2014. “I attended two wonderful Gilman alumni gatherings in town a few years ago,” he writes. “I hope they do more.”

  • 1980s
Read More about Ben Miller '85
Kurt Schultheis '85

Kurt Schultheis got married in August. “Last year we fled the suburbs and moved to Fells Point,” he writes. “I’m on Baltimore Street, two blocks from where Bob Landon’s dad used to live."

  • 1980s
Read More about Kurt Schultheis '85
Billy Logue '85

Billy Logue has been delivering babies in Łódź, Poland. After earning his medical degree last year in Łódź, he has been sampling various medical specialties. In his spare time, Billy has been developing plans to open Poland’s first country music bar.

  • 1980s
Read More about Billy Logue '85
John Sinclair '72

Having retired three years ago from the practice of law, I now focus on running the Sheridan Foundation and pursuing my history interests, particularly the American Civil War.

  • 1970s
Read More about John Sinclair '72
Steven Comfort '85

Drawing on his experience with digital media, Steve Comfort has launched a new venture called GTM Tech Consulting. During ski race season, he can be found on the slopes cheering his daughter.

  • 1980s
Read More about Steven Comfort '85
Herb Tinley '59

Herb Tinley and Betty have settled in nicely to their new home in Huntsville, Texas, where they are close to her son, after many years in Florida near Ft. Myers.

  • 1950s
Read More about Herb Tinley '59
Walter Reuben '61

Walter Reuben sent a note that he is doing fine and is very busy with his business endeavors, It is good to hear from him even in short notes.

  • 1960s
Read More about Walter Reuben '61
Frank Morgan '61

Frank Morgan announced last June his opening of a new law office in the fields of trademark, copyright, business, and entertainment.

  • 1960s
Read More about Frank Morgan '61
Ormond Hammond '61

Ormond Hammond is still in Hawaii enjoying the never ending summer. He joined us via Zoom at our 60th reunion dinner and his Facebook page has posts of wonderful Hawaiian scenes.

  • 1960s
Read More about Ormond Hammond '61
Scott Falkner '61

COVID dominated most of our family’s concerns. Children and grandchildren had the infection, Katie and I were fully vaccinated and did not. I completed therapy for prostate cancer that appears to have been successful.

  • 1960s
Read More about Scott Falkner '61
Harry Swope '61

Last December, our daughter, Alexandra, was married at the Hitchin Post during “Cowboy Christmas” in Las Vegas. She now owns two veterinary practices. My son, Forrest, continues at his senior position in information technology at The University of Virginia.

  • 1960s
Read More about Harry Swope '61
Ed Muhlenfeld '61

Ed Muhlenfeld died August 29, 2021. He was a devoted Gilman graduate. After graduating from Princeton and receiving his master’s from Georgetown, he served as a captain in the Army in Vietnam where he earned the Bronze Star.

  • 1960s
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Tim Callard '59

Tim and Pam Callard have retired to North Hampton, Massachusetts, to be near family, including four grandkids.

  • 1950s
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John Fishman '91

John Fishman has for many years been a chaplain in the VA hospital near his home in California. He continues to inspire us all with his weekly Instagram posting where he shares his personal experiences of the week, provides his own commentary of the current state of world affairs, shares his favorite quote of the week and caps it all off with a l’chaim (a toast) with his favorite “spirit” selection.

  • 1990s
Read More about John Fishman '91
Chang Oh '91

Chang Oh is getting ready to celebrate his 18th anniversary with his wife, Erin. They have two children who will both be in high school next year in Howard County.

  • 1990s
Read More about Chang Oh '91
Matt Riggs '91

If you have a chance please google our classmate, Matt Riggs, and read the beautiful story of his kindness and empathy for a neighbor of his in need.

  • 1990s
Read More about Matt Riggs '91
Walter Birge '57

Walter Birge writes that life in the Concord area is quiet but stable. “Susan keeps me on the straight and narrow, and, happily, our son, Jesse, lives near by. Serving on a town committee and as a corporate for our local hospital gives me a sense of worth.” 

  • 1950s
Read More about Walter Birge '57
Dawson Farber '65

Dawson Farber just wasn’t satisfied with having sold his marina business in 2016 and being retired, so he purchased Cape Cod Colonial Tables in Chatham.

