Lower School

Instructor: Trevlin Alexander

Art is a personal experience that encourages the student to express himself creatively. Art makes sense to children when they experience it as a basic form of expression and as a response to life. One of the primary goals of the Lower School art curriculum is to foster the creative growth of each individual student. A personal fulfillment through art experiences is the first and foremost purpose of the program. Through systematic instruction, children learn through all four aspects of the art subject: perceiving, performing, appreciating, and criticizing. The program is concept-oriented stressing the learning and use of the art elements. Students have the opportunity to think, plan and experiment in the use of line, shape, color, texture, space, and pattern.

Another program goal is to introduce material that has direct relationship to other curriculum areas. Art is much more meaningful for children when it is incorporated into their daily work and interests. Vocabulary is interwoven into each lesson. A most meaningful function of the art program is to teach the appreciation of artistic heritage and understanding of the role of art in society. Gaining an understanding of cultures past and present can help students appreciate, gain sensitivity and respect for our diverse Gilman community.

Elemental Art

All Lower Schoolers create papier-mâché objects as they learn the rudiments of 3D art.