Every boy is an athlete.

statement of values

Gilman firmly believes that participation in athletics forms a vital part of the overall educational experience for all of its students in all grades, K-12. At their best, interscholastic and intramural competition and participation, as well as physical education in the lower grades, provide fertile grounds for important physical, social, and emotional growth and development. As with all aspects of our curricular and co-curricular program, the School should offer developmentally appropriate athletic options to serve the students’ needs and to realize their full potential.

Guiding Principles

Program Objectives

Boys need to move. At Gilman, athletics are a co-curricular part of every boy's school day, not an optional activity. Mandatory athletics is not just about winning championships. It's about teaching pride, humility, leadership, self-discipline, sportsmanship, and teamwork, and boys learning wellness, fitness and physical and mental well-being skills. We value athletics for the lessons that last a lifetime.

Gilman's athletic program aims to:

  • Promote self-discipline and responsibility, and teach the value of sustained effort.
  • Develop teamwork, good sportsmanship, and a competitive spirit.
  • Build school pride and unity.
  • Develop fitness and athletic skills through physical education, intramural participation, and interscholastic team sports.
  • Teach the lifelong benefits of sports and fitness for physical and mental well-being.


We believe that a student's participation in an interscholastic sport can teach him invaluable life lessons. Each member of the team - coach, student and parent - plays an important role on and off the field.

School Community Sportsmanship Statement

Gilman School expects that proper behavior will be displayed by our players, coaches, and spectators. We value spirited and fair play as well as positive support of our players and teams. Players and coaches will at all times represent themselves and Gilman with honor, proper conduct, and good sportsmanship. Disrespectful behavior from spectators toward players, officials, coaches, or other spectators will not be tolerated at any time. Should inappropriate behavior occur, spectators may be required to leave the premises immediately and forfeit the privilege of attending future contests. Gilman School asks that all continually strive to conduct themselves with appropriate, positive decorum at all contests.

It continues to be the primary goal of the athletic curriculum at Gilman School to teach boys positive developmental skills on and off the playing fields. With this goal in mind, please help us by continuing to model positive and enthusiastic decorum at athletic contests. Let's continue to show exemplary behavior as a community and all join together in the positive education of our boys.

Please enjoy our games throughout the school year. Thank you for your continued support of Gilman boys.


Varsity Sports


Intramural Sports