  • 1960s
Read More about Dawson Farber '65
Jack Turnbull '65

Jack Turnbull has been on the road, at least as much as the pandemic allows, visiting the Biltmore in Asheville in all its Christmas glory and also checked out the National Gingerbread Competition at the Grove Park Inn.

  • 1960s
Read More about Jack Turnbull '65
Clay Primrose '65

Clay Primrose, our class expat, says all is well in San Miguel (de Allende, Mexico). Clay wrapped up a two-year stint as the chief people officer for Nectar Cannabis (largest cannabis outfit in Oregon), while finishing their dream house in San Miguel.

  • 1960s
Read More about Clay Primrose '65
Butch Khoury '57

I received some nice news from our part-time classmate, Butch Khoury, a few days ago. On the day I received his news, he was to be married to Eberly Barnes in his home town of Del Mar, California.

  • 1950s
Read More about Butch Khoury '57
Evan Redwood '08

My wife, Emily, and I just celebrated our baby’s first birthday on March 27. Our daughter, Ella, is keeping me plenty busy as is Columbia Business School where I am pursuing my MBA in their executive program.

  • 2000s
Read More about Evan Redwood '08
Zach Fang '08

To no one’s surprise I pursued a career in politics. Met my wife on Bernie in ’16. More recently I was Andrew Yang’s National Organizing Director and then had a contract helping Hollywood celebrities use their social media effectively for the election.

  • 2000s
Read More about Zach Fang '08
Tinsley Van Durand '65

While dodging tornadoes in Alabama, Tinsley Van Durand, or TVD for short, reports his daughter, Parker, 25, is getting married in June and moving to Nashville, which seems to be a popular spot for people her age.

  • 1960s
Read More about Tinsley Van Durand '65
David Winstead '65

David Winstead is also still working in the legal world and living in Chevy Chase with wife Page. Their younger daughter, Lindsay, is to be married on Squam Lake in New Hampshire in June.

Read More about David Winstead '65
Bruce Danzer '69

For the past five years I’ve been focused on renovations of the Fine Arts Work Center in Provincetown, Massachusetts, including the past 18 months as the on-site architect.

  • 1960s
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Erik Atas '97

Erik Atas and his wife welcomed their first child, Jason, into the world over the holiday season. It was a fun way to end Erik’s first year as a judge in the Circuit Court for Baltimore City. 

  • 1990s
Read More about Erik Atas '97
Mark Neumann '81

Things are good in the Neumann household and we are enjoying our empty-nesterhood. Our oldest, Paul ’13 is getting married in June to the girl he took to his junior prom. He obviously didn’t take a dip in the harbor as I recall some classmates did at our prom! We continue to spend a lot of time in Bethany Beach (yes, even in the winter) and I can usually be found bartending at The Penguin on weekend mornings.

  • 1980s
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Boo Smith '70

In April 2022, the University of Virginia's men's lacrosse team celebrated the 50th anniversary of its 1972 championship team, the first in school history. Included on that roster — and back for the celebration — were a host of Gilman alumni including: Tom Duquette '69, Scott Howe '71, Bob Proutt '68, Boo Smith '70, John Stalfort '69, and Stuart Webb '68.

  • 1970s
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Tom Finney '81

Well, it is hard to believe that another year has flown by, and I am very grateful to be back in the office with my partners. This is my fourth year with Merrill, and I could not be happier. Without a doubt the greatest satisfaction I experience every day is being a father and seeing what were my young children who have now become young adults.

  • 1980s
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Bruce Brian '57

Bruce Brian and wife, Linda, have established permanent residency in Priest Lake, Idaho, after splitting time between there and the Villages in central Florida.

  • 1950s
Read More about Bruce Brian '57
Pat Mundy '57

A few weeks ago, Pat Mundy contacted me to see if I knew the name of the Carver High School wrestler who beat him in the semi finals of the 175-pound weight class of the MSA interscholastic tourney. He wanted to try to locate him and reminisce about the match.

  • 1950s
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Nathan Nachlas '72

As for me, fixing noses here in Boca Raton since 1987. My wife, Franny, is a recently retired nurse. We spend as much time as we can with our kids and getting involved with our community.

