Visual Arts

Art for all.

The strong Gilman visual arts program encourages boys to grow their artistic personas. The opportunities available to our students are as limitless as the imagination, and their experiences mold the boys into well-rounded young men with lifelong appreciation for the arts.

The program encourages boys to explore art through various media, encouraging them, at all ages, to appreciate art, to think creatively, to observe the world around them, and, no matter their artistic skill, to understand how artists create illusions of light, space, and emotion in their work. From creating Viking shields and helmets to studying Cezanne to working with a visiting professional artist, boys learn how art is an expression of both the human condition and of self.

Art at Gilman comprises everything from standard studio offerings in drawing, painting, ceramics, and woodworking to work in photography, digital media, and architectural design. Orchestrated to complement Gilman's rigorous academic, the program in each division engages boys in their world in an aesthetically meaningful and challenging manner. At all levels, teachers introduce students to materials and procedures that facilitate an ongoing understanding of art making and its role in our culture.

Whether working on a thematic mural in the Lower School, exploring key social issues through art making in the Middle School, or developing a portfolio of self-directed work for an Upper School thesis exhibition, the importance of art in one's life is actively conveyed from the first lower school experience to the final senior art show.

Visual Arts Program

Fostering the creative growth of each individual student throughout the curriculum.

Challenging and promoting critical and creative thinking skills.

Nurturing an abiding interest in art-making in an intellectually meaningful and challenging manner.

Providing real-world experience with the elements and principles of industrial design and production.

Visual Arts Instructors



Upper School


Middle School

Trevlin Alexander

Lower School

Paola Albergate

Lower School K-2


Steve Ruark

Upper School

Sculpture and Photography

Sarah Sachs

Design & Woodworking


Middle School

Ella Snow

Lower School