Intramural Weather Policy

US Intramural (IM) activities are rarely cancelled outright unless school is dismissed early. In the event of inclement weather or fields that are not playable the following is what the boys have been told to do for US IM's

All outdoor activity participants, boys and coaches are to report dressed ready to participate to the arena lobby or another designated area by the coaches at 4 p.m. At that time, coaches make decisions based upon current weather conditions or field conditions as determined by the Athletic Department after consultation with Grounds.

If the weather or field condition prevents regular outside IM activities from taking place then the coaches:

  1. Take attendance
  2. If the weather permits; ice, snow, thunder or lightening would prevent, direct their group to run 2-3 scenics.
  3. After the scenics, boys are then dismissed.
  4. Boys are usually done between 4:30PM and 4:45PM if this happens.

All indoor IM activities are usually not affected by the weather or field conditions and proceed as scheduled with adjustments should interscholastic practices be moved inside.