  • 1970s
Read More about Nathan Nachlas '72
Peter Kwiterovich '87

In January, members of the Class of 1987 gathered at Johnny’s in Roland Park to celebrate the School’s first win at the Haswell M. Franklin ’50 Gilman Duals Wrestling Tournament in 30 years. Pictured left to right are Peter Kwiterovich, Hugh Marbury, Rick Roebuck, Matt Wyskiel, and Louis Angelos.

  • 1980s
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Arthur Glecker '85

I just visited Baltimore for only the second time in two years. This was the first time that my wife and daughter had seen my parents in person in all that time. I made sure to drive by Gilman to see whether it was still there. After these two strange years, it seemed important to question every assumption. Gilman was there, and it looked as impressive and inviting as always.

  • 1980s
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Alex Gavis '82

After 25 years working in house at Fidelity Investments, I retired at the end of 2021 to embrace new adventures. My wife, Jane, and I are in the process of downsizing from our home in Wellesley, Massachusetts, and I am taking on teaching several courses at a local law school and also doing a lot of volunteer nonprofit work. My youngest is graduating from NYU/Tisch this spring and our oldest is working in Chicago, so we are truly empty nesters.

  • 1980s
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Rick Snyder '79

Retired from the Navy on August 1, 2021, after 38 years, as a Vice Admiral. Relocated back to Jacksonville Beach, Florida, and starting a new chapter in the consulting business. Welcomed grandchild number four just before retirement.

  • 1970s
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Tom Beck '64

In late January, Thomas Beck ’64, Ted Bedford ’60, David Johnson ’64, and Rob McCormick ’64 caught up with one another at the home of Gary and Missy Gill (RPCS ’76 and sister of T. Beck) in Vero Beach, Florida. 

  • 1960s
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Charlie Carroll '72

Bean and I transitioned to Delaplane, Virginia by May 2019. I retired from a large group orthopedic practice and faculty position at Northwestern University after 31 years.

  • 1970s
Read More about Charlie Carroll '72
Charlie Pope '21

Members of the class of 2021: Charlie Pope, Capp Reynolds, Ben Tewey, Carter Spahn, Heath Otenasek, Cole Emry, Tucker Hebert (front), and Ethan Maddox, who had taken the senior elective, “Perspectives in Modern War,” sat down to catch up and reminisce at Atwater’s in Baltimore with their former teacher Jay Brooks ’10 in December 2021.

  • 2020s
Read More about Charlie Pope '21
Jay Brooks '10

Jay Brooks is in his first year in med school at New York City’s Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai, where he is getting his MD and Master’s in Public Health.

  • 2010s
Read More about Jay Brooks '10
Evans Lansing Smith '68

Evans Lansing Smith is Chair and Core Faculty of the Mythological Studies Program at the Pacifica Graduate Institute in Santa Barbara, California.

  • 1960s
Read More about Evans Lansing Smith '68
Sung Min Chung '95

Doug Sandler and Sung Min Chung caught up recently at a family party in Hong Kong, where their families have been weathering the pandemic storm together.

  • 1990s
Read More about Sung Min Chung '95
Doug Sandler '95

Doug Sandler and Sung Min Chung caught up recently at a family party in Hong Kong, where their families have been weathering the pandemic storm together. 

  • 1990s
Read More about Doug Sandler '95
Ryan Ripken '12

Former Greyhound baseball teammates Matt Tilley '13, Gavin Sheets '14, and Ryan Ripken '12 caught up recently in Norfolk, Virginia. Gavin’s Charlotte Knights were in town to play Ryan’s Norfolks Tides. The Tides got the better of the Knights that night, but Gavin homered in the loss.

  • 2010s
Read More about Ryan Ripken '12
Matt Tilley '13

Former Greyhound baseball teammates Matt Tilley '13, Gavin Sheets '14, and Ryan Ripken '12 caught up recently in Norfolk, VA. Gavin's Charlotte Knights were in town to play Ryan's Norfolks Tides. The Tides got the better of the Knights that night, but Gavin homered in the loss.

  • 2010s
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Tom Miller '75

Ah, life in Pandemia! So, the Miller family were early adopters of COVID-19. I was first to contract it, in February 2020.

