Teacher-Coach Model

Gilman takes great pride in our teacher-coach model, enabling teachers to connect with the students through activities outside the classroom. There are many experiences where boys are learning algebraic equations or Shakespeare in the morning and zone traps and zone blitzes or how to throw and catch balls in the afternoon from the same person.

Recognizing the primacy of connections between adults and students to the Gilman experience, Gilman affirms the importance of the teacher-coach model and remains committed to hiring and developing teachers who can and will work with boys in interscholastic and intramural athletics, as well as in all other parts of the School’s program outside the academic classroom. Whenever possible, we will staff our programs with faculty coaches.

Understanding the need to hire some non-faculty coaches to support an interscholastic program that includes 16 sports, the School will support non-faculty coaches to ensure their integration into Gilman’s approach to athletics as a core component of a Gilman education.

Russell Wrenn '96