Design & Woodworking

Instructors: Ella SnowMichael ChamberlainSarah Sachs

Shop class at Gilman? The Design and Woodworking program, one of the School's most unique and venerable offerings (dating from the late 1940s), gives students everyday skills they will carry throughout their life. From their earliest school days, students learn the basic skills of woodworking with hand tools and machines, and study the elements and principles of design, through individual instruction, demonstrations, critiques, and use of the department's own reference library. The use of basic hand tools expands to experience with more sophisticated and high-tech equipment, including a computer numerical control (CNC) router. Whether building a tool carrier, making a lamp base, creating a side table, or designing and fashioning an electric guitar, students integrate and apply knowledge from science, math, art, social studies, and other subjects, learn basic principles of industrial design and engineering, and express their own creativity.

Protecting Humpty Dumpty

Each school year, sixth grade students are challenged to develop a delivery system, using classroom materials, that would protect an egg during a 30-foot drop. To complete the project, the boys worked in teams, considered vehicle design and aerodynamics, and used problem-solving skills. Watch the video below to view the process and see if the boys were successful. (If only they could have helped poor Humpty.)

Grade 6 Egg Drop

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Principle Design

Boys learn everyday skills they will carry throughout their life.