  • 1990s
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Neal Smith '90

Neal is back in Baltimore, living in Owings Mills with his wife and 12-year-old son. His son has Neal’s great locks, but longer and cool, but Neal insists his son cannot be cool, because he goes to Friends School!

  • 1990s
Read More about Neal Smith '90
Selwyn Ray '75

I had a granddaughter born in Cuba and I worked in the COVID Command Center at Johns Hopkins Bayview where I am director of community relations...

  • 1970s
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Joe Howard '75

It is with great angst that I, and we, have already conceded to COVID-19 and have had to postpone our in-person class reunion last year. It finds me in a difficult place in my life and in the world

  • 1970s
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Kevin Kamenetz '75

Another death deserves mention here even though it happened back in May 2018. As the Baltimoreans well remember, Kevin Kamenetz, then Baltimore County Executive, had a fatal heart attack in the middle of a hard-fought primary campaign to become Maryland’s Democratic nominee for governor.

  • 1970s
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Adam Weisenberg '75

As family is a big theme here, I’m reprising one of my favorite and least conventional family stories – Adam Weisenberg discovering the half-brother he never knew he had, thanks to one of those family ancestry genetic home tests.

  • 1970s
Read More about Adam Weisenberg '75
Hank Young '75

Where to begin? I’m still working. I plan to retire 5/1/22. I’ve got three well-adjusted kids, all doing wonderfully.

  • 1970s
Read More about Hank Young '75
Bill Harwood '75

Bill Harwood seems like a Baltimorean because he’s so good at keeping in touch with so many classmates, hometown or otherwise, a class president to his bones.

  • 1970s
Read More about Bill Harwood '75
Reiley McDonald '75

Recently, they’ve been spending more time in Florida which, I guess, is what you do during a pandemic if you don’t get a puppy (much of the Upper West Side of Manhattan having opted for the latter option).

  • 1970s
Read More about Reiley McDonald '75
John Colston '75

He is no longer the country squire, the digital don of the Worthington Valley, but has moved back into the Roland Park house, on St. George’s Road, where he and his family lived our last two years at Gilman

  • 1970s
Read More about John Colston '75
Brian Benninghoff '75

Last November, Susan and I went to the Midwest to some battleground states to help out on the election. Our most interesting experience was working in the downtown Chicago precincts handing out food and water to people standing in line to vote, encouraging people to wait it out and keep turnout high.

  • 1970s
Read More about Brian Benninghoff '75
Andy Kaufman '75

Divorce was 2017-2018…..I’m back in the dating pool as we speak (had one first-meeting dinner last evening and another scheduled for tomorrow evening)…

  • 1970s
Read More about Andy Kaufman '75
Josh Hrebiniak '97

Remember when classmates Brian Margerum, Andrew Wooten, Matt Garrity, John Steele, Vince Tuohey, and Josh Hrebiniak would drive into Baltimore every day from Annapolis to attend Gilman on a bus? Well, now Josh Hrebiniak lives in that very same bus.

  • 1990s
Read More about Josh Hrebiniak '97
Stu Wyeth '97

Danny Mooney and Stu Wyeth, after years of preparation, are finally launching the Zebra Lacrosse League (ZLL).

  • 1990s
Read More about Stu Wyeth '97
James Bentley '97

James Bentley is running communications for the city's pandemic response and he also took over as director of communications at the Department of Public Works.

  • 1990s
Read More about James Bentley '97
John Allen '97

John Allen is a self proclaimed “girl dad.” He is loving all the close family time with his first and third graders and his oldest daughter, Kya, is a Terp like Dad and dominating her studies at University of Maryland!

  • 1990s
Read More about John Allen '97
David Kim '97

David Kim is still in the heart of downtown Atlanta. He has a gentleman's farm with fruits and veggies, some chickens and even a goat! Chicks are not only hatching on the farm as David and Minjae just had their fourth little one, Emma.

  • 1990s
Read More about David Kim '97
Mike Stanley '97

Mike Stanley is living in Astoria, Queens. He, his wife Dana, and 3-year-old daughter Sara are doing well, especially since Sara is able to be in daycare.

