Hudson to Reopen Historic Little Italy Restaurant in Federal Hill

Brendon Hudson '12 will reopen the historic Velleggia's, often celebrated as the first restaurant to open in Baltimore's Little Italy, in Federal Hill this fall. Originally called Enrico's Friendly Tavern, the restaurant was started by husband-and-wife team Enrico and Maria "Miss Mary" Velleggia, Hudson's great-grandparents. The new restaurant will take over the former Rooster + Hen space inside of Cross Street Market. It will occupy 2,500 square feet near the Light Street entrance, and will offer sit-down service to accommodate nearly 50 diners at a time.

Though the neighborhood may be new, the original location's Old World feel will remain. Says Hudson, "Good food. Everybody is family no matter what. Your life status doesn't matter—it's more about you coming in, feeling welcome, and that's it."

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