  • 1990s
Read More about Mike Stanley '97
Bobby Moran '97

Bobby Moran and his wife, Becca, have been incredibly lucky over the past year. Just before the pandemic, they bought a house on the water in Arnold, Maryland, just north of Annapolis, and they have thoroughly enjoyed living in the area.

  • 1990s
Read More about Bobby Moran '97
Jay Sullivan '61

Jay Sullivan is the Tiger King of West Palm Beach where he winters and spends the warmer months in Locust Valley, New York.

  • 1960s
Read More about Jay Sullivan '61
Doug Small '61

We belatedly learned that Doug Small passed away on October 11, 2019 after an injury sustained while mountain biking.

  • 1960s
Read More about Doug Small '61
Noah Bengur '97

Noah Bengur retired from the Marine Corps after 20 years and seven successful tours overseas. He is flying for Delta Airlines.

  • 1990s
Read More about Noah Bengur '97
Moby Mudge '61

Looking back a year, the most important thing was to avoid and survive COVID, both physically and mentally, and eventually to receive two jabs of Moderna.

  • 1960s
Read More about Moby Mudge '61
Bob Moss '61

Unfortunately, in November, he was diagnosed with an aggressive and incurable form of brain cancer and succumbed to it on January 2, 2021.

  • 1960s
Read More about Bob Moss '61
Mark Scott '97

The Scott family has been enjoying the challenges of balancing full-time employment with full-time homeschooling for our two children, Dylan (9) and Bronwen (7).

  • 1990s
Read More about Mark Scott '97
Jordan Angell '97

Jordan Angell continues to be a glowing light in the Baltimore community. He connects people he meets each and every day and builds bonds that will last a lifetime, not to be confused with what he does at his day job where he quite literally cuts ties.

  • 1990s
Read More about Jordan Angell '97
John Gerhardt '61

Time is certainly hurrying by. COVID-19 and health issues are keeping me pretty much locked up. Sadly, Mo (his son), is under 24-hour care for his breathing issues.

  • 1960s
Read More about John Gerhardt '61
Ben Stevens '97

Ben Stevens still lives in Maryland with his wife (Megan), three kids (Greyson, 9, Olivia, 6, and Tucker, 4) and their 135-pound Bernese “puppy” named Putter.

  • 1990s
Read More about Ben Stevens '97
John Schmick '97

John Schmick continues to enjoy working in the Upper School at Gilman. His wife, Kate, is a learning specialist in the Lower School, where his two sons are in pre-k and third grade.

  • 1990s
Read More about John Schmick '97
Andrew Fairfield '61

Andy attended Gilman in our first and second form years as a five-day boarder before moving to St. Andrews in Delaware and then Trinity College. ... He died February 16, 2020.

  • 1960s
Read More about Andrew Fairfield '61
Jim Keesey '54

Jim Keesey admits that chess games with his granddaughter are “taking longer than before” and his ping pong games with his grandson now have a “predetermined outcome.”

  • 1950s
Read More about Jim Keesey '54
Sam Sadtler '54

Oregonite Sam Sadtler reports that his large tree farm is thriving. And he reported they sold their Oregon Coast getaway.

  • 1950s
Read More about Sam Sadtler '54
Chip Leonard '66

Since our 50th, I have continued to work on Defense Institution Building, under the auspices of RAND and the Office of the Secretary of Defense.

  • 1960s
Read More about Chip Leonard '66
Roger Novak '66

Roger Novak reports that he and Kathy were enjoying an early March getaway last year as the full serious nature of COVID became apparent.

  • 1960s
Read More about Roger Novak '66
Joe Moore '66

I am now semi-retired as a graphic designer and have been transitioning to a new career as a printmaker.

  • 1960s
Read More about Joe Moore '66
George Finney '80

Coming on the call two hours and 45 minutes late was none other than George “Mad Fin” Finney. I distinctly remember hearing “Did I do that?” and yes, George, you did.

  • 1980s
Read More about George Finney '80
Chisom Opara '99

Chisom Opara is entering his fourth season with the Minnesota Vikings in the personnel department, and he is moving to Minnesota after the draft to work in the front office.

  • 1990s
Read More about Chisom Opara '99
Jonas Mendoza '99

After exiting the financial services rat race almost a decade ago, Jonas Mendoza became a sommelier based in New York.

  • 1990s
Read More about Jonas Mendoza '99
Jack Dietrich '99

Jack Dietrich and his wife, Ellen, have been busy with their three daughters (6, 4, 2) while growing their children's sunglasses brand, WeeFarers, in Charleston, South Carolina.

  • 1990s
Read More about Jack Dietrich '99
Alan Livsey '80

Alan Livsey sends his best from London but was unable to make the Zoom call since it was past his bedtime. Totally understandable.

  • 1980s
Read More about Alan Livsey '80
David deMuth '80

David deMuth says that after working downtown for the previous 36 years, his office moved to Towson last spring.

  • 1980s
Read More about David deMuth '80
Steph Jackson '80

Steph Jackson returned from London in early 2020 working for T. Rowe Price, and is taking on the role as head of T. Rowe Price Investment Management, a new business unit to launch in 2022.

  • 1980s
Read More about Steph Jackson '80
Mark Licht '80

Mark Licht also joined late. He could not get Karis on the call with him, which was a shame. She is like a classmate.

  • 1980s
Read More about Mark Licht '80
Hunt Brawley '80

My daughter, Maddie, graduated from Duquesne in Pittsburgh and just finished her internship in music therapy at St. Elizabeth's Hospital in D.C.

  • 1980s
Read More about Hunt Brawley '80
Will Griffith '80

A big thank you to Will Griffith for posting for the Zoom call. We know how hard it is to get him off the surfboard. At least he did most of the call poolside in La Jolla, California. I also wanted to thank him for getting me in touch with other classmates

  • 1980s
Read More about Will Griffith '80
Bill Hall '80

Single. No kids. Ninety percent retired. Just bought a place on 58th Street so apparently I believe NYC isn’t dead or dying.

  • 1980s
Read More about Bill Hall '80
Tom Brodie '80

Tom Brodie joined the Zoom call from his apartment. His beautiful bride, Renee, was kind enough to say hi. I see them on Facebook all the time so it was nice to actually say hi. Their daughter is studying law in New York.

  • 1980s
Read More about Tom Brodie '80
Tom Scott '80

Tom Scott also joined wearing the hated New York Yankees hat. We will cut him some slack since his money is in New York with his daughter.

  • 1980s
Read More about Tom Scott '80
John Sheldon '62

Betti and John (who christened Gilman sports teams as “The Greyhounds” in 1961) get the prize because they will have celebrated 55 years of marriage by the time you read this.

  • 1960s
Read More about John Sheldon '62
King Hurlock '62

King lost his 57-year partner, Sherry Doeller (Bryn Mawr), suddenly in the fall 2019 from a virulent form of cancer, leaving two daughters and five grandchildren (ages 16-22).

  • 1960s
Read More about King Hurlock '62
Rick Betts '53

Rick Betts chimes in from sunny Oakland, California, with an observation that, whilst brunching outside with Laura on his birthday, he endured too many people going maskless.

  • 1950s
Read More about Rick Betts '53
Warren Buckler '53

A breath of fresh air arrived with a newsy bit of information from Warren Buckler. He and Pat live in Northwest Indiana where wildlife and wild flowers abound and Lake Michigan is not far away.

  • 1950s
Read More about Warren Buckler '53
Doug Godine '53

Doug Godine and Ellen will tell you lots about their granddaughter at McDonough who was recently featured by The Baltimore Sun as one of the phenoms of high school lacrosse and a sure-fire collegiate star.

  • 1950s
Read More about Doug Godine '53
Kent Flannery '53

Another midwesterner, Professor Kent Flannery, laments in his latest communique that he has to teach his (archeology) classes online.

  • 1950s
Read More about Kent Flannery '53
Bill Eaton '53

Bill Eaton checked into a retirement home in D.C. last February whereupon the dining room closed!? Pandemic you know. He is looking forward to using the exercise room, enjoying the food and camaraderie when “things get back to normal.”

  • 1950s
Read More about Bill Eaton '53
George Urban '53

George “Pope” Urban reports from beautiful Silver Spring, Maryland, that he and Alicia have found considerable respite in their Deep Creek Lake vacation home.

  • 1950s
Read More about George Urban '53
John Seiler '53

John C. Seiler, or “Cotton” as his Cornell pals nicknamed him, and Harriett seem to be getting in their travel needs in spite of pandemic restrictions.

  • 1950s
Read More about John Seiler '53
Harry Thomas '53

Harry Thomas and Karen have taken the bull by the horns. They have decided to leave comfortable Tarrytown, New York, and relocate back to Maryland.

  • 1950s
Read More about Harry Thomas '53
Bill Trimble '53

Bill Trimble reliably sent news from Owings Mills, Maryland, that he and Barbara are comfortably surviving even though The Baltimore Sun Is not.

  • 1950s
Read More about Bill Trimble '53
Andy Gantt '53

From remote Wingina, Virginia, Andrew Gantt and Digna, our class tree farmers, revel in the noteworthy accomplishments of their three children while planning another summer trip to their place on Madeline Island, Wisconsin.

  • 1950s
Read More about Andy Gantt '53
Talbott Huey '53

Talbott Huey writes that he and Abhirada have been relegated to long, but scenic, walks to Lake Roland and the occasional obligatory foray to the grocery store.

  • 1950s
Read More about Talbott Huey '53
Jack Parrish '78

I heard from one of our class’s MIA members, the esteemed Jack Parrish, who happily writes of 37 years and counting of being a teacher of history in several private middle and high schools, and, he notes, “a few more left in me.”

  • 1970s
Read More about Jack Parrish '78
Kraig Holt '78

Kraig Holt, reports having visited every continent but one — Antarctica — and that’s next on his list once the world opens back up again after COVID.

  • 1970s
Read More about Kraig Holt '78
Tolly Albert '78

Tolly and Wendy are looking forward to traveling again soon, perhaps to Florida to see eldest daughter Annie, who’s a historical preservationist for the Sunshine State and due to marry this November.

  • 1970s
Read More about Tolly Albert '78
Bill Bramble '78

Bill and Sally have enjoyed settling into their sylvan new digs, and any given day you will find Mr. B deep in the outback of western Pennsylvania digitally recording the lives of fox kits, barred owls, or striped salamanders, all with a glorious artist’s eye.

  • 1970s
Read More about Bill Bramble '78
Larry Eisenstein '78

John McDaneil gives major props to Larry Eisenstein for “standing up for what is right at the Baltimore Museum of Art and convincing the director and board of trustees to not sell part of their collection to raise money.”

  • 1970s
Read More about Larry Eisenstein '78
John McDaniel '78

John and Barbara, who say they are “happy enough where we are,” celebrated the recent wedding of one of Barbara’s sons.

  • 1970s
Read More about John McDaniel '78
Marc Paul '78

In regards to Marc Paul, it appears he has succumbed to what is known in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, and environs as “the Southern part of Heaven.”

  • 1970s
Read More about Marc Paul '78
Erwin Hosono '78

Speaking of educators, it was great to hear from Erwin Hosono, whose exploits recently selling his house in Palo Alto, California, I’d been following on Facebook.

  • 1970s
Read More about Erwin Hosono '78
Jim Wetzel '78

Jim Wetzel writes from Villanova that it took him six months at least to get used to teaching via simulcast.

  • 1970s
Read More about Jim Wetzel '78
David Bealmear '78

It’s also great to see David Bealmear checking in! He’s doing well in Charlottesville, Virginia, celebrating 30 years working for Bank of America, these days as a portfolio manager for the Private Bank.

  • 1970s
Read More about David Bealmear '78
Patrick Cranley '78

Tina and Patrick Cranley rode out the pandemic in Shanghai and endured at least a year and a half being unable to see their “stateside” family or friends.

  • 1970s
Read More about Patrick Cranley '78
Lou Dibos '78

Dr. Lou Dibos knows a bit about planning for children’s weddings — he’s celebrated nuptials for both his daughters in the past three years since moving to southwest Florida, and he is currently looking forward to his youngest son’s upcoming knot-tying.

  • 1970s
Read More about Lou Dibos '78
Doug Hoffman '81

Hello classmates! I miss you and can't wait for our next chance to be together. My family and I are well ... I am still a United Methodist pastor, serving now in downtown Hagerstown at John Wesley United Methodist Church (UMC), where I began on July 1.

  • 1980s
Read More about Doug Hoffman '81
Todd Stokes '81

Todd Stokes was interviewed for an article in the Calvert School newsletter, where his life as Calvert’s first African American graduate was celebrated.

  • 1980s
Read More about Todd Stokes '81
Clark MacKenzie '81

Clark MacKenzie shared a terrific photo of himself with his two sons, and remarked that he “worked for eight months (May 2020-January 2021) as a loan specialist (EIDL) for the U.S. Small Business Administration.

  • 1980s
Read More about Clark MacKenzie '81
Andy Rich '81

As with you all, the year of COVID brought us many challenges, but it brought many blessings, so I will focus on them.

  • 1980s
Read More about Andy Rich '81
George Murnaghan '74

Accolades to George Murnaghan and his outstanding outreach ministry efforts with Lex Eat Together, supporting those in need of food, spirit, and camaraderie.

  • 1970s
Read More about George Murnaghan '74
Darin Hall '85

When Darin Hall needed a name for his real estate development company in Cincinnati, “civitas” came to mind.

  • 1980s
Read More about Darin Hall '85
Leon Sachs '85

Despite the global tumult of 2021, not much has changed in my life. I still have one wife (same one), one daughter, two dogs and four bicycles. I’ve spent the last year on research leave from the University of Kentucky to write a book exploring the ‘theory of the classroom.’

  • 1980s
Read More about Leon Sachs '85
Bill Buchanan '85

Last fall, Bill Buchanan made a solo pandemic trip to Squam Lake in New Hampshire, where he kayaked, enjoyed the solitude, and came within 30 feet of a bear.

  • 1980s
Read More about Bill Buchanan '85
Phil Koh '85

In addition to playing music, Phil led a team that developed a gaming technology called the Goose Enterprises LagMeter, which “can measure and report the total lag time of your gaming system.”

  • 1980s
Read More about Phil Koh '85
Mac Ford '81

In mid-September of 2020, Mac Ford and his wife hosted their daughter Molly’s wedding at their home.

  • 1980s
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Pragathi Katta '85

Pragathi Katta has kept up with classmates and other Gilman folks mainly through Facebook. Back in the spring, as he awaited his second COVID shot, he said he was “already looking forward to getting back on the water.”

  • 1980s
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Ben Keenan '85

Ben Keenan and his wife, Natalie, and their two daughters have been in Wilmington, Delaware, for 20 years.

  • 1980s
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David Sigman '85

After 25 years living in Owings Mills, we are moving in June to the hills of Cockeysville adjacent to Oregon Ridge for a little more isolated country life while still in the midst of Baltimore County.

  • 1980s
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Eddie Rosemond '85

The prize for teleworking during the pandemic may go to Eddie Rosemond, who ran his Maryland-based web design company from Senegal.

  • 1980s
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Jim Robins '66

Luckily Barb and I were in Santa Fe, which is base camp, when it became obvious in March 2020 just how serious this virus was. So, we hunkered down and went nowhere.

  • 1960s
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Ken Price '66

I REALLY wish that I could have attended our 50th class reunion to celebrate and catch up with everybody, but there was a little schedule conflict: just a few days later, I flew to Hawaii with my bride-to-be Samy, for our wedding on Shipwreck Beach in Kauai. Hey, priorities

  • 1960s
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Gabe Procaccini '89

Gabe Procaccini is an energy lawyer living in Houston, Texas, with his wife, Maria, and also lives part time in Panama. Gabe is a self-described “funcle,” enjoying spending time with his seven nieces and nephews.

  • 1980s
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Lucas Scheps '89

Lucas Scheps is an oncology therapeutic specialist living in Baltimore with his wife, Becky, and their four kids.

  • 1980s
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Jonathan Davidson '89

Jon Davidson has been involved in D.C. politics for many a year, and was recently appointed Assistant Secretary for Legislative Affairs, a key role in the Department of Treasury, by President Biden.

  • 1980s
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Carlton White '89

Carlton White lives in Atlanta with his wife while pursuing further education. He would like everyone to know that he is “holding it down.

  • 1980s
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